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Imagine trying to hold this mockup Google controller

Image sourceLast October, we got our first look at Google's Project Stream , which let testers play Assassin's Creed Odyssey entirely in their Chrome browser thanks to cloud computing. Now, a patent has surfaced for a controller designed by Google , and it's already inspired some impressive mockups. Designer Sarang Sheth has published a collection of mockup renders based on the patent, which make the controller look pristine yet very hand-unfriendly. The patented controller design has all the be

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The Division 2: How to Get Early Access

The Division 2‘s early access period is March 12 to March 14, giving players a full three days of play before the rest of the world gains access to the game on March 15. To get early access for The Division 2 and play early, anyone interested needs to purchase either the Gold Edition ($99) or the Ultimate Edition ($120). These versions of the game come with more than just early access, though. Some Division 2 players may not be happy that Ubisoft is letting some players pay for early access, giv

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Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Expansion Delayed

Initially scheduled to begin on March 12, the start of Wild Appalachia has been delayed by one day, and it will now go live on March 13. As Bethesda previously announced, this first update will bring brewing and distilling to Fallout 76. This is just the beginning of the Wild Appalachia updates though, and the release dates for the rest of the content remain unchanged despite this minor delay. Furthermore, the game’s roadmap has already offered a peak at what fans can expect when Wild Appalachia

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An incoming Destiny 2 update will finally buff the drop rates of Dreaming City cosmetics and One Thousand Voices

On paper, seals are great aspirational content - a way to motivate players to 'complete' their favorite portion of Destiny 2. After the Gambit seal, Dredgen, the two most random seals are the Dreaming City seal, Cursebreaker, and the Last Wish seal, Rivensbane. For Cursebreaker, you need the aforementioned trio of Dreaming City cosmetics, while One Thousand Voices and other Raid cosmetics are tied to Rivensbane. (One Thousand Voices is also a powerful and iconic weapon that accomplished raiders

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Android Q developer beta might launch today

Android Q , the next version of the mobile operating system, could be launching its developer preview later today, thanks to speculation over a date filter in Google’s bug tracker. A template explaining how to file bug reports for Android Q Beta was spotted by XDA Developers Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman. Seems like Google opened up the bug tracker for submitting bugs related to the Android Q beta. The link to check for existing bugs filters by date created after March 11th.Are you ready for An

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Apple sends March 25 event invite, likely to unveil its video streaming service

Well, there's a lot of money behind its original video content plan, with budgets exceeding $1 billion to secure big names. With so many Apple TV and iPhones out there, Apple may have an opening. Second, Apple's unnamed video streaming service should bring famous faces to the launch event. Apple's brand new magazine and video content initiatives could make their debut in the final iOS 12.2 update. There's also a a very outside chance we'll see Apple AirPods 2 and a game streaming service.

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Intel Ice Lake release date, news and features

The computing world has eagerly waited for Intel to boldly show us something we haven’t seen before – and that might be Intel Ice Lake, the company’s first 10nm CPU family. Intel Ice Lake priceIntel isn’t anywhere close to announcing pricing for its Ice Lake-series processors, unfortunately. Image Credit: IntelIntel Ice Lake specsThe headline feature of Intel Ice Lake is, of course, the new underlying 10nm Sunny Cove microarchitecture. Aside from the chips’ main microarchitecture, Ice Lake CPUs

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AirPlay 2 for Roku could bring Apple’s streaming service to the set-top box

Roku and Apple may on the verge of closing a deal that would bring AirPlay 2 support to Roku streaming devices, according to sources who are familiar to the matter. The news was first reported by MacRumors, who says that AirPlay 2 would be available via a software update on select Roku players and Roku TVs - but warned that not all devices under the umbrella receive it. If the deal pans out, Roku players would be able to stream movies and TV shows from iTunes via an iOS device, and would be the

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This Fallout 76 player created an actual Labyrinth with a Deathclaw instead of a Minotaur

Some Fallout 76 players use their time to establish in-game police departments that help newbies . This "Deathclaw Maze" creation by Vault101manguy falls squarely into the latter C.A.M.P., though it's more about scaring the post-apocalyptic pants off of strangers than griefing anybody. You step inside, the door shuts and locks behind you, and you go searching for an exit only to find a Deathclaw. But that is really hard to think about when you're unexpectedly faced with a Deathclaw that is chasi

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