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Devil May Cry 5 has a secret ending

There's the Far Cry 4 ending where you just do as you're told and avoid hours of hardship, there are others of note too. Far Cry 5 kept up the tradition and you can now add Devil May Cry 5 to the list. At this stage in the story, Nero doesn’t even have his Devil Breaker arm let alone his Devil Trigger. The easiest way to do this is to take down the shield protecting him without using any of your Devil Trigger. You can then finish him off just before your Devil Trigger runs out by letting go of t

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What’s the oldest game you currently have installed on your PC?

Which brings us to this week's edition of the PCG Q&A: What's the oldest game you currently have installed on your PC? That said, last Saturday I did something very stupid and installed League of Legends, which first launched in 2009, making it the oldest game on my PC currently. As such, I figured the oldest game would be something like Stardew Valley, or maybe X-COM, but actually it's something much older. Wes Fenlon: The Ultimate Doom (1995)I thought the oldest game on my PC was going to be C

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Oxenfree will be the next freebie on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store's next freebie will be Oxenfree, the dead-good adventure game about a group of teenagers who disturb something dark and mysterious on a remote island. The game will be free to keep for two weeks from March 21. The latest free game on the Epic Games Store, Slime Rancher, is available to grab for free right now. There are plenty of reasons you should pick up Oxenfree: its coming-of-age tale is one of the best stories in PC gaming, and it remains one of the top 100 games on PC.

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Fallout gets an official pen-and-paper RPG later this year

The Fallout franchise will get an official pen-and-paper role-playing game this summer. Developer Modiphius Entertainment says it will be an expansion to the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop miniatures game. The expansion, designed by James Sheahan, will bring along new rules for character creation, wasteland adventures and more, Modiphius said. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare launched about a year ago. When we previewed it in 2017, we praised its “clever leveling system” and said “the game is als

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Captain Marvel’s origin has ties to the MCU’s earliest days

With this week’s Captain Marvel, 21 films now live in the same fictional universe, with the same shared set of world logic, without contradicting one another in major ways. note: Spoilers for Captain Marvel as well as about a half dozen other Marvel Studios movies.] The cosmic cube that houses the Space Stone has, appropriately enough, jumped around Marvel’s universe quite a bit, and its outsized influence on the MCU continues with Captain Marvel and her origin story. Prior to the events of the

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Rainbow Six Siege’s next operator will be invisible to cameras, leak suggests

The next season of Rainbow Six Siege will add two new operators: one Danish, one from the United States Secret Service. We don't know much about them yet but a new leak, from a seemingly reputable source, might have revealed some of their abilities. According to the leak, first posted on Resetera, the Danish attacker will be "invisible to cameras" and will have a "sort of silent step similar to Cav"—a reference to Caveira's ability to make her movements near-silent for a period of time. The desc

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Dark Souls creator would ‘love to’ make a battle royale game

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls and president of developer From Software, has said he would "love to take a crack at" making both a battle royale and a regularly-updated "live service" game, a la Destiny and Anthem. But don't worry: From Software is still keen on singleplayer games, such as its upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. While Devil May Cry 5 has some online elements, it’s coming out two weeks before our game," he said. Regardless of what From Software is doing, we need peo

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Huawei is planning two more smartwatches without Wear OS on board

Huawei is planning some extra smartwatch models as follow-ups to the Huawei Watch GT, according to unofficial sources. Like the original device, they won't have Wear OS on board, but are set to use Huawei's own watch OS. The new variants are set to be dubbed the Huawei Watch GT Active and the Huawei Watch GT Elegant, reports WinFuture, though don't expect too many changes. Huawei Watch GT Active leak (credit: WinFuture)One of the differences is going to be in the color design – in the leaked pic

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Devil May Cry 5 is Capcom’s second biggest PC launch ever

Its Resident Evil 2 remake was three times more popular on Steam than 2017's Resident Evil 7, and now its latest game, hack-and-slash Devil May Cry 5, has surpassed both of them, making it Capcom's second biggest PC launch ever. As of writing, the game has a concurrent player peak of around 89,000, and is in the top 10 on Steam in terms of current players. That could improve over the weekend, too, but it's unlikely to catch up with Monster Hunter: World, Capcom's biggest-ever Steam launch, which

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Tactical-FPS Ready or Not opens up preorders, Shows plenty gameplay

Void Interactive has opened up preorders for their tactical-first-person-shooter Ready or Not. The team-based action game takes heavy clues from genre-classics like the SWAT series and early Rainbow Six games. Especially the later SWAT games which put players in command of a small elite police unit. Similarly, Read or Not is set on the highly-trained SWAT units whose duty is to solve delicate and dangerous situations. Ready or Not is set to come out this August as an Alpha Access for customers w

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