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Destiny 2’s ‘Gambit Prime’ armor sets will confer some pretty big bonuses

One of the biggest things coming in Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter is Gambit Prime. Each class with get its own unique suit of swanky, iridescent armor that looks good and—this is the important bit—confers unique bonuses and abilities. Bungie generally doesn't do set bonuses for armor, and it's not clear whether the bonuses come one-per-piece, or if each additional piece boosts the overall effect. But wearing class-specific armor in Gambit Prime will definitely have an effect. Destiny 2: Seas

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Burnt Horizon deploying this week

After two weeks on the Technical Test Server, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon is officially releasing Wednesday March 6. Ubisoft aggregated the weeks of testing in an addendum to the original Burnt Horizon patch notes. Ubi is intensifying the original nerf introduced to the Logic Bomb at the beginning of the test server. Gameplay tweaksSome small, previously unlisted changes were noticed early on by players on the test server, but Ubi took this opportunity to make them official. Ubi ha

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How to choose the right graphics card model

[Note that GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) refers to the chip that a graphics card uses, eg, a GeForce RTX 2070. Consider buying a graphics card support brace if your GPU weighs more than a couple pounds, or alternatively get a case where the graphics cards 'hang' vertically. Nearly every graphics card will have at least one DisplayPort and one HDMI connector, but everything else is up to the manufacturer. A red and black graphics card might not look quite right with a gold and black motherboard.

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These Destiny 2 short stories tease a dark storyline rumored to be connected to Destiny 3

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter and its accompanying annual pass DLC, Joker's Wild, will arrive tomorrow. They're not only well-written and fun to read, but they also raise a few questions about the future of Destiny's storyline, including a potential plot point of Destiny 3. I won't spoil them, but suffice it to say there's a running theme to these stories - two themes, actually. The first one is obvious, as it's something we already knew: the Drifter, Gambit's ringleader and the star of Joker'

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Steam is currently listing a game called Rape Day in which you play as a ‘serial killer rapist’

The unnamed creator of Rape Day says they have spent two years developing the half-hour-long game. Rape Day is already generating backlash: several discussions on its section of the Steam forums are calling for it to be removed. The eventual fate of Rape Day will provide a test case for the viability of Steam's current set of rules regarding acceptable content. This indicates that either Valve does not moderate submissions before store pages are posted, or that it did not find Rape Day too objec

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Apex Legends attracts 50 million players, gains ground on Fortnite

Apex Legends has crossed the 50 million registered player mark, EA announced today. By some estimates that makes the player base around a quarter of the size of the battle royale behemoth - and money printing machine - Fortnite, which had around 200 million players at last count, but also means that Apex Legends is catching up quickly. The newest of these features is a Ping feature similar to the one that debuted in Apex Legends that lets you announce an item's location to your group. The eighth

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Fortuna 69 is a hilarious Warframe joke that players refuse to let die

But long after the buzz around Fortuna died and players migrated to other areas, one instance of Fortuna stayed open: Fortuna 69. Even now, at 2PM on a Monday, Fortuna 69 is labelled "Busy" in the server select window. Aside from Fortuna 69, there are nine other Fortuna servers available—half of which are labelled "Calm" and could be populated by as little as one player. It's the unspoken dress code of Fortuna 69, so naturally I buy myself some to fit in. Once the first batch has updated, they'l

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Why It Doesn’t Have Marvel or Star Wars Worlds

We now know why Star Wars and Marvel weren’t included in Kingdom Hearts 3, despite fan demand. In an interview included in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania book, a Japan-only release, game director Tetsuya Nomura explained why Marvel and Star Wars aren’t included in Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, it’s possible that future Kingdom Hearts games could very well include worlds based on Marvel and Star Wars. This would potentially open the door for Star Wars worlds and characters to appear in a Kingdom H

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Destiny 2 Gambit Prime armor set bonuses and perks revealed

In a new video detailing how Gambit Prime's flashy color-coded armor ties into these roles, Bungie stressed just how important that armor will be. Here's a quick rundown of the unique armor perks available for all four roles. It's also unclear how these armor perks are assigned - that is, which armor pieces give which perks. If Gambit Prime's individual roles are going to stand out - and if The Reckoning, which is where this armor comes from, is going to be worth doing - then they're going to ne

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Watch Jack Black play as himself in his YouTube channel’s first actual Let’s Play

Jack Black has committed to this whole YouTube gamer thing, at least in the sense of regularly uploading videos to his channel. Now after months of teases , Black's finally sat down on camera and played himself a video game. Or played himself in a video game: the first proper subject of Jablinski Games is Brutal Legend , starring Jack Black as the voice of roadie hero Eddie Riggs. The video starts with an introduction from YouTuber Ricky Berwick, then goes into a few minutes of Black having an a

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