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Media Molecule’s elusive Dreams launching this Spring in Early Access

One of the most elusive PlayStation 4 exclusives has finally a release window as developer Media Molecule announced that this Spring Dreams is launching. The artistic creation-sandbox isn’t set to release in its final form however, and will be an Early Access title. Dreams is the highly-ambitious and unique true sandbox game Media Molecule has been working on for over 6 years now. As an Early Access title, not all features will be present but that’s pretty much the norm for the system. Does this

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World War Z gets pre-launch Price Drop thanks to Epic Games Store

Karch explains the decision by pointing at Epic Games Store’s lucrative business model and thinks it offers both ‘players and developers the best deal’. World War Z made headlines last winter when news broke out that the multiplayer zombie shooter would become the next in-line of Epic Games Store exclusives. That’s because World War Z is getting a price reduction prior to the game’s launch this April. World War Z was originally being sold at $39.99 on the Epic Games Store but starting today, the

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The GameZone Podcast Ep. 5: Activision and Deciphering Kingdom Hearts 3

On the fifth episode of The GameZone Podcast, Cade, Matt, and Mike break down Activision’s recent earnings call which resulted in massive layoffs despite a successful quarter, new tidbits about Call of Duty 2019, and the future of their publisher. In the second half of the podcast, Cade and Mike also talk briefly about Metro Exodus and dive into Kingdom Hearts III’s incredibly absurd plot which results in a bit of insanity and stupid questions about the Kingdom Hearts lore. You can listen to it

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Black Ops 4’s new season Operation Grand Heist starts today

Operation Grand Heist is going live today, first on the PlayStation 4, and brings lots of new content with it. Dubbed Operation Grand Heist, an extensive suite of new game content is arriving today for gamers to enjoy. PlayStation 4 gamers get a whole 7 days of exclusive playtime in advance before Operation Grand Heist launches on the Xbox One and PC. Owners of the Black Ops Pass can further look forward to a new playable character and two new multiplayer maps. You can check out all the new cont

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[RUMOR] Platinum revives ex-Xbox exclusive Scalebound for the Switch

Scalebound, the once much-hyped Xbox One exclusive by legendary action-game creators at Platinum Games, could get a second lease at life. Developed by Platinum Games, the Japanese studio responsible for some of the most memorable and acclaimed action games bar none. And for Platinum Games, it was the end for what could have been the studio’s major breakout from the niche. Now, things are looking like Platinum Games is getting a second chance. There’s no word by either Nintendo, Platinum Games or

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Julia & Negan from The Walking Dead coming to Tekken 7 later this month

Series veteran Julia Chang alongside crossover guest Negan from The Walking Dead will be part of the second season pass or can be bought separately. The maniacal villain from the hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead is arriving very soon to Tekken 7, later this month. The second, more traditional fighting character to land alongside the bat-swinging psycho, is Julia Chang. A veteran Tekken character whose arrival is nonetheless a welcome addition to the game. Negan will cost players $7.99 while J

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Episode Ardyn to be the last Final Fantasy XV DLC this March

Square Enix has announced the release date for the last DLC of Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix also created an awesome prologue for Episode Ardyn in form of an anime short-film. You can watch Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn – Prologue right now! Calling the development tale of Final Fantasy XV turbulent would be a massive understatement. It sure looked like a fairy tale comeback but it wouldn’t be Final Fantasy XV, if all went smooth.

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Cult PlayStation indie darling Flower out now on PC for a bargain

Former PlayStation exclusive Flower, the artistic and soothing experience following the breezy tale of flower petals in the wind, is out now on PC. You can Flower on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store for a stupidly low price of just $5.69. Way back in 2009, when indie games weren’t really a known thing, Thatgamecompany unleashed a figurative fresh breath of air onto the gaming landscape with Flower. A seminal milestone not only for the developer but for indie gaming in general. Flower is the first

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Rainbow Six Siege welcomes its new Aussie Operators & Free Weekend

As previously reported, Rainbow Six Siege is getting a ton of Australia-themed new content in their newest Operation Burnt Horizons. This time, we get to learn more about the two new Operators, Gridlock & Mozzie. Namely, two brand-new Operators, the unique hero classes of Siege, so to speak. A female warrior who’ll enter the Rainbow Six Siege roster as an Attacker. If all that sounds nice but you don’t yet own Rainbow Six Siege, be aware that a Free Weekend has started today across all platforms

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