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GOG rejected Heaven’s Vault, but is now having second thoughts

It's available on Steam but not GOG, which in itself is not all that unusual: Lots of games are available on some storefronts and not others. Inkle's previous releases, the outstanding 80 Days, is on GOG, for instance, but the one before that, the also-excellent Sorcery!, is not. But while its absence isn't remarkable in itself, what caught the eye of adventure game fans on Resetera and other online forums is the fact that it was submitted for consideration, but rejected by GOG. Which was defini

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Intel Optane Memory: everything you need to know

Here's what you need to know about how Intel Optane Memory works, the benefits, and the potential drawbacks. How Intel Optane Memory worksOptane Memory uses a "least recently used" (LRU) approach to determine what gets stored in the fast cache. Intel Optane Memory performanceWhile Intel touts the ability for Optane Memory to accelerate slower SSDs as well as HDDs, the latter is the most common use case. System requirements for Intel Optane MemoryGiven the name, it's no surprise that Intel Optane

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Ferret Scoundrels, the game about pirates who are ferrets, comes to Early Access this week

Ferret Scoundrels, the game about adorable little weasel-type creatures who ply the seas in search of plunder, will launch into Steam Early Access on May 9. "The release into Early Access is just the beginning of our journey. We'll be adding more and more content and functionality to the game over time with input from the community." Ferret Scoundrels, in case there is any doubt, really is a game based on the golden age of piracy, except all the pirates are ferrets. The free Ferret Scoundrels de

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New iOS 13 leak suggests redesigned apps and a native ‘swipe’ keyboard

iOS 13 is shaping up to be more feature-rich than Apple's current iOS 12 software, according to leaks about the next iPhone and iPad operating system update. There are new details about redesigned pre-loaded apps (outlined below in detail), including iMessage, Health, Reminders, and Find My iPhone. New iOS 13 changes rumoredWe keep hearing that iOS 13 will launch the long-awaited Dark Mode, one that's very similar to what we saw in macOS 10.14 Mojave last year and a part of the Control Center UI

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Celebrate Plants vs. Zombies’ 10-year anniversary with a look at its humble, alien-themed beginnings

Timeless tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies made its debut ten years ago on May 5, 2009 - so to celebrate, game designer George Fan shared some sketches and insights about the game's beginnings on Twitter. Happy 10th Birthday, Plants vs. Zombies! I had no idea when scribbling this on paper over 10 years ago just how much it'd change my life! pic.twitter.com/MyZMx9m7ZhMay 5, 2019Fan breaks down his sketches in more detail in the Twitter thread, and reveals some intriguing facts about PvZ's ear

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Destiny 2 is finally getting a double Infamy event for Gambit this week

So when I say we are finally getting double Infamy events for Gambit, I mean finally. As Bungie announced today, Gambit matches - presumably both regular Gambit and Gambit Prime - will yield double Infamy from May 7 through May 14. This is the first time in the game mode's long history that double Infamy has been offered. That's really the exciting part: yes, we're getting double Infamy this week, but more importantly, we'll also see more double Infamy weeks in the future. And as Destiny 2 commu

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Call of Duty 2019 to Be Featured at E3 Coliseum Event

The official E3 Twitter account confirmed today the upcoming, untitled Call of Duty game will be featured during the trade show’s Coliseum event. The move to E3’s Coliseum event looks to be publisher Activision’s response to Sony pulling out of E3 this year. The last few years, Call of Duty has be exclusively shown off or mentioned during Sony’s E3 conferences. The most common rumors seem to point at a return to the Modern Warfare series, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 being the likely offi

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Borderlands Claptrap Voice Actor Accuses Randy Pitchford of Assault and Stalking

Borderlands 3 has also caught some heat for replacing voice actors for some of the game’s most iconic characters, like Claptrap, with Claptrap’s voice actor now accusing Randy Pitchford of much more than just recasting his role. After it was revealed that former Gearbox executive and Claptrap voice actor David Eddings wouldn’t be returning for Borderlands 3, Eddings took to social media to clarify that the reason was he wanted paid for his voice work. Eddings said that he would agree to voice Cl

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iPhone XR deal: buy an iPhone XR and get 3-months of free wireless service

Mint Mobile is offering an exclusive iPhone XR deal for TechRadar readers. For a limited time, you can receive a free three-month 8GB data plan with your purchase of an iPhone XR. Mint's current promotion is giving you its 8GB three-month plan ($60) for free when you purchase an unlocked iPhone XR. Unlocked iPhone XR with Free 8GB of Mint Service $809 $749For a limited time Mint Mobile is offering a three-month 8GB plan for free when you purchase an unlocked iPhone XR for $749. See more iPhone o

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Point-and-click adventure Kathy Rain is free on Steam

If point-and-click adventures are your thing, or even if you're not sure but think that maybe they might be when you're in the proper mood, then you should probably pop over to Steam and pick up Kathy Rain, from the makers of the recent Whispers of a Machine, for free. Kathy Rain tells the story of a hard-living journalist in the 1990s whose investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her grandfather's death forces her to come to terms with her own troubled past. From the Steam l

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