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Target Video Game Sale Includes Brand New Games

Anyone in the market for a new video game may want to visit Target this week. From now until March 24, Target shoppers can buy one new video game and get one 50 percent off, with some exceptions. While it seems like PS4 and Xbox One owners will benefit the most from this Target sale, Nintendo fans aren’t completely out of luck. In fact, Nintendo Switch owners can get another Switch game for half off if they purchase Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Target’s Buy 1 Video Game Get 1 50 percent off v

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God of War Director Compares Combat to Dark Souls

With God of War releasing in just a month’s time, the hype is undoubtedly building for the return of Kratos. Moreover, a director has also compared the game’s combat to the highly-popular Dark Souls franchise. Then, Cory Barlog, the Creative Director behind the game, mentioned the two earliest decisions for the game: not making God of War an open-world game and not simply mimicking Dark Souls. In fact, Barlog said, “We don’t want to just mimic Dark Souls, as much as we like that game. For now, p

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Next God of War Already in Planning, Will Remain in Norse Mythology

Speaking of sequels, it seems as if Santa Monica Studio is already in the planning phases for a followup to this year’s GoW, with successive chapters set to remain within the realms of Norse mythology. With this being the case, not only does it look like Santa Monica Studio is sticking with Norse mythos, but also it seems as if Atreus could have an even more substantial role in future sequels. What’s more is that once Santa Monica Studio has thoroughly explored Norse mythology with its next God

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Pokemon GO: 100 Percent IV Guide For Bulbasaur Community Day

Pokemon GO’s third community day is just around the corner and, although it’s not quite as exciting as the Dratini event, players are still looking forward to a few hours of hunting down Bulbasaur. 100% IV pokemon are pretty rare, but this kind of event is the perfect opportunity to catch like crazy and hope to find one. This allows players to decide if they want to use special Berrys or Ultraballs when making the catch. Quickly identifying a 100% pokemon helps to ensure players don’t waste thei

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God of War Releases 15 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough Video

Now, in order to further stoke the flames of fandom, Sony and Santa Monica Studio have decided to put out 15 minutes of extended gameplay footage for the forthcoming action-adventure title. What’s more is that the game features enemies with varying difficulty levels that are indicated by the color of their health bar. In this case, a mixture of dodging, parrying, Leviathan Axe throws, and arrows from Atreus serve as a solid formula for success. While prior installments have had their own systems

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God of War PS4 Pro Tech Analysis Praises Its Graphical Fidelity

About a couple of months ago, the release of a story trailer for Sony and Santa Monica Studio’s forthcoming game, God of War, caused consternation among some who claimed that there had been a graphics downgrade during development. Unfortunately, though, Digital Foundry notes that it’s still unclear how such a feature will all come together once the title has been released. Nevertheless, when one takes all of this into account, it looks as if God of War is prepared to raise the bar once again whe

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Fortnite’s Success Could Mean Trouble For Other Companies

The success of multiplayer building, crafting, and battle royale game Fortnite has already led Epic Games to end support for Paragon, its MOBA (multiplayer online battle area). However, this isn’t the only major impact that Fortnite is having on the games industry as financial analysts now suggest that the game could mean trouble for other gaming companies. The mobile market represents a huge area of growth for the game and its revenue and it could help to cement the game as a success for even l

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Sea of Thieves Won’t Be Sharing a Longterm Road Map

While the swashbuckling multiplayer game Sea of Thieves may have players following maps to buried treasure, there is no course charted for upcoming content in the game. Rare has announced it will not release a long-term roadmap for Sea of Thieves, leaving whatever comes next a mystery. However, it appears the development team on Sea of Thieves is sticking to tradition, choosing to be reactive to player feedback instead of planning every step. There’s just one more day until Sea of Thieves releas

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Todd Howard Drops Hint About Production of Upcoming Bethesda Game

Many fans have been theorizing that the company is, once again, far along in the development of a secret new project. During a recent interview between Ted Price and Bethesda’s Todd Howard, the director may have dropped a hint about the production of a new game title. At this point, that is all pure speculation amongst the Bethesda fanbase and no actual progress updates have been shared. Howard didn’t make any other significant mentions of unannounced projects, so we’re still in the dark as far

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God of War Releases Epic CG Trailer

A new CG trailer for God of War has been released, offering a dramatic look at the world and action of the upcoming PS4-exclusive game. The trailer features the two protagonists of God of War: series staple Kratos and his son Atreus, a new character to the franchise. The release of God of War is fast approaching and the marketing push for the game is clearly in full swing. The game’s creative director was recently featured in a video explaining the game’s lore and setting, and Sony has announced

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