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Gold prices near 6-year high and other news affecting your money in the week ahead

While some experts believe the market's latest rally could pause this month, market watchers are generally optimistic that stock prices will continue rising in the year ahead. Here's what to watch in the stock market during the week ahead — and how the news could affect your bottom line. Gold prices reflect some traders' anxietiesWhat's happening: Gold prices have been surging since late November, up nearly 7%, to the highest level since September when they reached a six-year high. More broadly,

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Epic Games Store Reveals New Free Game for January 2020

The store's next free game, roguelike RPG adventure For the King, will be available to download for all Epic users on January 9th. The promotion follows up two big giveaway periods from Epic: the Fortnite Winterfest event and the store's 12 Days of Free Games. The next free drop from the Epic Games Store is to be determined, but fans can likely expect word on it at the end of the current giveaway. The platform's early strategy for expanding its user base, in addition to the free games, was a col

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Two of the best affordable Samsung Galaxy phones just got surprise successors

These are the successors to the Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70, two of the most popular affordable phones of 2019. Samsung Galaxy A51(Image credit: Samsung)The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 6.5-inch screen, a touch bigger than the A50's 6.4 inches, but it's the same Super AMOLED tech as before. Something we don't know about yet is the chipset – the Galaxy A50 had an Eynos 9610 mid-ranger, but it's possible the Galaxy A51 will have something slightly more advanced. Samsung Galaxy A71(Image credit:

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Kick-start 2020 with these Powerbeats Pro deals – premium fitness headphones

We're looking at this excellent returning Beats Powerbeats Pro deal to get us up off the couch this week with some banging tunes. The Powerbeats Pro are the latest earbuds to come from Beats, the Apple-fused audio brand pioneered by Dr Dre himself. These Powerbeats Pro deals aren't brand new price cuts, but the price does seem to be particularly unstable right now, meaning we don't know when that increase will happen again. Today's best Powerbeats Pro dealsBeats Powerbeats Pro | $249.95 $199.95

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What to expect from CES 2020

Officially, CES 2020 starts on Tuesday, January 7 and ends on Friday, January 10. AMD Zen 3 CPUsAMD's CPU team has been rolling for the past several years, releasing updated CPUs on a 12-month cadence. If Intel CPUs are present at CES, there will undoubtedly be a huge variety of 400-series motherboards on display. If we're going to see more gaming headsets at CES, it seems more likely that we'll see more with surround sound. CES livestream scheduleAMD Media Days News Conference - Monday, January

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets a $200 price cut at Walmart

If you're looking to snag a discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, then you're in luck. Right now, you can get an unlocked Galaxy Note 10 on sale for $749.99. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Unlocked): $949.99 $749.99 at WalmartYou can save $200 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone at Walmart. View DealShop other offers with the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals and plans happening now. Learn more about the Note 10 with our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review.

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LG G9 ThinQ leak shows off sleeker handset with four rear cameras

The upcoming LG G9 ThinQ flagship phone is coming and it could have four rear cameras lined up in a horizontal row, according to new leaked renders. The renders, courtesy of CashKaro and noted leaker @OnLeaks, show a sleeker handset with less bezel than its predecessor, the LG G8 . If the leaks are true, then LG's next flagship could also switch to a teardrop notch. Diverting from previous LG G-series flagships, the G9's rear cameras aren't quite flush with the back, so expect a slight camera bu

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Fortnite was the highest-earning game of the year again

It's not a record-setting number like its first year, but no other game generated as much cash in 2019. Free-to-play games continue to be the top earners, with four out of every five dollars spent on digital games going towards them. A lot of that is on mobile, which netted $64.4 billion over the year, followed by PC at $29.6 billion. Overall, however, digital games and interactive media earned more than in any other year, at $120.1 billion, though that includes money earned by YouTube and Twitc

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Oddity is an Earthbound spiritual successor that used to be a fan sequel

The Mother series, known as EarthBound outside of Japan, stopped with Mother 3 in 2006, and only the second game was released internationally. While the overt connections have been dropped, the trailer still gives out plenty of EarthBound vibes. The art, cast and combat are definitely meant to evoke EarthBound, but the style remains just as appealing now as it always has. There's no release date yet, sadly, but EarthBound fans should be used to waiting. It's been 25 years since the last game to

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