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Amazon opens pre-orders for Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition on PC

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition on PC. You can also check out Amazon’s product description of the Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition, which is coming out on Nov. 22, 2019, in the U.S. region, below:The ultimate bundle for any DOOM fan, the Collector’s Edition contains a Deluxe Edition copy of DOOM Eternal and an incredible assortment of goods highlighted by a wearable DOOM Slayer’s helmet – a sight that makes Hell itself shudder in fear! Included in the DOOM E

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: expect 48 hours of deals and sales this summer

We're about a month away from those Amazon Prime Day 2019 now. When is Amazon Prime Day 2019? Amazon Prime Day itself seems to be growing each year, it's gone from 24 hours, to 30 and then 36 last year. Amazon won't be announcing the official date of Amazon Prime Day 2019 for a while yet. Its best-sellers on Prime Day weren’t just Amazon devices; they were Amazon devices that connect to Amazon services.

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Should I buy a TCL TV? A look at one of the fastest growing TV brands

'Should you buy a TCL TV?' TCL TV reviewsSo that's the background on TCL, but what did we actually think of the televisions we tested out? (Image credit: TCL) TCL 5-Series (US): With a bit of tweaking you can turn the TCL 5-Series into a solid, mid-level LED TV. (Image credit: TCL) TCL P6-Series (US): Bright, colorful and well-stocked with the latest display technologies, the TCL P6-Series 55P607 was our pick of the best value TV of 2017. (Image credit: TCL) TCL DP648 4K Smart TV (UK): The first

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Studio Ghibli-inspired Sea of Solitude is about confronting your inner demons and making peace with the bits of yourself you hate

Read more Sea of Solitude is the next EA Original indie that you need to care aboutIt was 2014, and Geppert was stuck. All of her loneliness and internal conflict became who we now know as Kay, the protagonist of Sea of Solitude. Get ready to sympathise with monstersHowever, Kay is no different from the other monsters in Sea of Solitude. In Sea of Solitude, facing your demons isn't enough: You have to help and understand them too. Sea of Solitude comes out on July 5, 2019, so you won't have to w

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Nissan’s beefier new Leaf e+ has the spark of genius

There are cruise ships, cargo ships and, frequently, ships carrying lots of cars as they get imported and exported to and from the UK. Nissan therefore chose an opportune time to hold its launch for the LEAF e+, with June 20 being Clean Air Day. Image credit: Nissan (Image credit: Nissan)Compared to the standard incarnation with its 40kWh power supply the new model boasts a 160kW/217 horsepower motor. Image credit: Nissan (Image credit: Nissan)There were soft-serve offerings and scoops of raspbe

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Huawei exec: the foldable Mate X with Android intact to launch by September

The foldable Huawei Mate X is still coming and we know when it'll launch: September or sooner, according to a Huawei executive who spoke to TechRadar this week. Where will the Huawei Mate X launch? Image 1 of 5 Gaming with the Mate X Image 2 of 5 Gaming with the Mate X Image 3 of 5 Gaming with the Mate X Image 4 of 5 Gaming with the Mate X Image 5 of 5 Gaming with the Mate XWhile PUBG looked great and felt roomy on the 8-inch screen (foldable phones will almost certainly dominate our best gaming

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PUBG Nations Cup will make national teams fight for chicken dinners

PUBG Corp. has announced a new tournament, the PUBG Nations Cup, that will pit countries against each other to determine, once and for all, which part of the world loves chicken dinners the most. 16 national teams will duke it out, each with four players "selected by their peers or through other country-specific methods." They'll be fighting over a $500,000 prize pool and their country's reputation in PUBG circles. "Nations Cup will close out an exciting summer of PUBG esports and we look forwar

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USB inventor explains why the connector was not designed to be reversible

Sometime later, I also learned that "three" is usually the magic number for correctly plugging in a USB Type-A device. It's a maddening dance and it begs the question, why wasn't the Universal Serial Bus designed with a reversible connector from the outset? Sure, the apparent oversight was rectified with the more recent introduction of USB Type-C, but it doesn't matter for the millions of existing USB Type-A devices and ports that are in widespread use today. It was in 1998 that USB made some re

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Linux driver hints that more AMD Navi GPUs are on the way

So far, AMD has only officially announced three Navi models, the Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700, along with a 50th Anniversary Edition of the former. It's a safe bet there will be additional models, though, and perhaps soon, based on a breakdown of a recent Linux display driver update. The Radeon RX 5700 XT (including the 50th Anniversary Edition) and 5700 are both based on Navi 10, the latter of which is potentially referenced as "Navi 10 Lite" in the Linux driver. But there are also refe

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Tim Schafer says the Microsoft deal will let Double Fine stay ‘experimental’

Tim Schafer offered a simple, to-the-point explanation for agreeing to Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Double Fine Productions: Money. Interestingly, though, the advent of the Xbox Game Pass, which was announced for PC in May, was also a big factor. Double Fine and Microsoft actually have some less-than-happy history from the original Psychonauts days. "Matt Booty [head of Microsoft Studios] is really great, there's also [Xbox chief] Phil Spencer and there's so many people on their teams," S

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