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Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS re-releases are getting physical “shiny packaged versions” with download codes

While the main attraction for most Pokemon fans this year is undoubtedly the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo is also going back to the well to re-release the Game Boy Color's Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on the 3DS eShop. Following the incredible success of the Red, Blue, and Yellow re-releases, Nintendo is taking it a step further this time and will be releasing physical boxed versions of the game containing a download code. Nintendo announced the news on Twitter:On 22/09, shin

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[Watch] Monster Hunter: World releases all-new trailer showing off the uncharted Wellspire Waste

After a delightful reveal at E3 2017, Monster Hunter: World has maintained a steady presence in the news since then. The Wellspire Waste is quite a different biome from the Ancient Forest that was shown off last month. Monster Hunter: World is significant in the sense that it is the first time since 2010 that the series will release a game on a home console (and first on PC ever). The series has been a mainstay on the Nintendo 3DS since then, with its last release being Monster Hunter: Generatio

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Here’s what’s on sale this weekend on Steam: 8/19/2017

If you just got paid, it might be high time to pick up something new from Steam. This weekend, Valve has another solid selection of sales offerings, so let's get right to it. Considering the amount of game time that survival games like this can bring, that's a pretty nice price. As usual, here's the breakdown with links to this weekend's Steam sale highlights. If you want to get a look at everything Steam has on offer this weekend, head over here.

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GOG updates its pool of mystery games for their Piñata Madness sale

This weekend, over on GOG, the DRM-free digital games retailer is having a different kind of sale called Piñata Madness. However, in the interest of increasing your odds, GOG has added some new games to the stockpile of 100+ mystery games. If you don't feel like taking a chance, there are other games on sale this weekend as well including Darkest Dungeon, Shadow Warrior 2, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. These games are, however, a little bit more expensive, but at least you'll know what you're gettin

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[Watch] Star Wars: Battlefront 2 gets new Starfighter Assault trailer

As EA and DICE get ready to officially unveil Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Starfighter gameplay at Gamescom 2017, they have dropped a cinematic in-engine gameplay trailer of what we can expect (embedded above). It's clear that DICE is really pushing the cinematic approach after the whirlwind of criticism that their first outing received for not having anything substantial in that regard. As a Star Wars fan, it's easy to get excited at a trailer like this, but it's important to remember that the on

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Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition leaks; Check it out

The console's working name, 'Project Scorpio', was dead, much to the disappointment of fans (let's be honest, it was a cooler name). Apparently, the Project Scorpio name isn't as dead as we thought! According to a German retailer, Saturn, the Day One version of the console will be named, Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition. This Day One edition will be unique to other Xbox One X consoles, as it will feature a textured pattern on top, as well as 'Project Scorpio' written in green on the console i

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