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Destiny 2 doesn’t work on AMD Ryzen 3000 processors

If you just dropped a huge wad of cash on the new AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, and were wondering why Destiny 2 doesn't launch, you're not alone – Destiny 2 simply will not work on AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processors. This news comes as a bunch of AMD Ryzen 3000 early adopters took to the Destiny 2 forums and subreddit to complain that the MMO shooter just won't work on the latest and greatest AMD processors. A stick in the wheelIn our review of the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, we were blown away by the raw power o

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This water cooled gaming desk is cool but costs $14,000

(Image credit: OverclockersUK)Maybe we should track the best gaming desks like we do for gaming chairs and everything else. “Most of our flagship systems are hefty beasts, swallowing up the space on your desk because they rarely fit under it—nor, really, would you want to hide such stunning bits of kit under a desk," OverclockersUK systems manager Scott Bentley told Intel. The best way to build a high performance, hero PC without taking up a load of space on the desk? "The final design includes

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Cool down with the Corsair Hydro Series H75, just $75 at Newegg now

The Corsair Hydro Series H75 Liquid Cooler is just $84.99 right now at Newegg, which is $10 cheaper than its regular price of $94.99. Then, with a $10 rebate card you must redeem by way of Newegg, you can get the price down to $74.99. The sale is going on for two more days, so you'll have to hurry up if you want to snag one. This particular model uses just one 120mm radiator and a pair of fans as well as the latest generation of head units to offer near-silent performance and reliable cooling. I

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Monster Hunter: World is getting an improved gathering hub and the Glavenus

Capcom has released a new developer diary video diving into the upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne. The video touches on a number of additions and changes coming in the update, most important among them a new and improved Gathering Hub, Seliana. Seliana is a "home base that provides a sense of warmth" by adding a hot spring to the cold world of Hoarfrost Reach that also serves as a new Gathering Hub. Iceborne will also incorporate new Squad functionality, with Squad Cards and Sub-

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Age of Wonders 3 is free on Steam, gets you 10 percent off Age of Wonders: Planetfall

The very good 4X strategy game Age of Wonders 3 went free for a brief period a couple of months ago in the Humble Store Spring Sale. I have good news if your answer is no: It's free again, this time directly from Steam. To mark the upcoming release of the next Age of Wonders game, Planetfall, which—as rumored in February—will be out on August 6. Age of Wonders 3 is free on Steam until July 15. Age of Wonders: Planetfall is available for pre-purchase for $50/£42/€50.

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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord’s multiplayer class system explained

(Image credit: Taleworlds)The Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord multiplayer closed beta finally got underway a couple of weeks ago, and today developer Taleworlds decided to talk a bit about what's going on. A new update posted to Steam digs into the details of the game's multiplayer class system, which enables players to gear up in preset infantry, ranged, or cavalry-based loadouts before spawning. Players will use points to select their class, which is essentially a reworked (and renamed) version

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Destiny 2 Infinite Super Glitch Discovered in New Mission

An infinite super glitch in Destiny 2 has been discovered in the new Tribute Hall, allowing players to have infinite energy for their roaming supers as well as take those endless supers into “The Other Side” mission connected to the Bad Juju exotic. This is related to similar infinite super glitches in the past with the Tribute Hall giving a new way to perform it. Destiny 2 players on consoles will likely only get this glitch to work with an Arcstrider, whereas those on PC should be able to easi

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Xbox Game Pass Adds New Release and More

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service is an early indicator of how the company will likely wind up doing business in the future. The company has expressed interest in becoming a sort of Netflix for games, and the Game Pass service is certainly a major step in achieving that goal. Dead Rising 4 reviews weren’t incredible when the game released, but its definitely worth checking out for anyone that holds an active subscription to Game Pass. It’s up to fans to decide if Game Pass is worth it, though t

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Destiny 2: Bungie Explains Why Players Can’t Use Sparrows on Mercury

Although many are anxiously awaiting the forthcoming release of the Shadowkeep expansion, plenty of Destiny 2 players are enjoying the content currently available in the game including Season of Opulence. Now, a Destiny 2 community manager dmg04 has clarified why such QOL requests take so long, specifically using the lack of sparrows on Mercury as the prime example. The approach to oft-requested QOL requests is based on three factors, according to dmg04. So, while Destiny 2 players may not yet b

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Werewolf: The Apocalypse—Earthblood is an action RPG of anger management

Werewolf: The Apocalypse—Earthblood is all about rage. Protagonist Cahal is, as you may have guessed, a lycan and can shapeshift from human to wolf to werewolf with the press of a button. Cahal turned into a hulking werewolf, ripping enemies to shreds with a flurry of melee attacks. This wasn't part of the demo, but Desourteaux said that during dialog scenes you'll have to contend with your aggression. And of course, it being an RPG, there are attacks to level up and new powers to acquire along

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