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Red Dead Online patch notes: Make risky supply runs in Plunder, the latest PvP Showdown Mode

Rockstar continues to feed nourishing bales of fresh content hay to the wild stallion that is Red Dead Online , as the beta keeps expanding with weekly additions. The latest dusty stranger that done come into town with the latest patch is Plunder, a new Showdown Mode where two teams fight to capture supplies from a central area and bring them back to home base alive. Sneakier folk can also steal supplies from the enemy base if they can manage to get behind enemy lines undetected - but once you'r

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Review: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a charismatic and engrossing trio of games

I’ve long been aware of the Ace Attorney games but was never an avid Nintendo handheld fan prior to the Nintendo Switch. These are some of the most charming and enjoyable mystery games on the market and they’re incredibly digestible. Taking cues from procedural cop shows, Ace Attorney splits its cases into individual episodes which typically all open by showing you the murder/crime in question. Is Ace Attorney an accurate depiction of the situations at hand? The Verdict:If you’ve long heard of t

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Rage 2 extended gameplay trailer showcases the BFG-9000 and some very okay action

A new Rage 2 video courtesy of IGN showcases 11 minutes of fresh life-in-the-wasteland gameplay, including some vehicular combat, the Overdrive berserker mode, a boss fight, and the first appearance of a gun you may have played with once or twice before: The infamous BFG-9000 from Doom. On the whole, I can't say my socks are thoroughly rocked by this video. Some of them charge aggressively, but others act pretty much exactly like I do when I trip over the cat in a dark room. Rage 2 comes out on

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Oops! Destiny 2 PC players were able to acquire a PS4-exclusive exotic weapon

Destiny 2's Wavesplitter exotic trace rifle is one sweet piece of firepower. Which is why some players, such as Cloud_Fish, were excited but also confused when they discovered that they'd acquired the weapon despite playing on non-PS4 platforms. As a result, they were briefly available to everyone, on all platforms, before Bungie "fixed" the issue. The good news is that non-PlayStation players who managed to get their hands on a Wavesplitter before Bungie plugged the leak will get to keep it. Th

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A PS4-exclusive Destiny 2 gun leaked on PC and Xbox One (but those players can’t actually use it)

Mere hours after players uncovered yet another infinite enhancement core exploit , PC and Xbox One players discovered that the Wavesplitter, an Exotic trace rifle which is meant to stay a PS4-exclusive until this September, was leaked to other platforms. The thing is, PC and Xbox One players who obtained one won't be able to use it for long. As Bungie community manager Cozmo said in a forum post , an upcoming update will disable the weapon on PC and Xbox One. Well, per the latest Destiny 2 patch

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Destiny 2 datamine suggests Arbalest Exotic will come from spring Revelry event

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter introduced a new pair of Exotic gauntlets for each class, along with a new kinetic Exotic linear fusion rifle called the Arbalest. According to newly datamined information, that's because it's tied to the Revelry event coming later this spring. (The same entry mentions Yuna , an Asia-exclusive Exotic vendor who most Western players probably haven't heard of, but we can ignore her for the purposes of this article.) A separate listing for the as-yet-unnamed currenc

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The Division 2 players are farming for low-level mods that are better than their endgame stuff

As pointed out on Reddit , the issue lies in the way The Division 2 distributes gear mods, those little items-within-items that can give you extra stat boosts on top of your normal equipment: currently, the best way for end-game players to grind for good gear mods seems to be with a new character. Some mods increase how many charges a given skill has, others increase your armor, others boost the damage you deal with critical hits. The most sought-after mods do more straightforward stuff like inc

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Sigil, John Romero’s spiritual successor to Ultimate Doom, is delayed again

Sigil, the John Romero-authored "unofficial spiritual successor" to Ultimate Doom that was announced late last year, has been pushed back yet again. It was originally supposed to be out in February 2019, but was delayed into April because of problems with the planned physical release. The good news for fans is that the Sigil megawad is finished, and will still be free for everyone once it's out. I can’t release the free version until the Beast Box ships. For any practical purposes, it doesn't ma

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Destiny 2 seasonal pinnacle weapons disabled due to infinite enhancement core exploit

It took Destiny 2 players approximately 11 seconds to find an exploit for infinite enhancement cores in update 2.2.1, and Bungie have responded in kind. An emergency update released this afternoon disabled all Season of the Drifter pinnacle weapons to prevent further core dupes. Pinnacle weapons come fully masterworked and yield seven enhancement cores when dismantled, so you can see how this would get out of hand quickly. As this GIF from Reddit user snarkfish demonstrates, it was entirely poss

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