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How to find the right laptop for you

There are so many variations on the types of laptop these days, there really is something for everyone. Is this a laptop for work, for gaming, for browsing, for kids, or for a little bit of everything? These generally come with the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, the latter being the more powerful of the two. This tablet with keyboard gives you the best of the tablet experience with all the powerhouse features of a laptop, at a sub-£500 price. A Full HD display, 9-hour battery, Intel Pent

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What video game sound effect can you still hear in your head?

Of course, it helps that basically every Pokemon game since has used this very sound, so it's pretty hard to escape. Sam LoveridgePlayStation's trophiesPlayStation’s beautiful trophy sound effect resonates for reasons both personal and professional. The perky chirp of an Engineer's sentry finding its target is something you'll hear constantly in Team Fortress 2, and signals so much for such a brief sound effect. Benjamin AbbottMass Effect 3's Reaper blastMuch like everyone has 'their' Batman act

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Valve takes steps against Steam review bombs

After collecting feedback and analyzing data, as it does, Valve has announced plans to tackle the problem by identifying review bombings, and excluding them from overall review scores. "Once our team has identified that the anomalous activity is an off-topic review bomb, we'll mark the time period it encompasses and notify the developer," Valve wrote. To be clear, this will only impact what you see: You cannot influence whether off-topic reviews are included in review scores for other people. Bu

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Jump pads are appearing in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 1 hasn't shown up yet, but Respawn appears to have jumped the gun with a small piece of its content. The jump pad seems to be appearing around Market, a loot-heavy area in the middle of the map that's prone to early firefights. I wasn't able to locate a pad myself, but there are numerous images and videos on the Apex subreddit documenting the jump pads in-game. Octane may not be playable yet, but Respawn seems to be adding his pads around the map as easter

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It’s not every day a Japanese game from 1984 gets added to Steam

I'm reminded of it when I look at The Demon Crystal, a Japanese PC adventure game from around that same time. That's pretty cool! The Demon Crystal was actually ported to the Nintendo Switch last year, but there's something especially cool about seeing it arrive on Steam. It was originally developed for Japanese PCs like the MSX, and that's pretty much all I know about it. The Steam page, in slightly broken English, claims "The Demon Crystal, produced in 1984 by YMCAT, achieved great success as

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The Simpsons joins with Riot Games to turn Bart into an esports star

"Esports is mainstream" is rapidly becoming the "PC gaming is not dead" of the new millennium. To ensure an appropriate level of "authenticity" in the episode, entitled "E My Sports," the producers consulted with League of Legends studio Riot Games, specifically esports co-heads Whalen Rozelle and Jarred Kennedy, and LCS commentator David "Phreak" Turley. Riot said their participation will help ensure "the experience depicted in the episode was authentic to the players, fans and coaches who comp

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BenQ’s three new 4K projectors offer color accuracy at a discount

BenQ has announced the launch of three new 4K projectors that promise to deliver high color accuracy without breaking the bank. The new models comprise the W5700, W2700 and W1720, which are set to cost around $3300 (£2500 / AU$4000), $1900 (£1500 / AU$2500) and $1300 (£1000 / AU$1800) respectively – not bad for high-spec 4K projectors. All three of the new projectors support 4K, and as such, come with a UHD lamp. In the end, BenQ opted for the latter, and claims that the W2700 and W5700 models a

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HTC’s unlimited VR subscription service launches April 2 for $13 per month

HTC is about to launch its unlimited Viveport Infinity service for VR headset owners. Starting April 2, users can sign up for $12.99 per month, or save a chunk of money by opting for the annual $99 plan. The subscription includes unlimited access to a library spanning over 600 games and apps, plus membership perks such as weekend deals on select apps, giveaways, monthly coupons, and so forth. Viveport Infinity is compatible with all of HTC's headsets, including the Vive and Vive Pro, as well as

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Google Yeti and Project Stream – What could Google reveal at GDC?

Ahead of Google GDC event on Tuesday (which starts at 10AM PDT / 2PM EDT / 6PM GMT), here's everything we know about Google Yeti, including all the details on Project Stream - Google's other game streaming endeavour. The rumours go that Google Yeti is a "subscription-based streaming service" that would stream games to Google Chromecast, as originally leaked by The Information. How does Project Stream tie in with Google Yeti? It could well be that Google used the Project Stream service as a kind

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The best cheap Air Fryers on sale in March 2019

Air Fryers seem to be the hottest new kitchen gadget of 2019 and its easy to see why. We've compiled a list of the best air fryers on sale so you can join in on the cooking trend while also getting the best deal. Air Fryers allow you to create tasty fried foods like french fries and chicken wings without needing to use much oil. Check out our list of air fryers below and find out which brand and price is best for you. More Air Fryer dealsIf you're interested in shopping for more Air Fryer deals,

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