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Valve explains Steam Discovery bug that made indie games harder to find

In response to those complaints, Valve has posted a message in the Steamworks Development group (available to the public) explaining what happened. This change was meant to fix an issue where customers would search for a game, but that game would be much lower in the search results than other less relevant games," Valve wrote. "As a result, overall impressions and views for the 'More Like This' section did show a substantial decrease for about two weeks after the initial bug," Valve said. That w

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Cult classic Gone Home is bringing all the feels to iOS on December 11

Gone Home slayed us with its storytelling and 90s nostalgia back in 2013, and now five years later it's ready to do it again with an iOS release on December 11. "I really did not picture a future where five years later you'd be able to explore the house on Arbor Hill on a literal telephone. It's a little surreal - but I'm sure not complaining," Steve Gaynor, one of the developers at Fullbright Company, told GamesRadar+. People still talk about seeing themselves and people they know in the charac

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Day 2 of Amazon’s ‘12 Days of Deals’ focuses on PC hardware

This is the best time of year to build or upgrade your PC, or add to it (like a new router). We're knee-deep in the holiday shopping season at this point, and that means there are deals galore. This is day two of its '12 Days of Deals' event, each day of which focuses on a specific category. We've already highlighted some of the better deals on Logitech's gaming peripherals and accessories, but that's just scratching a very large surface. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy somethi

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This MSI GF63 gaming laptop deal is the best we’ve seen since Black Friday

If you missed out on any of those sweet gaming laptop deals over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season, it looks like MSI and Newegg have you covered. MSI GF63 gaming laptop: $999 now $679 at NeweggThis is definitely an entry-level gaming laptop, with Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti power paired with 1TB of spinning storage, but it's now available for more than $300 off. This is one of the most affordable gaming laptops we've ever seen.View DealSure, this is no doubt MSI's most

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OnePlus 7 will be the first phone to feature a Snapdragon 855

We don't know the name for certain yet, but OnePlus is the first to confirm its next phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 inside. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, confirmed the news on stage at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2018 and said its next mobile device will feature the newly announced chipset. We already expected the next OnePlus device to feature the newly announced Snapdragon 855, but it's a surprise the company is the first to announce it'll feature the new chipset. A OnePlus firstA

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Is the GeForce GTX 1070 getting a GDDR5X memory upgrade? Not so fast

Zotac recently added another GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card model to its product stack, and in doing so it seemingly revealed that Nvidia was adding a GDDR5X memory option to the 1070, like it did with the GeForce GTX 1060 in October. If you got your hopes up, brace yourself—the GDDR5X memory that initially appeared in the specifications was a "simple mistake" on Zotac's part. The potential advantage of using GDDR5X memory is ultimately more bandwidth, by running at faster speeds. It remains to

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Walmart did not pull its ‘Overpowered’ gaming desktop PCs from sale

Walmart's Overpowered gaming PC line is not going away any time soon. Rumors began circulating a few days ago that Walmart had pulled their Overpowered line of gaming PC desktops from sale. Walmart Gaming PCs are done! pic.twitter.com/qoDbZMt3MsDecember 3, 2018We were able to confirm that all Overpowered gaming desktop PCs and laptops are available for purchase on Walmart's website, though it appears several models have dropped in price recently. The Overpowered gaming laptop model with 32GB of

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“I’m just going to look like an a**hole” – Don’t tell Daenerys, but Jason Momoa doesn’t think she’ll win the Game of Thrones

"In all honesty, I have no idea how this thing's going to end," he tells me. "I don’t even want to predict it because I’m just going to look like an asshole." Will he even tell us who he's rooting for to sit on the Iron Throne when the credits roll? Half of the fun of the series is that it's unpredictable and as Momoa says, "you never know with those guys [the Game of Thrones showrunners]. If you want more Game of Thrones goodness, check out the best Game of Thrones theories you need to know bef

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For $10, Activision is basically giving away the Alexa-compatible Destiny 2 Ghost speaker

The Alexa-compatible Destiny 2 Ghost device released to a vitriolic response when it came out last year for $89.99. Instead, the Destiny 2 Ghost turned out to be more of a desk ornament than a functional smart speaker. Get the Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost for $9.99 at AmazonDespite the criticisms, $10 is a steal for Activision's official Destiny 2 Ghost speaker accessory as a desk trophy alone. At $90 the Destiny 2 Ghost speaker was immensely overpriced considering its many flaws. Regardless

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How to watch The Game Awards 2018

Sure, The Game Awards 2018 is about recognizing the best and brightest games of the year, but for most of us it's really about all the game announcements and hoping for another bananas Death Stranding trailer. When can I watch The Game Awards 2018? Here are all the major start times by location:London: 1.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberNew York: 8.30pm on Thursday, 6 DecemberLos Angeles: 5.30pm on Thursday, 6 DecemberJapan: 10.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberAustrailia: 11.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberHow can

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