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Watch developer Rebellion play their new Co-Op adventure action shooter Strange Brigade

Rebellion has released a new video about their upcoming Co-Op action game Strange Brigade. Strange Brigade was announced last year to little fanfare. It seems, Rebellion sensed they could do much more with a Co-Op game, without the baggage of an existing series. The artistic style of an adventurous 50s theme and a great sense of humor definitely helps set Strange Brigade apart from the multitude of Co-Op games. We are looking forward to when Strange Brigade comes out on August 28th on PC, PS4 an

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Ace Combat 7 gets a new Trailer for E3, Tells us a little bit more about its story

During E3, Bandai Namco stealthily released a new trailer for their upcoming flight-action game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. What we can make out so far, is that the player is some kind of criminal, imprisoned and forced to fly combat missions. Another interesting tidbit we notice, is that planes from Spare Squadron are marked with so called Sin Lines at their fins. The player character, simply being called by his call sign Spare 15, has three of those sin lines. While being set to release this

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Survival game The Long Dark gets substantial update, adds new mechanics and area

Developer Hinterland released a new content update for their highly rated open-world survival game The Long Dark, dubbed Vigilante Flame. Check out the in-depth trailer for the Vigilante Flame update, where the developer showcases all the new cool stuff they put in their game. The Long Dark’s story started way back in 2014, when Vancouver based independent developer Hinterland Games first released their project on Steam Early Access. Set in the Canadian wilderness, The Long Dark pits players to

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Review: The Incredibles 2 is a serviceable yet not so incredible sequel

The Incredibles 2 opens with a clip from the cast and crew of the film acknowledging that movies take a long time to make and this superhero sequel is no exception. It’s a high bar to reach and The Incredibles 2 sadly doesn’t come close to reaching it, even with Elastigirl’s intense flexibility. In The Incredibles 2, the story picks up literally no less than half a second after the first one ended. The Verdict:Perhaps it’s just the new era of Pixar or something but The Incredibles 2 just feels l

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The Surge 2 finally shows its gameplay in a new video

In February this year, we learned that last year’s action RPG The Surge was getting a sequel. Today, The Surge 2 has finally gotten something more substantial to show, in a new gameplay video at IGN. The video is fairly short at around 3 minutes but every second is worth it. The Surge 2 is a sequel to last years The Surge and is being done by the same developer, Deck 13. As the developer Deck 13 states, The Surge 2 is not going to be a bland sequel.

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Ambitious Resident Evil 4 Mod gets new Update & Trailer

One of the most ambitious mods for cult survival action game Resident Evil 4, simply dubbed Resident Evil 4 HD Project, has achieved another substantial milestone and got a new trailer to celebrate. Resident Evil 4 was a landmark game back when it originally released over 13 years ago, in 2005. Shinji Mikami, legendary Japanese game developer and often named as the inventor of the modern survival action-genre with the first Resident Evil game, returned to the franchise to direct Resident Evil 4.

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The Last of Us has sold 17 million copies as of April 2018

Five years ago today, Naughty Dog released PlayStation 3’s swan song with the critically acclaimed survival game, The Last of Us. However, that hasn’t stopped it from outselling a vast majority of multi-platform games. According to Naughty Dog, as of April 2018, The Last of Us has sold over 17 million copies across the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, making it one of the most successful exclusives out there. Naughty Dog revealed a sequel to the post-apocalyptic tearjerker in 2016 which is set f

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