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Valve Index vs HTC Vive Pro vs Oculus Rift S: the VR headset showdown

Here's how the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift S and Vive Index are stacking up. The Oculus Rift S uses a Halo-style headband with a knob that tightens the band to fit snug on your head. The Oculus Rift S keeps it simplest with a cable the splits into a USB 3.0 and HDMI connector. And, between the Vive Pro, Valve Index, and Rift S, there are considerable differences in display. For now, though, it's a tried-and-true gaming headset that's a significant step up from the original Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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‘We just wanted to make dick lasers and big bouncy anime titties,’ says creator of latest Kickstarter hit

I ask DC why he thinks the Kickstarter campaign has made so much money. We've also made a few small interactive titles within our core team that have been big hits on Newgrounds. The profiles of the team on the Kickstarter page , rife with pseudonyms, make for interesting reading. I ask DC if he thinks it's important games like Subverse are sold on Steam—it's listed as 'adult only' when you visit the game's page. Compared to the range of other porn games that are out there, I ask DC what he thin

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Massive Dark Souls ‘Daughters of Ash’ mod now available for Remastered edition

Back in January we wrote about Daughters of Ash, a long-in-development mod for Dark Souls that adds piles of new material to the game. At the time it was only available for the original 'Prepare to Die' PC release of Dark Souls, but now compatible with the 2018 Remastered release of Dark Souls, too. Its core aim is to replicate the feeling of playing Dark Souls for the first time." You can read a more detailed rundown of what Daughters of Ash adds to Dark Souls in this Reddit post. Setting your

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Apple Watch deal: get the Apple Watch Series 3 on sale for $199

Walmart has slashed the price down to $199 on the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch 3 offers heart rate monitoring and will notify you when an unusually high or low heart rate is detected. The Apple watch also includes basic smartwatch features such as the ability to make calls, stream music and receive notifications. The Apple Watch 4 is also currently on sale but will still set you back $350. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+Cellular $379 $299 at WalmartGet the Apple Watch series 3 on sale at Walm

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Risk of Rain 2 sells more than one million copies in just a month

Just a month after its release on March 28 (although it's not technically released because it's still in Early Access, but whatever), the third-person roguelike shooter Risk of Rain 2 has surpassed one million units sold. But future updates "will weave in some returning content from Risk 1," it added, including Risk of Rain 1 survivors. "We hope our first content update plants the seeds necessary to continue growing Risk of Rain 2 into an even better game for players.. "As a reminder, we will st

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Where to find Fortnite’s Junk Junction signpost to begin this week’s treasure hunt

Fortnite Season 9 is just one week away, and whatever's in the Loot Lake vault will be revealed soon—but for now, there's still time to knock out the last few challenges and max out your Battle Pass before moving on to a new season. This week's treasure map challenge begins with finding the map in the middle of Junk Junction. You need to search the map and start a new game before you can find the treasure, which is found at the bottom-right tip of the "knife" in the "fork-knife" formation found

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Fortnite World Cup: schedule, standings, and where to watch

After the World Cup Warmup event at the beginning of April, Fortnite’s most skilled players are now hashing it out for a winning position in the World Cup Finals in July in Queens, New York. What's the Fortnite World Cup schedule? What's the total prize money pool for the Fortnite World Cup? Who's playing in the Fortnite World Cup? And since anyone has a shot at the World Cup, we’re going to see a stampede of ‘em.

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A single hacking group is ‘poisoning’ legitimate software updates with malware

There is a hacking group that is actively mucking with trusted downloads, and nobody can seem to figure out the group's exact identity. According to a detailed Wired report, the hacking group that infiltrated Asus is the same one that also infected a previous version of CCleaner, a popular PC cleanup utility. The hacking group responsible is conducting what are known as supply chain attacks because they exploit the software distribution channel. Supply chain exploits of at least half a dozen com

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Fortnite pro disqualified from World Cup finals for cheating

Epic Games has dropped the hammer on more Fortnite World Cup Online Open competition cheaters, and this time around it cost pro player Damion "XXiF" Cook a spot in the $30 million finals in July. Whatever Gestyy did during the world cup qualifiers and his actions have nothing to do with me. "Based on an internal investigation, we have concluded that a group of players attempted to undermine the Week 3 Fortnite World Cup Online Open competition on April 28 by colluding across several matches," Ep

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