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Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

Many Super Mario Maker fans were hoping today's Nintendo Direct would include an announcement for a Switch remake of the beloved level-builder. Super Mario Maker 2 is on the way, and it's coming to Switch this June. The tablet-style interface of the original Super Mario Maker is a perfect match for the Switch's handheld mode, so I wouldn't expect many systemic changes in Super Mario Maker 2. We don't know much else about Super Mario Maker 2 at this point, but we still know a heck of a lot more t

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Harmonix’s new game is a VR rhythm shooter called Audica

When last we heard from Rock Band studio Harmonix several years ago, it was working on a musical shooter called Chroma. That has apparently fallen by the wayside, however, as the studio announced today that its next project will be a VR "rhythm shooter" for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift called Audica—and it will be out on Steam Early Access in March. The Early Access release will have a soundtrack of ten licensed songs with four difficulties each, one environment and one weapon set, and live lead

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Apple’s video streaming service could launch without Netflix and HBO content

Apple’s long-rumored video content streaming service could launch as early as April – and without either Netflix or HBO – CNBC reports . However, CNBC reports that HBO is not as far along in partnership discussions as these aforementioned networks for reasons unknown. It's unclear whether that will impact its availability on Apple's service. Likewise, neither Netflix nor Hulu are expected to be part of Apple’s service, CNBC sources say, just as they aren’t available on Amazon’s Prime Video Chann

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Samsung’s first-gen Mixed Reality headset is $250 off right now

Every headset designed for Windows Mixed Reality has the same specifications, with the exception of Samsung's Odyssey headsets. A new model was announced in October of last year, and now you can get the original version for just $250. That's a higher resolution than the original HTC Vive (1080x1200 per eye) and Oculus Rift (1080x1200 per eye). It's the same resolution as the new HTC Vive Pro, which currently goes for $800. It uses the Windows Mixed Reality platform, which means you can play most

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WWI shooter Tannenberg is out today

With the dramatic new trailer above, Tannenberg has left Steam Early Access. At the time of writing, the 64-player WWI shooter has attracted 241 concurrent players, and I was able to join a half-full match on a US server quickly after completing the 5.4 GB download. Tannenberg comes from Verdun creators Blackmill Games and M2H, and has been in Early Access since late 2017. Where Verdun takes place on WWI's Western Front, Tannenberg shifts to the east, with Russian, Romanian, Austro-Hungarian, Ge

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gets New Game+, giving you a chance at a different story

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey isn't getting you Valentines flowers for February. Instead it's bringing a New Game+ mode, the sixth episode of its free DLC The Lost Tales of Greece, a higher level cap, and some fiddly fixes. To access the New Game+ mode, you need to have completed the main story arc - and honestly, what sort of lunatic would you be to start a new game without finishing your first playthrough? Odyssey is the first Assassin's Creed game with two heroes and different endings depending on

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This expansion set for Fallout: The Board Game is half off today

Fallout: The Board Game is both a pitch-perfect translation of the RPG adventure and one of the best board games around, in case you're looking for a break from Catan or Pandemic. If you've already found this out and want to spice things up, there is a New California expansion for Fallout that is half off today. GameStop is selling the Fallout Board Game expansion for $19.99. We found Fallout: The Board Game to be well designed and plenty of fun to play. Amazon has the base game on sale for $47.

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Watch the full intro sequence to Far Cry New Dawn

You probably already know that the basic setup of Far Cry New Dawn is The Road Warrior with a side order of deep fried bull testicles. If you'd like a more detailed breakdown of what's in store, today's new 12-minute gameplay video, covering the full intro sequence, is here to help. You are not a member of the Project at Eden's Gate in Far Cry New Dawn, nor are you Joseph Seed's roomie from Far Cry 5. But I also thought the ending to Far Cry 5 was amazing, so take that for what it's worth. Far C

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Sling TV beats Hulu, YouTube to largest live streaming TV provider title

This makes it the most subscribed to live TV streaming service in the US, ahead of its rival DirecTV Now. That 2.4 million number puts Sling TV ahead of YouTube TV, which had only 800,000 subscribers back in July 2018, and Hulu with Live TV, which only had around one million subscribers at last count. If that trend continues – or worsens – after the arrival of Apple’s live TV streaming service, it could put Dish and Sling TV in a bad spot this time next year. Sling TV saves you the dollar billsW

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Apex Legends’ first patch brings Valentine’s Day treats and plenty of bug fixes

Apex Legends is still flying high after hitting 25 million players in its first week , and its first patch is bringing some welcome bug fixes along with some cosmetic item flourishes to celebrate Valentine's Day. If you want a full collection for your Legends, you should act fast: the "Valentines Days" items go live at 6pm PT today and will only be around until February 19. In a post on the official Reddit, Respawn detailed what changes and items are coming with the patch. An exploit that let pl

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