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  • Microsoft has applied to patent a mind-controlled interface, so you may soon be able to open and control an app just by thinking about it. The data collected would then be used to launch and control an application. It noted the tech could be used in 3D modelling software, word processors, video games, virtual reality and augmented reality simulators and much more. The same team also recently filed a related patent for a motion controller powered by the brain, too. Microsoft and Facebook aren’t t
    Microsoft wants you to open Windows apps with your mind

  • The video above includes the results of our iPhone X vs Red Scarlet-X test, so before watching it read on to learn more about our two contenders, and how we conducted the test. The iPhone X is one of the best when it comes to smartphone video capture, but just how far has recording on our handsets come? Hardware: phone vs cinema camThe iPhone X is capable of recording 4K video at up to 60fps, technology that was once only available in professional-level cameras. The Red Scarlet-X is a profession
    iPhone X vs Red Scarlet-X: smartphone vs cinema camera

  • Forget Snoke, Star Trek Discovery blasts Star Wars: The Last Jedi into oblivion when it comes to shadowy reveals about nefarious leaders. Michael, on the other hand, is still struggling to deal with that reveal and Lorca, well, he’s just being Lorca. Back on the USS Discovery, betrayer-in-chief/secret Klingon Ash Tyler is being put through the wringer. If the game’s up for Michael and Lorca then they’ve got a helluva mission ahead of them to get off of that flagship. If you want to bathe in the
    Michael deals with the aftermath of *that* shock twist in the Star Trek Discovery episode 12 teaser

  • Titanic, on the surface of it, looked like a heck of a departure for director James Cameron when it was released in 1997. But now I put this to you: Titanic is as logically James Cameron as a James Cameron film can be. Because Titanic is a Terminator film. A history of the future The 30 best Terminator momentsJack himself seems as confused as the movie is. So that’s Jack, recounting some wholesome, fish-killing winter fun that happened five years after he actually died.
    Hear me out but... Titanic is secretly a Terminator movie

  • However, Qualcomm has now revealed that running standard Windows 10 desktop programs shouldn’t affect that impressive battery life too much. We were previously led to believe that to benefit from the 20 or more hours’ battery life, owners of Windows 10 on Snapdragon (also known as Windows on ARM) devices would need to stick to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. These are apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and Windows 10 S, which Windows on Snapdragon devices run by default, is a locke
    Windows on Snapdragon desktop apps won’t be as power-hungry as first thought

  • As International Business Times spotted, security firm Malwarebytes recently discovered a fake Meltdown and Spectre patch which actually deposits ‘smoke loader’ malware on the victim’s machine. Also note that the real German cybersecurity authorities have been warning about phishing emails which are using Spectre and Meltdown ‘fixes’ as bait. Further gremlins are being encountered like Intel’s meltdown patch causing instability with older processors, or Microsoft’s Windows patch provoking boot f
    Meltdown and Spectre fake patch warning: be careful what you download

  • Yesterday, we reported on Monster Hunter: World’s gorgeous Coral Highlands—an arena bursting with colour and stalked by the cutesy Paolumu. Today, we visit the Rotten Vale swampland that’s far less pretty and filled with Radobaan. In the following short, the narrator describes the latter as “the skeletal scoundrel who coats his tar-like body with the bones of fallen monsters”. Look, see:As you’ll see there, the narrator describes the Rotten Vale itself as having “become a breeding ground for put
    Monster Hunter: World showcases toxic Rotten Vale swampland

  • In another entire-city-abandons-Microsoft affair, Barcelona has announced that it’s dumping Windows and Office in order to migrate to Linux and other open source solutions. The idea is, obviously enough, to save money by not paying subscription fees to Microsoft, because the beauty of open source software is that it’s free. Munich did so, initially instigating plans way back in 2003, and fully completing the move to open source by 2013. However, the city announced it was switching back to Micros
    Barcelona abandons Windows and Office, goes with Linux instead

  • But sans Dolby Vision, it seems feature-lite at this end of the UHD player market… The UBP-X1000ES incorporates a high-end 192kHz/ 32bit DAC and offers a gold-plated phono analogue audio output on the rear. Set-up and featuresIn addition to the widely space phono audio output, there are two HDMIs, one offering full AV, the second audio only. The idea here is to provide a pure audio HDMI feed for those that need it. If you use a lesser 10.2 Gbps HDMI cable, the player could output 4K at SDR, an
    Sony UBP-X1000ES Ultra HD Blu-ray player review

  • This is an ex-plumber’s guide to bathroom murder. In doing so, my absolute favourite hiding haunt is when holed up in an abandoned bathroom. This is the essence of bathroom murder in that I wait for someone to enter my bathroom and murder them. Fallout 3’s rim radiationThis act of toilet murder is self-inflicted. Less toilet murder, more a sobering reflection of humankind’s feeble mortality.
    An ex-plumber's guide to bathroom murder

  • This deleted scene explores that very idea – and it’s a lot funnier than you might expect. Serving as essentially a happy alternate ending to the movie, Georgie goes after his paper sailboat once again. The people who made IT (2017) actually made a joke version of the Pennywise/Georgie scene. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a film doing a joke version of a scene and actually keeping it as a deleted scene. Read more… 6 questions the It movie Chapter 2 has to answerI have no idea why this was k
    This It movie deleted scene is a happy alternate ending for scaredycats everywhere

  • The Xbox One version landed like a brick wrapped in wet newspaper, with a sad, demoralizing thud. But even for an early access title, PUBG on Xbox feels surprisingly incomplete. Change the controlsThe first and most glaring and obvious flaw in the Xbox One version of PUBG is the bizarre control scheme. PUBG isn’t an awful looking game, but it certainly isn’t so visually dazzling that you expect the Xbox One to sag under the weight of running it. Build a tutorialLast but not least (and this is an
    5 essential changes PUBG needs to make to be exceptional on Xbox One

  • If you’ve noticed that your Wi-Fi has gone a little funny recently, and you’re the owner of a Google smart speaker or Cast device, the two things may be connected. The good news is that Google is aware of the issue, and “is working quickly to share a solution” according to a Google spokesperson. According to AndroidPolice, as soon as the Google Home Max was connected to the network, the network would become inaccessible. A range of devicesTP-Link issued a fix, but as the issue developed it began
    Google device disrupting your Wi-Fi? A fix is on the way

  • After my hands-on at last year’s Gamescom, I declared Final Fantasy 15’s Windows Edition a sight to see in 4K, if you’ve got the PC to handle it. The game’s 4K HDR specs are expectedly more demanding. Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition supports Native 4K and 8K resolutions with HDR10 and DOLBY ATMOS along with ongoing mod support.” Final Fantasy 15’s Windows Edition (Royal Edition as it’ll appear on consoles, featured above) also comes with a number of features that have been added to the base ga
    Final Fantasy 15 PC release date set, 4K specs confirmed

  • Last year’s Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 was one of the most expensive and premium-looking Android Wear watches we got to try on our wrist, but it turns out that wasn’t even the most luxurious version of the watch. Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Connected Modular 41 comes a ‘Full Diamond’ version of the 2017’s Modular 45. It’s polished with white gold, and features an obscene 589 diamonds along its strap and bezel. And about those diamonds… you’ll have 78 VVS baguette diamonds w
    Tag Heuer's most expensive Android Wear watch is covered in 589 diamonds

  • From the way Google and Amazon have been pushing smart speakers it’s clear the two companies won’t be satisfied until you have a Google Home or Amazon Echo in literally every room in your house. Enter a new wall mount for the Google Home Mini. Produced by Incipio, in partnership with Google, the mount should make it easy to blanket your home in Google Assistant coverage. Blanket coverageHowever, while making sure a smart speaker can hear you no matter where you are in your house is one thing, if
    Google Home Mini wall mount will let you place it anywhere and everywhere

  • The Moto E4 is one of the best budget phones you can buy, as its appearance in our best cheap phones list attests, but a new model likely dubbed the Moto E5 could be landing soon, and we may have just seen the first image of it. The E5 might look a lot like the E4 other than the scanner position. We do however have an idea of when the Moto E5 might launch, as this render includes the date April 3 on the screen, so that could be when it’s being announced. That would be slightly under a year after
    Moto E5 shown off in leaked image, with hint at a release date

  • The application of blockchain technology could eliminate voter fraud, providing a clear record of the votes cast, and preventing any chance of a rigged election. Follow My Vote promises an ‘online voting solution for the modern age’ via blockchain technology. Applying blockchain technology to healthcare records promises improved data security, with better access for healthcare professionals and patients alike, and greater transparency for healthcare transactions. IBM has partnered with Axoni and
    Here are the 10 sectors that blockchain will disrupt forever

  • Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.
    Video Game News

  • It may have taken over a year but Square Enix is finally ready to release its expanded version of Final Fantasy 15. Dubbed the Royal Edition, this complete Final Fantasy 15 collection will include all prior released content, including DLC episodes, as well as some new goodies. As well, Square is bringing Final Fantasy 15 to the PC for the first time. The Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition and Windows Edition seem focused on players that missed out on the game the first time around. Final Fantasy 15
    Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition and PC Version Announced

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Lindsay Lohan is campaigning to play Batgirl in the DCEU

Former Disney star and early 2000s teen icon Lindsay Lohan has had quite the career. The actresses’ newest stunt to win the role was simply tweeting out a photoshopped image of her next to Batgirl. Another actor who tried something similar to Lohan is former Nickelodeon star and Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell. There have been no casting announcements for the Batgirl film or the Nightwing film. One other member of the Batfamily who may be getting a new actor to play their role is Batman.

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The Nintendo Switch could still get a Netflix app

The Nintendo Switch might be a popular gaming console, but unlike the PS4 and the Xbox One , users of the handheld still can’t stream Netflix as there’s no official app. Gaming website Polygon has reported that Netflix is “exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time”. The statement is something of a rebuttal of a tweet posted on January 14 by Netflix, where the company said there were “currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch” in respon

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Fortnite breaks two million peak concurrent players

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is the big dog in the battle royale fight, but Fortnite is quickly making up ground. Epic Games reported today that the game now has 40 million players, and that its peak concurrent user count recently broke the two million mark. It's not as easy keeping up with Fortnite's numbers as it is with most other games, because it's not on Steam and so we can't just hit the numbers whenever we feel like it to see how things are going. But even though it's not an apples-to-a

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Polish website says Cyberpunk 2077 will be playable at E3

The Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account sputtered to life last week with a single, solitary "beep"—the first (and so far, only) word to come out of it after four full years of silence. Now a rumor has surfaced on Polish site GRYOnline (via Google Translate) that a new trailer for the game will be shown at this year's E3, and that it will in fact be playable—although only behind closed doors. The site said the claim comes independently from two separate sources, and while it's obviously just a rumor a

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Rumor: Cyberpunk 2077 to be present at E3 2018

It appears as though we will be hearing more about Cyberpunk 2077 this year. A new rumor, citing two different sources, has detailed that CD Projekt Red plans on showing the game off during E3 2018. CD Projekt Red took this route once before with the release of The Witcher 3 during E3 2013. This would be the first time CD Projekt Red shows off Cyberpunk 2077 since its first trailer was shown in 2013. Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced back in 2012.

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