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What I’ve learned through my quest to buy zero new games in 2019

I play games way too much. Sometimes I buy games and then don't play them. My friend—who streams videogames professionally—tells me there isn't a single game in his Steam library that I haven’t played for at least ten hours. Except the knockoff games I’m playing aren’t knockoffs, and they preceded the new releases, and they’re actually good. I’d eagerly sit by my desktop, waiting for Steam to unlock whatever new game I’d pre-ordered months before because I am gullible.

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Blizzard reveals World of Warcraft Classic PvP content plan

Today it expanded on that with details about its content plan for PvP, which will also follow the original WoW release pattern—which is to say that there won't be a "formal PvP system" in WoW Classic when it launches. Arathi Basin will appear in phase four, and phase six will see the arrival of the world PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands. World of Warcraft Classic still doesn't have a release date, but here's the quick-and-dirty rundown of the PvP content release schedule, relat

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Civilization 6 art director releases a mod that makes it look like Civilization 5

Have you ever played Civilization 6 and thought to yourself, this is great, but I really wish it looked a little... older? If the answer to that question is yes for some reason, Civ 6 art director Brian Busatti has come up with just the thing: A Civ 5 "Environment Skin" mod that's now available through the Steam Workshop. "I was challenged by the team to create an expansive mod using Mod Buddy, and this was the end result," Busatti wrote. The mod is compatible with all releases of Civilization 6

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Razer’s Ripsaw HD capture card is not the Elgato HD60 S killer it wants to be

It's hard to believe three years have passed since the launch of the original Razer Ripsaw capture card. When it initially hit store shelves in March 2016, the first Razer Ripsaw had a niche focus. Its goal was to be the capture card for every console, including legacy and some retro boxes. While it fails to register anything over 1080p in terms of recording, the Razer Ripsaw HD is perfectly capable of 4K 60fps passthrough. Whereas Elgato suggests a towering $179.99 price tag for its mainstay, t

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This RTX 2080 Ti has an OLED display and AIO liquid cooler, costs $1,900

For anyone who can afford it, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the best graphics card for gaming, offering comparable performance to a Titan RTX for around half the price. Case in point, EVGA today launched its GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin Gaming card, a premium GPU with a price tag to match—$1,899.99, if you're an EVGA Associates member. It's a hefty markup over a regular or Founders Edition RTX 2080 Ti for sure, though in fairness, there is quite a bit that separates the Kingpin model from other card

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A real-life lobbyist was just permanently banned in EVE Online for corruption

EVE Online is usually known for bitter betrayals and catastrophic battles, but that's all guided by the politics of its massive player-driven alliances. And today, EVE Online is having one hell of a political scandal involving a player who is not only an elected politician in EVE Online, but is also a political lobbyist in real life too. His name is Brian Schoeneman, known in EVE as Brisc Rubal, and he serves on EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management (CSM). Outside of EVE, Schoeneman is a ma

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The Division 2: How to Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle Blueprint

Players are now diving into The Division 2‘s World Tier 5 and tackling the new Tidal Basin stronghold. One such piece of new loot is Nemesis, an exotic sniper, and many players are certain to want to get their hands on this powerful long-range weapon as soon as possible. How to Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper in The Division 2Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not possible to complete all the steps necessary to obtain The Division 2‘s Nemesis. To begin, players must complete The Division 2‘s

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Apex Legends Battle Pass XP: How to Reach Level 110 Fast

It’s just 20 days into the first season of Apex Legends and its 90-day Battle Pass. An average of at least 35,000 XP each day is required to reach the 3.2 million XP needed for level 110. This simple approach to Battle Pass progression in Apex Legends is both a blessing and a curse. To provide a sense of perspective regarding progressing through the Battle Pass in Apex Legends, GamingFeature put together a few key bullet points. But for fans of Apex Legends who’ll be playing whether or not there

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I took Microsoft’s retooled Edge browser for a test drive and you can too

Several months ago, Microsoft announced it was gutting its Edge browser and rebuilding it around Chromium, the same open source platform that powers Google's own Chrome browser. The transition is going to take around a year, though you can already test drive an early version of Edge in its new form. Microsoft has released the first publicly available preview build of its retooled Edge browser to developers, along with anyone else who wants to kick the tires. When first installing the browser, Mi

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Apex Legends is going to start penalizing players for leaving early

Last week's rollout of the Apex Legends 1.1 update caused some brief moments of stress for players who logged into the game and discovered that their accounts had apparently been reset. It was, fortunately, a relatively simple problem to correct with no long-last consequences, but it wasn't the only thing that went wrong. Some players also noticed the appearance, and then sudden disappearance, of a "leaving early" penalty for players who bail out of a game too quickly. There was a piece of scrip

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