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The Matrix 4 will reportedly include a younger Morpheus, despite Neo and Trinity’s return

A new report suggests Matrix 4 will include a younger Morpheus, which could provide a hint as to what direction the fourth instalment will take. It’s not clear at this stage, though it may lead to Fishburne being replaced entirely. He was, after all, not included as part of the original announcement, which also confirmed Lana Wachowski’s return in the director’s chair. The idea of a young Morpheus starring in a Matrix prequel has actually been floating around for a while. Journey to another worl

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The first Age of Empires 4 gameplay footage will be shown at XO in November

We had hoped to get a look at some Age of Empires 4 footage at Gamescom this year, but that, alas, won't be the case. However, Xbox says they'll have gameplay ready to show the public later this year at XO19 in London. That event is set to run November 14-16 at London's Copper Box Arena, and Age of Empires 4 will be shown off the first day during the Inside Xbox presentation, Greenberg has told Germany's GameStar. We've been subsisting on little bits of information since the game was announced i

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Fire is coming to Sea of Thieves, but we weren’t supposed to know that yet

Fire is officially coming to Sea of Thieves . In an incredibly funny slip-up during Rare's weekly Sea of Thieves live stream, lead engineer James Thomas mentioned, in a rather offhand manner, that the team was working on adding fire to the game. Whether or not Thomas will be around for next week's Sea of Thieves stream is up in the air, but it seems like the addition of fire is set in stone. Sea of Thieves is already an incredibly fun open-world game, and the addition of fire is going to make it

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Knights of Honor 2 is set to be a more accessible grand strategy game

Thinking about the words "medieval grand strategy," most people will probably jump straight to Crusader Kings 2, the essential example of the form since 2012. THQ Nordic is stepping into Paradox's demesne next year by resurrecting a franchise that's been dormant for 15 years: Knights of Honor. Knights of Honor 2—Sovereign is a modernized take on the original game, and THQ says they plan on making it an accessible entry point to the grand strategy genre. While it's THQ Nordic publishing the game

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Exclusive: Aaron Taylor-Johnson teases new Christopher Nolan movie Tenet: “John David Washington is going to be exceptional”

Even the actors who are set to appear in Tenet are barely allowed to discuss the movie. While speaking to our sister publication Total Film, Aaron Taylor Johnson, who was promoting his new movie A Million Little Pieces, was only able to touch on the Nolan film, barely giving anything away. It’s a really great experience and I’m super-grateful to be a part of the cast. "I can’t really say anything else about the project, but I feel very lucky to be in a Nolan film because I love every film he’s m

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Pagina nueva 1

Pagina nueva 1 Cached Page below :Company: gamerant, Activity: gamerant, Date: 2019-08-22Keywords: news, gamerant, companies, nueva, paginaCompany: gamerant, Activity: gamerant, Date: 2019-08-22Keywords: news, gamerant, companies, nueva, pagina

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Motorola Razr foldable phone could be out by the end of 2019

The Motorola Razr upcoming foldable phone has rather been forgotten compared to other big-name foldables like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, probably because it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but it looks like the device could be out around the same time as those phones. That's according to LetsGoDigital, a Dutch tech website, which claims a source close to the matter passed it some important information, including the Motorola Razr's release date and price. According to the s

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Huawei founder tells staff it faces ‘live or die’ moment

Huawei staff have been told the company plans to go into “battle mode” to survive the ongoing US ban disruption, founder Ren Zhengfei has said. The ruling limited Huawei’s access to important components and to the Android operating system as well as Google applications. “Attempts to suppress Huawei's business won't help the United States achieve technological leadership. We call on the US government to put an end to this unjust treatment and remove Huawei from the Entity List. “Today's decision

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may have a huge 108MP camera if this leak is correct

It follows the Mi Mix 3, which was announced in October last year, and which is arguably Xiaomi's most premium smartphone to date. What else is in the Mi Mix 4? Details of the front camera of the Mi Mix 4 are still unclear, but we wouldn't be surprised if Xiaomi opts for a pop-up camera solution. The Mi Mix 4 is also expected to be one of the first smartphones to run the company's MIUI 11 software. The leak also mentions that the Mi Mix 4 supports NFC, and will reintroduce a 3.5mm audio jack to

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