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  • Jedi vs. Sith, Rebellion vs. The Star Wars universe has never been one to shy away from these kinds of binary distinctions. There’s good and there’s evil and there’s Anakin – a man who just sort of swaps over halfway through. Not that there aren’t a couple of surprises in there too – we’ve got all you moral grey area squatters covered – plus a little something for you hardcore Jar Jar fanatics. Discover your intergalactic allegiance this Star Wars day and may the fourth be with you.
    Jedi or Sith? Discover your Star Wars allegiance with our quiz

  • Next month we’re bringing back the PC Gaming Show, our E3 showcase of some of the most exciting upcoming games and hardware. We’re broadcasting the PC Gaming Show on Monday, June 12 at 10 AM PT. I’m glad to mention that we’ve teamed up with Intel to make this year’s PC Gaming Show our best one yet. Also supporting the event will be Bohemia Interactive, Tripwire Interactive, Cygames, and Nexon. Joining these folks on stage will be our returning host, Sean “Day9” Plott, the ever-likable StarCrafts
    The PC Gaming Show is returning to E3 2017

  • Our friends at PC Gamer are at it again, with the announcement of their third annual PC Gaming Show set to take place during the official keynote schedule of E3 2017. This year, Intel joins PC Gamer as its presenting sponsor, with the show set to begin on 10am PT (1pm ET, 6pm GMT, 3am Friday ACT) on June 12. Of course, as always, the PC Gaming Show will be streamed live, for free, to PC Gamer’s Twitch channel as well as the Twitch home page. You’ll also be able to watch along for free on Faceboo
    Third annual PC Gaming Show returns to shake up E3 2017

  • Update: The best Apple Watch apps list is one we’re constantly updating. The Apple Watch has now been superseded by the Apple Watch 2, and yet these much-hyped iPhone smartwatches are just now seeing their true potential through apps and games in 2017 following the Watch OS 3 launch. The number one question we hear from new Apple Watch owners is “Well, what apps should I download first?” To make answering that query easier, we devised a thorough best Apple Watch apps list. Here are the best apps
    Best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch in 2017

  • Treyarch officially announces the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles DLC. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles was announced today by Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 game director Jason Blundell in a video feature by YouTuber JCbackfire. The eight maps set to get a fresh lick of paint for current generation consoles include: Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa from Call of Duty: World at War, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-la and Moon from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Origin
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles Announced for PS4

  • Geoff Keighley has announced E3 Coliseum, which is an initiative to “bring E3 to life through two days of panels, conversations, talks and other surprises.” Not only can people attend live and online via streaming, but online viewers will also be able to ask questions to the panelists via Facebook. Keighley also hinted at a special guest “from the broader entertainment world” who will speak about the cultural significance of gaming. Publishers attending include Activision, Bethesda Softworks, Ge
    Geoff Keighley announces E3 Coliseum 2017

  • It was supposed to be routine—sneak into the Camp Omega detention centre, locate the prisoners, extract them, and bail. It’s at this point that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes—like every other Metal Gear game before it—encourages you to lay low. This all-chaos approach is of course possible within Ground Zeroes’ non-modded state. This is especially true when Snake enters the game’s boiler room area and CQC makes way for point-blank shotgunning. Tactical espionage operations it ain’t, but there
    Using mods to play Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes as a military FPS

  • We’re currently beavering away on our in-depth Sony Xperia XZ Premium review, but we wanted to taken an in-depth look at one of its key features: the super-slow motion camera. So we took the phone outside and tried a few ideas ourselves – here’s our deeper dive into what the Sony Xperia XZ Premium Super SloMo camera can actually accomplish. The thing is, while the Super SloMo stuff does look awesome, it’s not a primary reason to use the phone. You still have to fire up the camera, swipe to video
    Sony's Xperia XZ Premium slow-mo camera is genuinely amazing

  • According to OverwatchOneYearLeak, Overwatch‘s three new maps will consist of one new escort map, a new 3v3 map, and then a third map built with the new game mode in mind. OverwatchOneYearLeak didn’t share details about the third map beyond that it will supposedly be built specifically for the new game mode. While this mode will start with one map, OverwatchOneYearLeak claims that older maps will be adapted to support it at some point as well. If anything, Overwatch having an event on its annive
    Rumor: Overwatch Getting New Game Mode and Three Maps This Month

  • Not to mention, the studio also touched on new content to come between now and then for the title’s summer update. “Set in the autumn after the Nivelle Offensive, Prise de Tahure sees French troops desperately holding on to re-captured heights in the Butte-de-Tahure region. Adaptability and tactics are the means to wear your adversary down.”Beyond the aforementioned materials, Battlefield 1 is set to receive its next monthly update sometime in May. Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4,
    Battlefield 1 Teases Next DLC, Summer Update Details

  • An all new Tekken 7 gameplay trailer has been released showcasing a fight between franchise mainstay Lee and newcomer Kazumi. The trailer also provides a great opportunity to showcase the new Rage Art feature, unique finishing moves for each character. While Kazumi’s Rage art unfortunately whiffs, an emotional event familiar to all Street Fighter 5 players, Lee capitalizes on the opportunity and it turns out rather rosy. As previously mentioned, Kazumi’s Rage Art is unfortunately evaded by Lee i
    Tekken 7 Kazumi vs. Lee Gameplay Trailer Revealed

  • Rovio, the well known mobile developer behind the incredibly successful Angry Birds series, has released its latest mobile gaming creation, Battle Bay. According to Rovio, Battle Bay will feature different styles of ships that will allow gamers to fit their play style. Battle Bay is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is so far tracking strong reviews in both the App Store and Play Store. Fans of the Angry Birds games should be aware that while Battle Bay doesn’t include any upset fo
    Angry Birds Developer Releases New MOBA Battle Bay

  • Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Redemption 2 last year following years of anticipation. According to a local Montana news report, Rockstar Games is still conducting filming for Red Dead Redemption 2. So, it stands to reason that Red Dead Redemption 2 is indeed the game the producer is referring to. Fans are eager to find out more about the “epic” story promised by the developer, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online multiplayer. Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to release in fall 2017 on
    Red Dead Redemption 2 Still Filming; Is a Delay Announcement Coming?

  • Stardew Valley also shares another trait with Harvest Moon, which is a shockingly deep metagame. Stardew Valley also has far more going on under the hood, but it’s much more accessible and open about it. I’ve spent about 90 hours in Stardew Valley so far. ), but in Stardew Valley, you’re spoiled for choice because let’s be honest – how many heads of cauliflower do you really feel like watering? Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC
    Call of Dew-ty: How Stardew Valley converts shooter fans into farmers

  • Taking you to the pits of Hell, Agony has you controlling a soul who can possess bodies of either humans or simple-minded demons. “Taming the player with an extreme dose of gore makes us able to introduce interesting new motifs that do not rely on having corpses everywhere. Wondering whether you’re a bad person for shrugging at the sight of dismemberment would be a staggering end to Agony. As for what’s waiting for players after the blood-and-guts stage of Agony, Grabka remains tight-lipped. How
    Think you’re tough for shrugging at Agony’s gore? That’s what its creators want...

  • Taking you to the pits of Hell, Agony has you controlling a soul who can possess bodies of either humans or simple-minded demons. “Taming the player with an extreme dose of gore makes us able to introduce interesting new motifs that do not rely on having corpses everywhere. Wondering whether you’re a bad person for shrugging at the sight of dismemberment would be a staggering end to Agony. As for what’s waiting for players after the blood-and-guts stage of Agony, Grabka remains tight-lipped. How
    Think you’re tough for shrugging at Agony’s gore? That’s what its creators want...

  • An anonymous source familiar with Qualcomm’s stance has told Bloomberg that the San Diego-based firm is now seeking an import ban on all iPhones into the US with the International Trade Commission. Qualcomm apparently is looking to have the ban put in place ahead of Apple’s rumored iPhone 8 / iPhone 7S launch this September, which could put a massive dent in the 10th anniversary celebration of the iconic smartphone line. It could also mean a shortage of stock on current iPhone models, including
    iPhone 8 could be banned from the US if Qualcomm gets its way

  • World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has issued a warning that humans need to colonize other planets in order to guarantee survival from a variety of threats. One of the programs is Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth, in which Professor Hawking posits his theory that interplanetary colonization is necessary to ensure the survival of the human race. In order to safeguard the continuation of the human race, it makes sense to have a second base. Tesla Founder Elon Musk’s Space X program is a
    Stephen Hawking warns we must leave Earth – within the next 100 years

  • Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned quite a lot about DICE and EA’s second bite of the Battlefront cherry. As Sam details in this month’s cover story, that last part is interesting because Star Wars Battlefront 2 features a huge single-player element. Join him as he explores the latest jaunt into the galaxy far, far away to learn if expansive solo play can transform the 2015 original. Elsewhere inside, Hannah Dwan enrols in a long-serving Jedi Academy roleplaying server that’s still active ov
    PC Gamer UK June issue: Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Bossa Studios—the team behind Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and the in-development Worlds Adrift—is hard at work on its next game Decksplash, a skateboarding sim that echoes Splatoon. Said to also draw from the likes of Jet Set Radio, OlliOlli, Rocket League, Tony Hawk’s, Sunset Overdrive and Crazy Taxi—Decksplash is now gearing up for its first alpha playtest, and Bossa wants the PC Gamer readership to get in on the action. With 1000 invites up for grabs, all that’s required of you is to follow
    Bossa Studios invites 1000 PC Gamer readers to its Decksplash alpha playtest

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Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won't be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly "200 meters to 100 meters," Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to "frozen stories" that reveal more about the game world and

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Devil May Cry 5’s coming in spring 2019 and it stars Nero, Dante, and a wise-talking mechanic

Devil May Cry 5 is real, it stars Nero, and it's coming in spring 2019. Don't worry, the teaser ended with a quick appearance from original Devil May Cry protagonist Dante as well. But still, nice of Microsoft to give Nero and friends a great big stage to do their debut on, right? Oh, and one last thing: despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory, which developed DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 5 is being built internally at Capcom. We'll just have to wait and see what Ninja Theory

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LG’s V40 ThinQ could sport a triple-lens camera and almost no bezels

Along with the device's expected announcement date, we now have further information regarding the LG V40 ThinQ's photographic capabilities, along with a juicy tidbit about its proposed all-screen design. Backing up previous reports, the V40 ThinQ's expected camera specifications were mentioned in a report from the Korean site ETNews , with a triple-lens (20MP primary, 16MP wide-angle and 13MP telephoto) camera tipped for the handset's rear. Meanwhile, the phone's front is said to sport a dual ca

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Online Casinos 7 – Part 17

Online Casinos 7For about a decade, the state of California has, to no avail, tried to see online poker legalized. Stakeholders have been unable to come to an agreement on the matter, leaving the state with bill after bill dying in the legislature. According to the Online Poker Report, legislation regarding online poker will not be considered […]

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Online Casinos 7 – Part 3

Online Casinos 7In a recent statement to the press, the Grand Hyatt Macau hotel situated in the City of Dreams Macau announced that Timothy Bruce (pictured) has been appointed its new general manager. According to the hotel at the casino resort, the placement is effective immediately. GGRAsia reports that the hotel, located in the heart of the […]

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