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Nintendo Switch 2 might actually be a smaller, cheaper, stripped-down console

The next Nintendo Switch console may not be the new and improved version that many are clamoring for, but rather a shrinking or condensing of the current platform. (The Nintendo Switch dock allows the console extra headroom to run games at 1080p resolution.) But, if Nintendo was able to make the console more kid-friendly in terms of ruggedization as well, this Nintendo Switch version could be a hit. Better Nintendo Switch Online for dedicated fansWithin the same report, Nikkei has reported on a

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This Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ‘official’ photo may be the real deal

Forget all of the Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks based on concepts and schematics, and take a look at what appears to be the first 'official' Galaxy S10 Plus photo. It's said to be Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus press render, one that backs up all of the major rumors we've heard previously, according to the leakers at 91mobiles. Alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus press render, front and back (Image Credit: 91mobiles)Big screen, lots of camerasThe S10 Plus is said to have large, curved 6.4-inch Super AMOLED di

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BioWare believes that “Anthem really represents that next evolutionary step” for the studio

“For me, Anthem really represents that next evolutionary step," game director Jon Warner tells us. But BioWare's new Anthem game could well be more than that – for you, the players, and for the wider industry. We’ve been enthused by Anthem from the moment it was revealed back at E3 2017 and, despite the comparisons it invites to the likes of Destiny 2, Warframe and The Division, Anthem really is its own animal. Then there’s the story that goes on in the world; Anthem is a world that was left und

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Didn’t buy a smartphone in 2018? First full-year decline shows you weren’t alone

Multiple market research reports assert that global smartphone shipments had a full-year decline for the first time in 2018. It tagged the year-long decline in 2018 at 4%, dropping from 1.56 billion units shipped in 2017 to 1.49 billion this past year. Oppo (120 million shipped) and vivo (102 million shipped) didn’t change their rankings at 8% and 7%, respectively. LIkewise, Lenovo dropped from 49.9 million units in 2017 to 38.3 million last year, a 23% decline. TCL-Alcatel dropped from 21 milli

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After Anthem’s rocky VIP demo, BioWare says the next “should go much more smoothly”

Between connectivity issues and endless loading screens , the recent Anthem game VIP demo was a bit of a slog. Hudson said as much on Twitter when the VIP demo first started to buckle. According to Hudson, the final game - which is a newer build than the one used for the demo - will also benefit from adjustments made following the VIP demo. I think part of the problem was the mixed message regarding Anthem's VIP demo; it felt like a stress test but it was marketed like a demo. Anyway, here's hop

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Surprise Hearthstone balance update nerfs ‘prevalent’ Basic and Classic cards

In a surprise move, given that the last round of nerfs only happened a month ago, Blizzard is changing another batch of problematic cards. The next Hearthstone balance update will focus almost exclusively on the Basic and Classic sets, with changes intended to make some of the most prevalent "auto-includes" into more strategically-selective choices. "When Basic and Classic cards become so broadly effective—no matter what you’re facing—that they drive what deck styles are considered viable every

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How to finish Fortnite’s ‘sundial, oversized coffee, and dog head’ dance challenge

With season seven winding down to a close, one of Fortnite's week nine challenges is of the multi-stage dancing variety. For this challenge, you will need to dance in three unique locations with only a tiny clue given as to where: on a "sundial, oversized cup of coffee, and giant metal dog head." We know exactly where to go. The map down below marks all of the locations. The sundial is found on a small hill southeast of Paradise Palms, the oversized cup of coffee is found at the sign for the din

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Overwatch League is finally letting viewers choose their own camera angle

Last year, I lamented that the Overwatch League's $30 All-Access Pass didn't include the one thing I wanted: the ability for spectators to choose their own camera angle. The All-Access Pass for the upcoming 2019 Overwatch League season, which kicks off on February 14, finally adds that much-needed feature. Spectators can now pick which player's perspective they'd like to view, or use a handful of presets to watch, say, only the tanks. The All-Access Pass also comes with 200 Overwatch League toke

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Today’s Fallout 76 patch intends to fix the stuff broken by the last patch

Fallout 76 will receive a hotfix today that intends to undo a lot of the issues introduced by the last patch. According to Bethesda, what happened was "a merge of internal development builds failed to execute properly prior to releasing Patch 5." This reintroduced several older issues that had been corrected in an earlier patch, such as the fix for bobby pin weight, issues with plans and recipes, bulk scrap that can no longer be auto-scrapped, and others. Today's fix should be along shortly, pla

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Get the GOTY editions of Borderlands 1 and 2 together for just $14

If you've never played the fantastic experience that is Borderlands 2, or the game that started the whole series, here's your chance. The Game Of The Year Editions of both Borderlands 1 and 2 together are just $13.99 on Newegg, and the games are delivered through Steam. The GOTY Edition of Borderlands 1 includes the base game, as well as every piece of DLC—The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Claptrap's Robot Revolution. Borderlands 2

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