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Here’s more evidence a Google Home with a screen is on the way

There's the standard Google Home speaker, and then there's the compact Google Home Mini, and then there's the powerful, high-end Google Home Max - could Google also be working on a Google Home with a screen to rival the Amazon Echo Show? Apparently so, according to bits of code found in the new Google app by the ever-diligent Android Police. Back then the screen was said to be 7 inches in size, just like the Echo Show from Amazon. As interesting as the new sections of code are, they're not yet c

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10 things you didn’t know you can do with a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a remarkably useful tool for anyone who goes online. Public Wi-Fi securityMany places offer free Wi-Fi access, including schools, hotels, libraries, airports and coffee shops to name a few. Unfortunately, it is not particularly difficult to intercept this wireless network traffic. A VPN with servers located in the appropriate country can solve the issue, and consider these locations based on anticipated usage when choosing a VPN provider. With a VPN, the tra

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Super Mario Odyssey’s Peach Amiibo makes Mario wear a wedding dress

YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV managed to get both the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle and a few accompanying Amiibos to show off in an unboxing video. What's interesting (other than someone who is playing Super Mario Odyssey ahead of the rest of the world) is that when the YouTuber gets to the Peach Amiibo, it turns out that the figuring lets Mario wear a Wedding Dress (as noticed by Nintendo Daily News). Here's a screenshot:As you can also see in the image, the Peach Amiibo provides Mario wit

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Destiny 2 seasons are coming, and they’re bringing ice hockey and mic drops

Today at TwitchCon 2017, Bungie spilled the space beans on what Guardians can expect from Destiny 2's upcoming seasons. We got to hear more about the Dawning, the in-game winter holiday which brings ice hockey to the Tower this year. Of course there's special Dawning loot on offer too, like a beautiful exotic-tier ship that Deej referred to as a "snow angel." If you're an Iron Banner fan, you'll be pleased to know things are changing with the hated token system that's currently in place. There a

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Destiny 2’s ‘seasons’ have been explained, sort of

We're gearing up for Destiny 2's PC release on next week. Seasons enable clans to unlock shared perks for completing weekly objectives, such as completing the raid or going flawless in Trials of the Nine, alongside their clanmates. Bungie also showed off some armor 'ornaments', essentially fancy new looks, which players will be able to earn in season two. Paradis showed new ghosts, shaders and an exotic-tier ship that will only be available during The Dawning event. I'm also not clear how many w

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