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AMD Vega II release date, news and rumors

The wait for a new AMD graphics card has been long and arduous, but Vega II may put AMD back on the map. That keynote paired with the recent spotting of a new trademark application for what looks like a Vega II logo strongly hint at Vega II featuring in the keynote. AMD Vega II priceIf you thought AMD Vega II’s release date was nebulous, pricing on AMD’s new graphics cards is an even bigger mystery as we practically haven’t seen any reports to suggest anything. AMD Vega II specsThe switch from a

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AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation release date, news and rumors

AMD changed the world with its first Ryzen processors and impressed us even more with its sophomore release of CPUs, but we expect Ryzen 3rd Generation will truly blow Intel out of the water. The first generation of Ryzen processors hit the market in March 2017 and Ryzen 2nd Generation arrived a month later in 2018 . AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation priceOnce again we don’t have any empirical proof to list the price of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3rd Generation processors. The AMD Ryzen 7 1700X originally laun

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We’re at CES 2019, bringing you the latest tech news, launches and insights

John McCannThe sun is out (still pretty cloudy though...), the arrivals hall at McCarren International Airport is filled with a buzz of excitement and there's a lanyard hanging round our neck. It can mean only one thing... it's time for CES 2019! CES 2019 is the world's biggest tech show, and we're reporting live from Las Vegas for the next week to bring you all the latest news, launches, insight, analysis and exciting developments in the world of technology. We'll be getting hands on with all t

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Minecraft player spends a year revamping terrain generation, results look beautiful

Reddit user MC_Pitman has spent the past year revamping terrain generation in Minecraft and, judging by the results in the image above (make sure you click in the top-right to go full screen), it's time well spent. The aim of the project was to make terrain regeneration look "more natural and realistic...more like a generated landscape than a bunch of individual biomes", they said on Reddit. The way the different environments meld together is gorgeous, and I'd love to build a house atop that hil

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Alien teaser hints at another Amanda Ripley game

20th Century Fox's latest Alien teaser suggests fans of the franchise will soon find out more about Alien: Isolation protagonist Amanda Ripley, and the teaser's "Read. Play" strapline suggests that could involve a new game. The teaser, below, says that Ripley's story "deserves to be told", and that whatever it's hinting at is "coming soon". That seems reasonable, although the "Play" bit could well be pointing to an ARG rather a fully-fledged Alien: Isolation sequel. Her story deserves to be told

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Rumor: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Campaign Will Be MW2 Remaster

According to the rumor, posted on Twitter by popular YouTuber Chaos, the remastered version of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4‘s single player will consist of will not include the infamous No Russian mission. The “leaked” info also claims that a remaster of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign may be added to Modern Warfare 4 at a later date. If true, this would make it much easier for gamers with modern hardware to play through the entire Modern Warfare saga. 🙃 pic.tw

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Hyper Light Drifter, Orwell among free games for Twitch Prime members this month

Gorgeous action RPG Hyper Light Drifter and both seasons of government spying sim Orwell are two of the four games available as part of a Twitch Prime subscription this month. They're all available if you have a Twitch Prime account, which is included as part of Amazon Prime membership (if you have Amazon Prime, click here to link your Twitch account). Hyper Light Drifter is occasionally frustrating, but it's worth playing for how good it looks. As Andy wrote in his review, it's properly challen

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Doom composer Mick Gordon recruits heavy metal choir for next soundtrack

Mick Gordon, the composer behind the soundtracks for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Killer Instinct and 2016's Doom, is pulling together a choir of heavy metal screamers for his next game. In the recruitment video, above, he simply says it's for "a video game"—my money would be on 2019's Doom Eternal, which has a decidedly metal look. Gordon is known to be working on the soundtrack. The video is an open invitation to metal screamers, but you'll have to be over 18 and free in the first week of March

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is underway; watch it live right here

Awesome Games Done Quick got underway at 11:30 a.m. with a half-hour pre-show, then rolls into seven straight days of speedrunning at the top of the hour. You can watch all of it live right here. Last year’s event raised $2,295,191 for the foundation, and AGDQ lifetime (dating to 2010) has raised more than $9 million. If you are interested in giving, donations may be made through the Games Done Quick website. Polygon will be following the marathon all week and spotlighting the intriguing events

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