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Fear and confusion erupt at Walter Reed military hospital after false alerts about an active shooter

WASHINGTON — Alerts about an active shooter at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland caused patients and a U.S. congressman to fear the worst on Tuesday, but the Pentagon said they were part of an "exercise." Lt. Col. Audricia Harris, a Pentagon spokesperson, told CNBC on Tuesday that the reports of an active shooter were part of a drill. 19 at Walter Reed Bethesda," the military installation wrote. Walter Reed is the largest joint military medical center in the country and ha

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California fire death toll rises to 63, more than 600 people still missing

The search for victims of a catastrophic blaze that reduced a northern California town to ashes intensified on Thursday and authorities said the list of those reported missing had expanded to more than 600 in the deadliest wildfire in California history. Authorities attributed the high death toll in part to the staggering speed with which the wind-driven flames, fueled by desiccated scrub and trees, raced through Paradise, a town of 27,000 residents. Nearly 9,000 homes and other buildings, inclu

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Serena Williams sings ‘I Touch Myself’ in breast cancer awareness campaign

Tennis star Serena Williams has recorded a version of "I Touch Myself," the 1990 hit song by Australian band Divinyls, ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. A longer version of the ad will appear online on September 30. The campaign will run throughout Australia and will include print, online and billboard advertising. The I Touch Myself Project was launched in 2014 after Divinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett died from breast cancer. She had expressed the wish that the song would be

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Wall Street’s crypto guru shorted Tilray, but expects ‘a monster weed business’ in 5 or 6 years

Amid wild volatility in marijuana stocks this week, former Goldman Sachs macro trader Michael Novogratz shorted Tilray — but says he still thinks the marijuana industry will make it. In five or six years, we will have a monster weed business," Novogratz said on CNBC's "Fast Money." Shares of Canadian marijuana company Tilray fell sharply Friday, concluding a wild week that captivated investors. Novogratz said he couldn't help but to jump into the mix and short Tilray — a point he teased Thursday

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Why homeowners outside of Gordon’s path should check their insurance

If you're thanking your lucky stars that Tropical Storm Gordon isn't heading for your neighborhood, it's probably time to review your insurance coverage. While it's too late for homeowners in its path to make insurance changes, people in other hurricane-prone areas could take it as a reminder that the next big storm could be headed their way. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, although the peak season is mid-August to late October. Last year, that included Hurricanes Harv

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Cracking the sugar code: Why the ‘glycome’ is the next big thing in health and medicine

It remains to be tested if reversing these changes can help prevent disease, or even slow aging – an intriguing possibility. Along with DNA, proteins, and fats, glycans are one of the four major macromolecules essential for life. In other words, these sugar molecules can greatly influence how our proteins do their work, and even how our cells will respond to stimuli. The main job of glycans is to modify the proteins and fats that sit on the surface of our cells. By sensing the type of sugar coat

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Life in Turkey now: Tough talk, but fears of drug shortages

Turkish banks are pulling back on credit to consumers and businesses. Even by Turkish standards the steel industry is in a tough spot, as Mr. Dalbeler conceded. President Trump imposed a 50 percent tariff on Turkish steel after talks broke down to win the release of the detained pastor, Andrew Brunson. Years ago, Mr. Dalbeler said, Iraq was the Turkish steel industry’s biggest market. “In oncology there are no substitutes,” Mr. Sarialioglu said.

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Emerging markets shares drop on deepening Turkey crisis

Stocks in emerging markets fell sharply Monday as a financial crisis in Turkey that sent its currency plummeting last week worsened. Turkey shares led the way lower, as the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (TUR) plunged about 11 percent. The Turkish currency fell more than 14 percent on Friday after President Donald Trump announced he was doubling metals tariffs on Turkey. Turkey's central bank tried to ease global investors' fears on Monday, stating it will provide as much liquidity as needed to the cou

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