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Beat Saber VR gets 360-degree play, but only the Oculus Quest can manage it

Beat Saber launched to Early Access in May 2018, and quickly gained a following for its fast-paced gameplay, awesome soundtrack, and lightsabers (people love lightsabers, ok?). As reported by RoadtoVR, anyone who's purchased Beat Saber on Oculus Quest, the latest wireless VR headset from Oculus, will be able to play the game in 360 Mode – which sends blocks towards you in random directions for a more challenging and chaotic experience. While most VR games are automatically designed for headsets

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TCL is making some crazy TVs – here’s why you can’t buy them

But why, for the most part, can’t you find these products in your local Walmart or John Lewis? And why would TCL bother to make TVs that, for now at least, have little chance of making it into Western showrooms? (You can still buy the Uppleva wall mount from Ikea’s website, but the TV is nowhere to be found.) Back in 2014, TCL also showed off a seismic 110-inch curved television, named the China Star , which even today seems hugely excessive both in size and scope. Abreu puts down the difficulty

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tvOS 13: All the news and features of Apple’s next TV operating system

Here's everything we know about Apple's next TV smart platform after the official announcement:Disappointingly, the one thing we didn't hear at WWDC was Apple tvOS 13's release date - so it's still TBD. Well, based on previous years, global availability on Apple TV and Apple TV 4K should roll out sometime in September or October - around the time Apple could launch its Apple TV Plus streaming service. tvOS 13 will have personalized recommendations for everyone in your home - here's what Blue Pla

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What is an IP address?

Finding your public IP address is easy (Image credit: Google)Finding your public IP addressThere are many ways to find out your public IP address. IP Address Guide: View your IP address and run other technical tools (ping, traceroute, IP address conversions) with a click. IP Address Locator: Point your browser here and you'll not only see your current IP address and location, but the distance to nearby cities, too. Find IP Address: A quick way to view your IP address, location, and other details

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Cyberpunk 2077 won’t just be set inside Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the sci-fi sprawl of Night City, but you'll also be able to pop outside the skyscraper prison and explore the lovely outdoors. Beyond the city you'll find the Badlands, a district filled with ruins and largely abandoned after droughts and other crises. "The Badlands are the surrounding district around the Night City," lead quest designer Pawel Sasko told VG24/7. "Players can leave Night City and just explore that area—an area that is mostly sort of destroyed basically af

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Twitch sues streamers who flooded the Artifact category with porn, but doesn’t know who they are

For this reason, Twitch forbids obscene material as well as material depicting violence and threats. The lawsuit goes on to state that Twitch users who ran across the offending content unintentionally "were understandably upset," and some users "stopped or reduced" their use of Twitch as a result. "In response, Defendants sought to evade these steps using old accounts as well as accounts purchased from other users," the suit states. Because Twitch doesn't currently know who's actually responsibl

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Asus announces a compact desktop with 3rd gen Ryzen and RTX graphics

Now that AMD has formally introduced its 3rd-gen Ryzen CPU family, you can expect gaming PC announcements to follow. One of the first is Asus—it's rolling out a new ROG Strix GL10DH desktop tower that pairs AMD's newest silicon with the latest GPUs from Nvidia. However, Asus is trying to be "one of the first" out of the gate, so it probably won't be far behind. Asus essentially took the same chassis from its GL10CS and swapped out the Intel foundation for an AMD one. For graphics, the new deskto

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might not show up until after the Note 10

It's not easy launching a foldable phone in 2019, as Samsung is quickly finding out: the latest reports from Asia suggest that its innovative Galaxy Fold handset won't be going on sale until August. That means the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might be out and available to buy before the folding handset that we first saw demoed back in February. Samsung then postponed the official on-sale date until a specified date in the future – we're still waiting to hear when that might be. The Galaxy Fold isn't t

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Acer’s Nitro monitor with a 144Hz IPS screen is just $250 right now

A few gaming monitors with TN display panels have gone on sale recently, but if you want something with a higher-end IPS panel, you're in luck. An Acer Nitro monitor with FreeSync 144Hz support and an IPS screen has dropped to $249.99 on Amazon, a $50 reduction from the original MSRP. This model (VG271) is a 27-inch monitor, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz (using FreeSync), built-in speakers, and a high-quality IPS panel for great colors and viewing angles. It's

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