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  • Ubisoft has announced a new novel based on Assassin’s Creed 3, the latest installment of Ubisoft’s blockbuster franchise. Written by author Oliver Bowden, Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken is the latest novelization to expand the rich universe of Assassin’s Creed, one of the biggest video game franchises in the world. Based on the new upcoming game, Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken takes a look at newcomer Connor, who has sworn to secure liberty for his people and his nation by unleashing his skills on the b
    Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken novel announced

  • Files discovered within the downloadable demo of Resident Evil 6 released this week point to the somewhat surprising presence of playable Ada Wong in her own campaign. Obviously those hoping to keep the campaign a complete surprise may want to avoid details, but at this point the information is far from official. Up to this point the series regular’s absence hadn’t been discussed much – unsurprising of a secret operative of her caliber. It’s far too early to tell, and just as possible – but perh
    ‘Resident Evil 6’ Could Feature Ada Wong Campaign

  • Yesterday’s white board drawing of potential characters in the next Super Mario Bros. might be a fairly accurate depiction of what’s to come when the next installment arrives on Wii U and 3DS. A lot of the characters shown have already been a part of the roster, and game creator Masahiro Sakurai has warned fans not to expect the roster to grow by much, if at all. Citing “game balance” as the primary issue of a growing roster, Sakurai said it’s more of a “change of direction” that’s needed for th
    Don’t expect a roster expansion with next Super Smash Bros.

  • There aren’t too many free games available for Club Nintendo members this month. In fact, the pleasantly hot month of July only sees two titles for Nintendo fans who have some Coins they’d like to redeem. I’m talking the original Nintendo 64 title, which has gone on to become a favorite among many gamers. Oddly enough, Club Nintendo members only have until July 22 to redeem their Coins for this download. If I had to make a recommendation, I would definitely tell you to get some Mario Tennis all
    Two free titles make up Club Nintendo’s free offerings for July

  • Capcom has revealed and detailed the Collector’s Edition for upcoming action shooter Resident Evil 6. As usual, the special edition includes your typical assortment of Resident Evil 6 goodies and tchotchkes including DLC codes, artwork, and a hooded sweatshirt all packed in a neat sounding collector’s box. A must have piece for any fan of Resident Evil! Capcom hasn’t yet confirmed the contents for the North American Collector’s Edition, but you can probably assume it will be similar, if not iden
    Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition detailed for Europe

  • Publisher EA and developer Crytek will release the first-person shooter Crysis 3 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in February 2013. Players assume the role of “Prophet” as he returns to New York, only to find that the Cell Corporation has encased it in a Nanodome. Seven distinct environments within the Liberty Dome become known as the Seven Wonders, and Prophet will need to use his composite bow, enhanced Nanosuit, and alien tech to survive. The game uses CryEngine 3 — which the studio used to power Cr
    Become the ultimate hunter in Crysis 3

  • Thankfully, what Capcom was showing on the E3 show floor was something completely different — focusing instead on what everyone loves about this new Resident Evil approach: third person gunplay. It’s in these specific missions that two other gamers playing co-op will be able to join your co-op game, and help accomplish a larger goal. After that overly action-packed demo during Microsoft’s E3 press conference it was nice to see Resident Evil combat in the more traditional sense. What do you think

  • Alongside the Pokedex 3D app, Nintendo will release a paid version to the Nintendo eShop when Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 drop this fall. Pokedex 3D Pro will detail every single Pokemon, allowing users to browse the entire collection immediately upon download. Users will be able to sort, compare, and rank entries, as well as view moves and abilities with six language options. Dream Radar, another feature slated for the eShop, will utilize the 3D and augmented reality capabilities of the Nintendo
    Pokedex 3D Pro is the ultimate Pokemon encyclopedia

  • The originalThe Sims game became something of a phenomenon that was able to pull indevoted PC gamers as well as hundreds of PC users who never thought they wouldplay anything besides their pre-installed Window’s Solitaire. If your Sim is well liked by many Sims then your Sim can even become leader ofthe free world. Visuallyspeaking, The Sims 3 looks a tad better than The Sims 2 and thisis even more evident if your PC or Mac has a good video card. TheCollector’s Edition of The Sims 3 is the perfe
    The Sims 3 Collector's Edition

  • Still, I suspect I would be complaining ifthey had made the game the same side scroller all the way through, I mean youdon’t play a game with Transformers in it and not transform, right? The amplepolygon count and semi-cell-shading gives the game the appropriate look of akids cartoon. Review Scoring Details for TransformersAnimated: The GameGameplay: 6.7A slight misstep here and there,but otherwise a tightly worked game. Graphics: 7.2A pseudo cel-shaded game thatkeeps it looking good for all the
    TRANSFORMERS Animated: The Game

  • No matterwhat practical intelligence is, I never thought it would have anything to dowith solving puzzles in a video game, not even after playing a game calledPractical Intelligence Quotient. That changed with the PQ2, a sequel thatreplaces the insanity of the original with practical and intelligent puzzlesthat might just be worthy of judging your intelligence. The puzzles created for this game are more interesting than anycharacter-based puzzle game before it. PSP ownerswith a passion for uniqu
    PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient

  • To be honest, I was scared thatKonami was in the process of milking the cow dry with the Dance Dance Revolutionseries. Even though I had my fears, I amhappy to say that Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 provides the energizingbeats to get up and dance. What’s good to know is that the Xbox 360 will be receiving its ownDDR game in the form of Dance Dance Revolution Universe in the forthcomingmonths. Review Scoring Details for Dance Dance RevolutionULTRAMIX4Gameplay: 8.5If you have played the game
    Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX4

  • Call of Duty 2: The Big Red One is strictly on this generationof consoles and is entirely separate from the PC/Xbox 360 series. Call of Duty 2: The Big Red One focuses on the infantry division called ofcourse, “The Big Red One.” The Big Red One nickname is for the U.S. FirstInfantry Division, which in fact is the oldest division serving the U.S. Army. All of them have been brought together to deliver the fantastic voice actingthat is present within the Big Red One. The taste thatis leftover from
    Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

  • Ok, back up… for the uninitiated – Metal Slug is a side-scroll arcade-style shooter. Among the titles built for andreleased on the system were Neo Bomberman, King of Fighters and Metal Slug – allarcade hits. As one of four members of the Metal Slug team, you aretasked with shutting down the virus before it takes control. As one of four members of the Metal Slug team, your jobis to track down the paramilitary syndicate called the Ptolemaic Army and stopthem. ReviewScoring Details for Metal Slug 4
    Metal Slug 4/5 Combo Pack

  • Juka and the Monophonic Menace is an originalaction RPG that should please gamers looking for something new. It’s upto Juka to discover what or who is behind all of these strange events on hisadventure. The twist of Jukathat makes it a different game than other action RPG games is the action part. If you’ve beendying to play an original action RPG game for your GBA then look no farther thanJuka and the Monophonic Menace. Review Scoring DetailsJuka and theMonophonic MenaceGameplay 7.7If it wasn’t
    Juka and the Monophonic Menace

  • EverQuest: Omens of War is the eighthexpansion in the massively multiplayer online franchise (which launched fiveyears ago). The new task system alleviatessome of that, and is geared toward players who cannot devote hours of game timeto the title. Most of theareas are for upper level players, and groups. ReviewScoring Details for EverQuest: Omens of WarGameplay: 8.6The game has stepped up the ante for casual gaming – log in, run a task andaccomplish something toward your level. While the increas
    Everquest: Omens of War

  • The series, which underwent somewhat of atransformation with last year’s Tony Hawk Underground, is now releasing itssixth entry, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: World Destruction Tour. Youstart out on Hawk’s team, training in the familiar warehouse level from the veryfirst Tony Hawk. Thelevels in THUG 2 have an incredible amount of activity and things to do, more sothan in any previous Tony Hawk game. The levels will also change fromday to night, a great touch not featured in previous Tony Hawk title
    Tony Hawk's Underground 2

  • Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad is a team based squad game. What makes this game nice is the variety of the mission objectives, and eachmission has several objectives to complete. The graphics for Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad are decent. Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad is rated T for Teen for Violence andBlood. Overall: 7.9Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad is a decent game that will provideseveral hours of enjoyment for you.
    Conflict: Desert Storm II

  • However forpeople like myself, who have had the pleasure of playing Bust-A-Move when it wasback on Neo Geo or Super Nintendo, Super Bust-A-Move 2 is hardly better than anostalgic reminder of the original. The new additions to Super Bust-A-Move 2 includea revamped, if totally incoherent, story mode, several new types of bubbles, anda level editor. However,nearly all of this was included in the last super Bust-A-Move. In the end Bust-A-Move is Bust-A-Move nomatter how many words or numbers you put
    Super Bust-A-Move 2

  • Emergency Room Code Redallows you to diagnose, and treat patients in Legacy hospital. So ER Code Red isn’t goingto change gaming in the near future. The volumeseems to increase during game play. Thankfully there are several ways to play ER. Patient treatment is all pretty much the same.
    Emergency Room: Code Red

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Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won't be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly "200 meters to 100 meters," Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to "frozen stories" that reveal more about the game world and

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The cheapest color laser printer in the world has a big flaw

How cheap can a brand new color laser printer be? The cheapest color laser printer we've seen available today is the Lexmark C3326DW with a price tag of £79 (around $101/AU$148), after an instant cashback that nearly halves its price. In comparison, the cheapest color laser printer in the US is the Lexmark C3224dw at $139 (around £108/AU$203), meaning that on paper (pun intended), Lexmark models seem to be the perfect color laser printers. These are the cheapest printer deals out thereHere is ou

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Stardew Valley is getting a big content update later this month

A new content update set to release later this month is designed to address some of these points, in the process adding a bunch of new features. In his update post, Barone writes that he doesn't want to spoil all of the new additions, but provided some examples. For instance, Wild Bait is no longer "essentially worthwhile": it will now have the chance of attracting double the amount of fish. We already know a few things about the 1.4 update: there will be a new map called Four Corners, and there

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This gaming PC with an RTX 2070 Super is on sale for $1,000 right now

The deals on gaming PCs appear to be ramping up as Black Friday approaches. If you have the budget, one model from SkyTech with an RTX 2070 graphics card is on sale for $1,000, a drop of $280 from the original price. That's significantly cheaper than every other gaming PC with the same graphics card (at least on Newegg), and the rest of the specs aren't bad either. Most PCs around this price use a GTX 1660 graphics card, making this desktop with a significantly more-powerful RTX 2070 Super an ex

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is tentatively scheduled for 2020, according to leak

The follow-up to 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be releasing as early as next year, according to a leak from a source with a reliable track record. Twitter user Sabi says Nintendo is tentatively planning for a 2020 release date, but notes the Zelda franchise's well-known history of delays. I would tell you Botw2 is planned to release in 2020, but Zelda release dates are historically delayed, internally or publicly LOLNovember 12, 2019Sabi also clarified that they aren't mer

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