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Six weeks on from launch, Anthem isn’t beyond redemption

We are now six weeks out from the launch of Anthem, and its abundant issues have been well documented and catalogued. BioWare promises the worldJust a week out from the launch of Anthem I sat down with Hudson. Once the storm had subsided, an idea began to gestate in Casey's mind: "What if a game world was like this?" That's why I found speaking to Casey Hudson, just weeks out before the launch of Anthem, to be so refreshing. It's something that we're going to continue to support it for a long, l

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Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks: How to get every survivor

With that in mind, we've put together a guide on how to unlock all the current Risk of Rain 2 characters. New characters will be added in the future, so we'll update this guide as Risk of Rain 2 evolves in Steam Early Access. You'll need to clear stages one, two, and three in one run without dying. Once you have ten coins, you'll need to visit the blue item shop. And if you do activate the altar, you'll need 11 Lunar Coins total to cover its cost and still have enough for the Artificer.

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I beat Sekiro’s final boss with cheats and I feel fine

Sekiro's final boss is some bullshit, honestly. Beat him and Isshin the Sword Saint, aka Sword Grandpa, bursts out of his skin and says hello. I can adjust the speed of the game as I play it because it patches the active memory, live. Sekiro is a game about specific moments, not a game entirely about making players do the sword good. Feeling good about what I play and why I play it is ultimately up to me.

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Someone created Super Mario Maker inside LittleBigPlanet 3

Especially when a sandbox creation game apes another one. Yo dawg, here’s Super Mario Maker inside LittleBigPlanet 3, so you can have fun building levels while you have fun building levels. They got to work on it on MAR10 day (March 10) to celebrate the announcement a month before that Super Mario Maker 2 was coming to Nintendo Switch this June. “Think of this level as a demo of Super Mario Maker, so if you’ve never played the game before and you’re thinking about getting the sequel, then I’d re

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Review-bombed Borderlands 2 is the first to have user scores thrown out by Steam

Metro: Exodus and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 both eschewed Steam for the Epic Games Store, similarly pissing off gamers but not to this degree. Borderlands 2 is the first game on Steam to make use of the "off-topic reviews" marking. Epic Games Store does not yet feature user reviews, and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has said the platform won’t add that feature until the company is confident it has measures in place that counteract review-bomb campaigns. Sweeney also said that when user review

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a physical release with all the DLC this summer

Warhammer: Vermintide 2, the loot-dropping, co-op hack-and-slash action game that launched a year ago, is relaunching in June with a physical retail edition that includes all of the game’s DLC and a bunch of extra content. Developer Fatshark and publisher 505 Games announced the Deluxe Edition will hit shelves for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 11, 2019. The additional content sounds like what was included in the Premium Edition (available a la carte to those who wanted to upgrade), which de

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Shenmue 3: two decades and a $7m kickstarter campaign later, can Yu Suzuki’s epic deliver on its promise?

But while his quest for vengeance has typically been a lonely one, in Shenmue III he’s joined by a mysterious woman named Shenhua. And the same level of research has gone into creating the setting for Shenmue III. But, illustrating one of the most intriguing new features in Shenmue III, he’s unwilling to talk. Playing minigames and working menial jobs to earn money has always been part of Shenmue’s peculiar magic, and Shenmue III is no different. The combat in the original Shenmue games was root

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Epic Games Store is giving away hit puzzler The Witness for free

The Epic Games Store has a real tempter with the latest game it's giving away for free, in the form of The Witness. The adventure puzzler from Jonathan Blow – the creator of Braid – is a pretty tasty freebie indeed, given that when the game was released a few years back, critical reception was almost universally glowing. Head scratchersIt isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as some of the puzzles can be frustrating, and the solutions can seem a little obtuse. The Witness will be available for free from

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Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for April 5

This weekend, Xur is back in his hut on Titan. Complete strike “The Pyramidion.”Class ArmorAfter a down week, Xur has brought a couple of new Forsaken exotic items to sell this week. As a side bonus, these boots can be worn with any Titan subclass which makes them extremely versatile as well. exotic sniper rifle is back as the featured weapon after a couple of months on the shelf. However, this is still a very strong weapon to have on hand thanks to its two exotic perks.

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10 games to pass the time until Game of Thrones returns

This list compiles the best games to fill your Game of Thrones gap. I won’t include any actual Game of Thrones releases, because that’s cheating, and the Cyanide title is the Ser Dontos of games. Giants aside, this is a rugged, realistic fantasy world, based more on viking history than haughty, orcs-and-swords fantasy. Like Game of Thrones, everything feels like it existed before you arrived, and will continue to do so once you’ve left. Maybe one day we'll see a proper Game of Thrones game to ma

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