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Steam and CS:GO break all-time concurrent user records just days after they were last set

Steam has managed to break its concurrent user record again after just one week. Steam user count records being broken so quickly is unheard of, as the record before February 2 was from all the way back in January 2018. At around the same time as Steam broke its record on February 9, CS:GO saw an all-time high of 901,651 players. https://t.co/tCXhaskpDmFebruary 3, 2020There are an estimated 30 million Chinese Steam accounts, and Simplified Chinese is the second most popular language on the platf

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How to watch Parasite and the rest of Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho’s movies

Director Bong Joon Ho's genre-blending work was acclaimed many years before his class-focused dark thriller hit the awards circuit, though. Below, we'll explain how to watch Parasite if you're in the US or UK, as well as how you can watch the other movies he's directed online. Here's how you watch the other movies made by director Bong Joon Ho, in order of release. The Host (2006)How to watch it: Amazon Prime Video via Magnolia Selects (US), Amazon Prime Video to rent or buy (UK)2006's smart mon

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Bose’s excellent noise-cancelling headphones plummet to lowest-ever price

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise-cancelling headphones have hit their lowest price at Amazon, making these fantastic cans more affordable than ever. Today's best Bose QC35 II headphones dealBose QC35 II: $349.99 $220 at AmazonIn time for Valentine's Day, Amazon has the top-rated Bose Q35 II headphones on sale for just $220. These wireless headphones boast two levels of active noise cancellation and provide up to 20 hours of battery life. View DealThe Bose QC35 II are among the best noise-cancel

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Linux 5.6 is a feature-packed update that brings the best of Nvidia and AMD

Some of the headline new features of Linux 5.6 includes open-source Nvidia RTX 2000 support, allowing Linux users to take advantage of Nvidia's latest series of graphics cards without having to resort to proprietary drivers. Linux 5.6 also brings better reset support for AMD Radeon Navi, and the upcoming Renoir, graphics cards. Work has also started on support for AMD Zen 3 processors, and the AMD k10temp driver has finally been fixed, which means voltage and thermal reporting for AMD Zen and Ze

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Just 8 GIFs of Bong Joon-Ho really enjoying winning four Oscars to brighten up your day

In case you missed it, Bong Joon-Ho won four Oscars at this year's awards. In total he got one for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture win for Parasite, the first time a foreign film has taken that honor. It's infectious and heart warming so enjoy these reactions of someone just having the best night of their lives. Here's Bong Joon Ho winning Best Original Screenplay with Han Jin Won, and having a little moment while Won gives a speech. He had li

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The making of Parasite: Bong Joon-ho talks satire, social inequality, and staircase cinema

By the end of the week, the Cannes Film Festival jury unanimously award Parasite the top prize, making Bong the first-ever South Korean to take home the Palme d'Or. While Bong, 50, has often worked in genre cinema – be it crime (Memories of Murder, Mother) or fantasy (Snowpiercer, Okja) – Parasite is a very different beast. Bong also tutored for a rich family when he was in college (he studied sociology at Yonsei University in Seoul). While he'd broached social inequality in his films before, Pa

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Save up to 60% on fantastic laptop deals with HP’s Presidents’ Day sales

HP has unleashed their Presidents' Day sales, and we're seeing plenty of cheap laptop deals and additional savings on a range of computers to get excited about. If you want to go the extra mile, HP's Presidents' Day sales have also extended to a range of cheap PC accessories including fantastic savings on mice, keyboards, bags, software, and headsets. We've picked out some of our favorite laptop deals on offer right now in HP's Presidents' Day sales, but you can shop the full range at HP. Or, ch

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Why Kim Kitsuragi is Disco Elysium’s breakout star

Lieutenant Kim initially comes off cold and judgemental. Kurvitz stresses that Kim doesn't actually have a character sheet hidden in Disco Elysium's code. Unlike the detective, Kim doesn't have a 'copotype', Disco Elysium's witty and often sarcastic way of allowing the detective to define his modus operandi with monikers like 'hobo cop' and 'art cop'. Disco Elysium is equal parts grim and hopeful, as is Lieutenant Kitsuragi, the buttoned up cop who's occasionally willing to rip a few pages out o

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Nioh’s sold 3 million copies since its 2017 launch

It first launched back in February 2017, before making the jump to PC November that year, and it's apparently been doing rather well for itself. Koei Tecmo has announced today, on its third birthday, that Nioh has shifted a healthy 3 million copies across platforms. Today, NIOH celebrates its 3rd year anniversary, and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. It also suggests that Nioh has almost twice as many players on Steam than its contemporary Souls-like, Deck13's The Surge. This should all

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GTA 6 publisher hints we won’t see the game any time soon

We've been waiting with bated breath for news on the inevitable GTA 6, but it sounds like we won't be getting our hands on a new Grand Theft Auto anytime soon. During a recent earnings call, Grand Theft Auto publisher (and Rockstar Games' parent company) Take-Two Interactive referred to the company's upcoming release schedule as the "most robust pipeline" in its history. It could be a while(Image credit: Rockstar Games)Zelnick's comments seem to suggest that, while Take-Two's overall release sch

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