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Fantastic Build-Engine FPS Ion Fury by 3D Realms is out now

3D Realms is celebrating the full release of their highly-acclaimed retro-FPS Ion Fury. Ion Fury laughs at the idea of mandatory checkpoints and straight paths through shooting galleries. 3D Realms and Voidpoint have taken the best of both worlds and cooked it all into a bloody stew. After a short legal kerfuffle with rock ‘n’ roll legends Ion Maiden, the game’s title was changed to Ion Fury shortly before the launch. You can buy Ion Fury on Steam or GOG for just $24.99.

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Battlemode is an intimate and fresh multiplayer mode in Doom Eternal

The highly-anticipated new Doom Eternal is rapidly nearing its November release date, and Bethesda has released a brand-new gameplay trailer for it. Now, that their formula has proven successful, Doom Eternal can become the definitive Doom experience. Play as either a fully loaded DOOM Slayer, or on a team of two player-controlled demons. It pits three players against each other in an asymmetrical match between one Doom Slayer and two player-controlled demons. Doom Eternal comes out November 22n

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How Red Dead Redemption 2 helped me conquer a breakup

This article features heavy story spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2. If you haven’t finished Red Dead Redemption 2 and don’t want it ruined for you, you should close this article. In Red Dead Redemption 2’s epilogue, we gain control of John Marston several years after the events of the main story. There’s a huge theme throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 about becoming a better person. All I can say with absolute certainty is that Red Dead Redemption 2 helped me through one of the worst periods of

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Need for Speed: Heat unveiled, Coming this November

With Need for Speed: Heat, the game once again returns to the world of illegal street racing under the constant threat of law enforcers. In a press release, publisher EA has announced the new Need for Speed game, which is once again developed by Ghost Game who have been at the helm of NFS since 2013’s Need for Speed Rivals. This makes Heat the fourth NFS game the studio is working on. Need for Speed: Heat is set in Palm City, and will feature a large open-world to explore and race in. Need for S

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L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for PS4 leaked from PEGI rating

It looks like 2017’s PC virtual-reality crime-adventure game L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is headed towards the PlayStation 4. This comes after a rating for a PS4 version emerged on the European game rating board PEGI. modiz, a user on the gaming forum Resetera found out that the VR spin-off for Team Bondi’s detective game L.A. Noire appeared on the PEGI website as a PS4 title. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files came out exclusively for PC VR headsets in late 2017, and was notably absent on consoles

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Nightdive Studios announces System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

The talented folks at Nightdive Studios have announced an unexpected new retro port with System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. You asked for it and we are working on it… System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition coming soon!!! 💾#RetroGaming #SystemShock2 — Nightdive Studios (@NightdiveStudio) August 12, 2019Nightdive Studios announced via Twitter that they are working on an Enhanced Edition for one of the most important first-person action-RPGs of all time System Shock 2. As such, fa

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Just Cause 4 getting a Hoverboard and extra Campaign in final DLC

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have announced that their most recent open-world mayhem simulator Just Cause 4 is getting a third and final DLC later this month, on August 29. This DLC will include a brand-new campaign and a game-changing new mechanic in form of a futuristic hoverboard. With a brand-new engine powering the fourth Just Cause game, players were thrilled to play with entirely new weather mechanics, whether it’s biomes or radical and dangerous weather phenomenons. Today, we learn

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New details point towards Death Stranding no longer being PS4 Exclusive

New findings from gamers are heavily suggesting that Hideo Kojima’s much-anticipated new game Death Stranding will not be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. This would be a massive blow to Sony’s exclusive line-up as Kojima’s game has become synonymous to the PS4 since its announcement until now. The user noticed that on the page where the PS4 exclusives are listed, Death Stranding was not to be found. In all honesty, the most logical reason would be that Death Stranding is simply no PS4 exclusive,

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Rocket League scrapping loot crates later this year

Every gamer’s favorite surprise game mechanic is getting yet another punch in the guts in form of removal of one of the most popular online games this console generation. Developer Psyonix has announced that they will remove randomized loot crates from their smash-hit vehicular soccer game Rocket League in an update later this year. Well, this borderline definition of it being gambling actually turned into randomized loot boxes & crates being classified as official gambling in a number of countr

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Fight as a badass President in Metal Wolf Chaos XD today

Fight as a badass President in Metal Wolf Chaos XD today Cached Page below :Company: gamezone, Activity: gamezone, Date: 2019-08-06Keywords: news, gamezone, companies, chaos, fight, today, wolf, president, badass, xd, metalCompany: gamezone, Activity: gamezone, Date: 2019-08-06Keywords: news, gamezone, companies, chaos, fight, today, wolf, president, badass, xd, metal

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