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One of our favorite gaming headsets, the Razer Kraken, is just $79 right now

(Image credit: Razer)The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition earned a spot in our best gaming headsets roundup, thanks to its great sound quality and excellent comfort. Now you can get it for just $78.99 from Best Buy, a $21 discount from the original price. The main selling point of this headset is the audio quality, as it supports THX spacial audio and has a great range. The headset is a little heavy on the bass, which isn't to everyone's liking, but the sound levels are adjustable. We could see d

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Adata’s newest SSD is a reminder that not all M.2 drives are created equal

Manufacturers have touted sequential read speeds in the neighborhood of 5,000MB/s, but Adata's new Ultimate SU650 in M.2 digs is not one of them. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but Adata's decision to port its value-oriented Ultimate SU650 over to the M.2 form factor serves as a reminder that not all M.2 SSDs are blazing fast, nor are they even all NVMe drives. M.2 SSDs are the ones that are shaped like a stick of gum. The faster ones sport an NVMe interface, though even among NVMe drives,

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Amazon has two great 4K TV deals from TCL ahead of Prime Day

There’s no doubt that next week’s Amazon Prime Day event will have plenty of good deals on 4K TVs. Both TVs offer 4K HDR, but the 6-Series also supports Dolby Vision and offers higher contrast and better pictures than the lower-priced 4-Series. (Image credit: Amazon) TCL 6-Series 4K HDR Roku TV (65R617) for $1,299 $699 on AmazonThe TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV was one of our favorite TVs of 2018, and easily the best value screen of the year. While we've seen the TCL 6-Series elsewhere for $749, the $6

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Get $10/£10 credit for Amazon Prime Day when you install Amazon Assistant

Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, Amazon is offering $10/£10 off your next order when you install the Amazon Assistant browser extension. The deal is open to Amazon Prime members who install Amazon Assistant for the first time, and the credit will be applied next time you spend $50/£25. (Image credit: Amazon) $10 off a $50 spend when you install Amazon AssistantIf you're a qualifying Amazon Prime member, install the Amazon Assistant browser extension and get $10 off next time you spend $50 or more on a

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Intel Core i9-9900KF is down to $440 at Amazon and Newegg

(Image credit: Intel)The Intel Core i9-9900KF was released earlier this year, as an alternative to the 9900K without integrated graphics. That's not a bad idea in theory, but Intel priced it nearly identically to the 9900K, so there wasn't much of a reason to buy it. That's not true today though, as Intel has dropped the price of the 9900KF to $439.99—$50 less than what the 9900K usually goes for. It's just a 9900K with the integrated graphics disabled, so you'll need a dedicated graphics card t

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Some kind of Rain World announcement is coming this week

The post-apoc platformer Rain World is really good—"For those with the time and patience, Rain World will prove unforgettable," we wrote in our 80% review—and really hard. The "time and patience" bit probably should have been bolded, italicized, and underlined. Today's number is 2 (二), meaning that Thursday (or Friday, if "0" gets a day of its own) is when the big secret will be revealed. It's possible that the countdown is for the 1.7 update, or maybe there's some DLC or a full-on sequel on the

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YouTube is making it easier for creators to deal with copyright claims

Videos on YouTube are often flagged for copyright infringement under the Content ID system, which automatically references a giant database of audio and video files and looks for copies. But in addition to those automatic matches, copyright holders could also make manual claims against videos through Content ID, forcing videos offline or running ads on them for their own monetization. This may do little to stop bogus copyright claims on YouTube, which sequesters ad revenue until the claim is res

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Pokemon Producer Talks Pokemon Snap 2

Twenty years ago, Pokemon Snap, a Pokemon spin-off that tasks players with taking pictures of their favorite Pocket Monsters, released on N64. As such, some fans have been hoping that a Pokemon Snap sequel might eventually materialize, and the Pokemon Sword and Shield producer has now offered some words on the matter. In a recent interview with the UK publication Metro, Junichi Masuda, the aforementioned Pokemon producer, was probed on why there has never been a Pokemon Snap 2. This suggestion m

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How to factory reset Windows 10

We're going to guide you through the process of removing everything for a complete Windows 10 factory reset. Performing a factory reset from within Windows 10To get started, you'll need to access the Windows Recovery tool. The quickest is to open the Windows search bar by pressing the Windows Key and then typing "Reset" and selecting the "Reset this PC" option. Performing a factory reset without logging inIf you can't log into Windows 10, we have an alternate route for you to factory reset your

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