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Remake of cult shooter XIII announced, Coming this year

French games publisher Microïds has announced their plans to remake the iconic 2003 first-person-shooter XIII. Developed by PlayMagic, the remake is set to come out not too far off, this November 13 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The original XIII released a felt lifetime ago in 2003, during the height of the PlayStation 2. Still, the game didn’t get a sequel and remained a cult classic among fans of the shooter genre. Even better, the XIII remake is coming for virtually ev

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Sony confirms PlayStation 5 but not coming this year, Shares first specs

The ride into the next generation of gaming consoles has officially started today as Sony decided to share the first-ever information about their upcoming home console, the PlayStation 5. In an exclusive interview with Wired, Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the PlayStation 4 and now PlayStation 5, talked about Sony’s vision for the next generation. The PlayStation 5 will continue using AMD’s CPU and GPU technology, just as it was the case with the PS4. The PS4 infamously broke the long tradit

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Creator behind Assassin’s Creed talks about rebooting Amsterdam 1666

In an interview with VG247, game designer Patrice Désiletes hinted that he will likely restart working on Amsterdam 1666. Amsterdam 1666 is a well-known project which Patrice Désiletes started working on after leaving Ubisoft. Désiletes joined THQ afterwards where he worked more than two years on Amsterdam 1666. As such, it wasn’t really clear whether Amsterdam 1666 would ever see the light of day again. When asked about the possibility of Amsterdam 1666 resuming work he directly confirmed by sa

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 confirmed for PC next month for just $29.99

Sega has finally spilled the beans on the PC version for Yakuza Kiwami 2. Just two months ago, in February, Yakuza Kiwami followed. In this world, there can only be one dragon…So it comes as yet again a wise decision for Yakuza Kiwami 2 to be the next in line of Yakuza PC ports. With three Yakuza games now being available on PC, it’s naturally to be expected that the remaining and future Yakuza games will also make their way at some point. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is now live on Steam and can be preorder

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Watch 11 Minutes of Rage 2’s heart-pounding gameplay in action

Rage 2 is showing substantial amounts of gameplay in a new video exclusively on IGN. The gameplay video shows off never-before seen areas and covers the gamut of first-person shooting and car combat. It’s the first time we get to see this area of Rage 2’s large open-world in action, and we’re liking what we’re seeing here. The similarities to 2015’s excellent Mad Max video game are eerie but make a lot of sense. Rage 2, unlike its predecessor, is a multi-studio project worked on by id Software a

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Review: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a charismatic and engrossing trio of games

I’ve long been aware of the Ace Attorney games but was never an avid Nintendo handheld fan prior to the Nintendo Switch. These are some of the most charming and enjoyable mystery games on the market and they’re incredibly digestible. Taking cues from procedural cop shows, Ace Attorney splits its cases into individual episodes which typically all open by showing you the murder/crime in question. Is Ace Attorney an accurate depiction of the situations at hand? The Verdict:If you’ve long heard of t

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Roguelike sensation sequel Risk of Rain 2 out on Early Access

Indie developer Hopoo Games has shadow-dropped the sequel for their 2013 indie hit Risk of Rain on Steam Early Access. The first Risk of Rain hit the indie scene like a bomb six years ago. Seeing the immense success the game amassed, it didn’t come as a big surprise when the developer announced the sequel Risk of Rain 2. New enemies, weapons, loot and characters are going to make the roguelike action game a meaty experience even for genre veterans. Get the game until tomorrow 12PM PT and you’ll

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Borderlands 3 gets officially announced with thrilling trailer

Borderlands is one of gaming’s most beloved franchises thanks to its irreverent humor, explosive gameplay, and co-op fun. After years of teases, Gearbox Software has finally lifted the curtain on Borderlands 3 which looks to be everything a fan could want. It’s quite the jam-packed trailer but we’re still being left in the dark on a variety of details including the release date. Gearbox promises more details on April 3rd but we’d expect it to center around more features and plot details than a r

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