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KOTOR 2 designer Chris Avellone has been working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

We learned earlier this week that Respawn's upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be revealed in April at Star Wars Celebration. I can't say 100% b/c of NDAs, but the ones I can say: I just finished up work with Jedi: The Fallen Order - and beyond that, there's another big bomb dropping in a month! If Avellone's involvement means similar things for Fallen Order, it's a promising sign. I don't know. Update: Avellone's LinkedIn page confirms that he did in fact work with Respawn from February

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Riot Games hires its first Chief Diversity Officer

Six months after an in-depth Kotaku report revealed a pervasive "bro culture" at League of Legends studio Riot Games, the company has hired Angela Roseboro, formerly of Dropbox, as its first Chief Diversity Officer. Riot posted an update on "Diversity, Inclusion, and Riot Culture" earlier this week, detailing the efforts it's made so far to improve its workplace culture. Prior to joining Riot, Roseboro served a similar role at Dropbox as the company's Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclus

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Steam is haunted, keeps playing random creepy sounds from Amnesia

These sounds repeat again and again until you finally identify the source: Somehow, Steam's music player (you didn't even know it had one, did you?) is randomly playing sound effects from horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Above: A video of Steam playing a Franklin D. Roosevelt speech. For years now, players have been complaining about a bug that causes Steam to automatically start playing random sound files loaded into its music library. The only way to be safe is to follow one redditor'

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Dead or Alive 6: How to Unlock Costumes

However, unlocking new costumes in Dead or Alive 6 is not quite as straightforward as it is in other games, and some players may be confused about how exactly to unlock costumes in the game. As Dead or Alive 6 players play various game modes, particularly DOA Quests and online multiplayer, they will earn costume parts. Considering the time commitment required to unlock the costumes for every character in the game, players will want unlock them in the most efficient way possible. Besides costume

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Ooblets will ‘very likely’ get an early access release

Lots of people are wondering when the cute farm-life sim Ooblets will finally be released. She said in the latest development blog that things are coming along well, but she's still not certain when it'll release. "[Designer and writer Ben Wasser] thinks we’re a lot closer than I do, which is why we haven’t said anything specific about release dates," Cordingley wrote. "I think we’ll be talking about it more in a follow-up post, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll do an early access launch."

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Games need to stop wasting bandwidth with gigantic patches

Thankfully, Ubisoft's UPlay client was smart and saw the private beta folder and used those files. This is a major pet peeve of mine, and something game developers need to become more vigilant about as their games balloon in size. Why games are so big Today's games can be upwards of 100GB. An even bigger problem for my bandwidth cap is that some digital gaming storefronts offer no easy way to import game files and folders. Hopefully UPlay doesn't disappoint when I transition from beta files to f

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I didn’t hate Weezer until I visited their Fortnite theme park

There's now an official Weezer-themed carnival island in Fortnite Creative mode that plays three songs from the 2019 Black Album on repeat. But the rest is a showpiece for Fortnite Creative, a dense playground that looks like a genuine theme park, replete with waterslides, an obstacle course, a shooting gallery, and a skatepark. The refuse of the rich and famous runs off down here on Weezer Island too, the byproduct of all that vanity and posturing and terrible history. I wish I had a neat concl

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Technology may actually be harming digital transformation

Placing an all-encompassing focus on the role of technology when making digital transformation decisions could actually be reducing the chances of success for UK businesses according to new research from Telstra. When rating decision-making across four factors for success (people, processes, technology understanding and partnerships), British businesses ranked 'technology understanding' as the area in which they were most confident. Successful digital transformation relies on more than the right

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Destiny 2’s ‘snake-faced bastard’ will finally start selling Forsaken Exotics next week

Still haven't got the One-Eyed Mask to drop? A small but significant change coming to Destiny 2 in next week's Season of the Drifter will see Xur, the weekend vendor better known to the community as "that snake-faced bastard", begin selling Exotic items from the Forsaken expansion. Xur, Agent of the Nine "My will is not my own." It also ensures that Xur will have some utility again, having been largely useless throughout Forsaken because he only sold the old gear, which many players had already

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