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Civilization 6 Digital Deluxe Edition is just $20 from Newegg right now

Civilization 6 drops in price on a regular basis—in fact, it's $17.99 on Steam right now. If you're interested in more than what the base game offers, Newegg currently has the Digital Deluxe Edition for $19.70 when you use a coupon code at checkout. The Digital Deluxe version of Civilization 6 includes the base game, the soundtrack, and six DLC packs—the Vikings Scenario, Poland Civilization & Scenario, Australia Civilization & Scenario, Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario, Nubia Civiliza

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Destiny 2’s newest Exotics include a trio of gauntlets and a kinetic linear fusion rifle

But let's focus on the new Destiny 2 Exotics we already have (and their nifty ornaments), because some of them sound freakin' sweet. Its unique perk makes it a universal shield buster, and its other main perk, Disruption Break, leaves enemies more vulnerable to kinetic damage (i.e. A unique Exotic that synergizes with itself? Warlocks got Getaway Artist, with a unique perk that lets arc Warlocks consume their grenade to summon a souped-up Arc Soul, better known as an Arc Buddy. Hunters have a ha

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Mars and his undead army arrive in Dota 2

We first got a heads up that Mars, god of war, would be joining Dota 2 back in August of last year. "The warrior deity Mars thrives in the heart of strife, guarded by the bulk of a deadly shield as he skewers enemies with his legendary spear," reads his page on the Dota 2 site. BulwarkMars can block some damage from physical attacks when struck from the front or the sides. Arena of BloodHis ultimate basically builds a scary stoneghenge around himself, which will block attacks and movement from e

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See the new Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter exotic gear, plus an adorable puppy

Judging by the animation it seems to work exactly like 'eating' your grenade when playing as the void Devour Warlock. It is, according to our in-house Destiny pro (you know who I mean), the first linear fusion rifle to go in the kinetic slot. One item that we know is attached to a quest is Thorn, the notorious OG Destiny hand cannon whose appearance in Destiny 2 was confirmed in last week's Season of the Drifter vidoc. We haven't got an image of that just yet, but there's a hidden exotic kinetic

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T-Mobile 5G phones are coming (eventually) – here’s what we know

Yet unlike Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, T-Mobile has yet to confirm a lineup of 5G phones that will work on its 5G network. Remember the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G? The X55 is expected to appear in phones later this year, which could include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Google Pixel 4. It's all speculation from here, but the X55 should have a stronger showing in 2020 – when more phones appear that could connect to T-Mobile's 5G network. In fact, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray confirmed to PC Mag that the car

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IOGear GUD3C05 USB-C docking station with Power Delivery review

This IOGear docking station has few faults, but the price lets it down. The IOGear GUD3C05 USB-C docking station ($155 at Amazon) is one of the many models that now come with Power Delivery, a feature that allows true single cable connectivity with compatible laptops. In this case, the IOGear GUD3C05 is sadly losing one of its unique selling points. The IOGear GUD3C05 costs $155 but doesn’t come with a power supply, relying instead on the host device. AZDome’s docking station is not unlike the I

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Get an Intel 1TB NVM SSD for $115, or 512GB SSD and 16GB DDR4 RAM kit for $160

There are exceptions worth considering, though, such as Intel's SSD 660p, which is currently on sale at Amazon. Intel introduced the SSD 660p series in August of last year, with the intent on making NVMe drives more affordable. While not on par with flagship NVMe SSDs, Intel's model boast up to 1,800MB/s of sequential read and write performance. That's about three times faster than a SATA SSD. And of course there's the convenience of popping this into an M.2 slot, rather than running (and managi

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