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The Most Unique Creations in Dreams Early Access So Far

With Dreams officially releasing this week, here's a look back at some of the most interesting and unique Dreams creations made in early access, a sneak peak of what's to come with the full release. advertisingBeech pool - THE_ARCH1TECTGoing off of simulating other games, "Beech pool" takes it a step further in simulating real-life Billiards. advertisingHaus of Bevis - Bevis 2This one's a bit of an add one. User Bevis2's Haus of Bevis is eerie and uncomfortable, yet encapsulates this feeling and

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How the Motorola Razr was nearly a smartwatch, but became a retro reboot instead

It's designed as a sequel to the iconic Motorola Razr V3, and the two iterations that went before it. The ball gets rolling on the foldable phoneThe Motorola Razr 2019 (Image credit: Future)While foldable phones are only just hitting shop shelves, the first seeds of what turned into the Motorola Razr were sown over six years ago. How the flipping screen works on the original Motorola Razr V3 (left) and the new Razr (right) (Image credit: Future)Some have criticized 2019's Motorola Razr for its l

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus leak in full in hands-on video

When it comes to the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event on February 11, we've been hearing a lot about the Galaxy 20 phones and the Galaxy Z Flip that are showing up, but Samsung is launching an audio product too – the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. The buds are the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Buds (pictured above), and are promising to bring with them a boost in battery life and a slightly tweaked design, although it looks as though noise cancelation won't be a feature. Here comes the Xiaomi Mi 10Apple

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Why the Fujifilm X100V is a better street photography camera than my iPhone 11 Pro

Here are the five X100V features that make it a better street photography ally than my iPhone 11 Pro (and a few areas where it still falls short). Image 1 of 3 (Image credit: Future) Image 2 of 3 (Image credit: Future) Image 3 of 3 (Image credit: Future)The X100V's special sauceLike many of today's flagship phones, the iPhone 11 Pro is a brilliant pocket camera. At this point, it seems fair to acknowledge that the iPhone 11 Pro is now way more than a point-and-shoot camera. (Image credit: Future

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Great moments in PC gaming: Visiting the Sensorium in Planescape: Torment

(Image credit: Beamdog)Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Planescape: Torment (Image credit: Interplay) Developer: Black Isle StudiosPublisher: Interplay EntertainmentYear: 1999In the impossibly interdimensional city of Sigil almost everyone belongs to a faction, which is like a cross between a philosophy and a football club. In the Sensorium, the Sensates relive learning moments experienced by others in a kind of magic VR. Estimates o

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What did you play last week?

Alex Spencer has been playing Zombie Army 4: Dead War, an appropriately braindead game about headshotting zombies in slow-motion. Probably heaps of fun with the right friends, but no replacement for Left 4 Dead 2, a game I've kept installed for years on the off-chance someone wants to play. People apparently can't just buy all the best cards and build the ultimate netdeck, which sounds like a plus. You may be wondering how co-op works with turn-based tactics, and the answer is apparently "not ve

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Save over $400 on this fantastic HP Pavilion laptop this weekend but hurry – stock is limited

If you've been searching for a powerful laptop deal under $550, we've got the sale for you. This incredible HP Pavilion laptop comes in at an even more astonishing price this weekend, with models starting at just $529.99. This HP laptop deal is on sale through HP's Presidents' Day offerings, which extends across a wide range of accessories, desktops, laptops, and software. This particular laptop deal is an incredible steal, however. This deal price is only available while stock lasts, so you'll

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Oscars 2020 live stream: how to watch tonight’s Academy Awards online from anywhere

So keep reading and we'll tell you how to get a 2020 Oscars live stream from anywhere in the world. Follow our guide to make sure you can get a 2020 Oscars live stream from absolutely anywhere in the world. How to watch the 2020 Oscars: live stream in the USAABC once again has the rights to air the Oscars in the US. How to stream the Oscars live in CanadaCanadian fans are in luck as CTV will show the 92nd Academy Awards live on television. How to get an Oscars live stream in IndiaStar India once

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New leaks hint at iPhone SE 2 price and launch date

We've heard so many leaks at this stage that it seems clear that Apple is planning an iPhone SE 2 device – which may well be called the iPhone 9 – and reports this weekend back up what we've already heard about its pricing and launch date. That all makes sense, as the original iPhone SE made its debut at the same price point in 2016, and Apple usually hosts a product announcement show in March. Picking a nameThere has been talk that the coronavirus outbreak could potentially delay the launch of

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