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How is World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth holding up one month after launch?

The honeymoon phase is over for Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft's seventh expansion. But Battle for Azeroth is a much more modest expansion, both in terms of its themes and aesthetics. Legion significantly revamped World of Warcraft's endgame by adding World Quests and Mythic+ dungeons, both of which are copied into Battle for Azeroth. The core structure of World of Warcraft is as strong as ever even if Blizzard doesn't stick the landing with Battle for Azeroth's newest features. Though Wa

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Stormland is a robust FPS adventure made better by VR

Stormland is exactly what I want from a VR game: cool enough that I'd want to play it even without an Oculus headset, but much better because it's built to take full advantage of being in VR. It's a pretty straightforward setup for a shooter, but Stormland is really all about execution, and it feels great to play. With the Oculus Touch controllers, I could aim guns and a small blaster on my wrist used to blow up stacks of ore to collect resources. But Stormland also embraces the physicality of V

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker has some nice portraits, I just wish there were more

If you make your own character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker it's a long process, with tons of class varieties to choose from as well as the nitty-gritty of feats and skill points to get into. This is the face that's going to represent you for the next 50 to 100 hours. If they manage not to look like one of those "cosplayer pulling a weird face" portraits from Baldur's Gate that's even better. Image 1 of 7 Image 2 of 7 Image 3 of 7 Image 4 of 7 Image 5 of 7 Image 6 of 7 Image 7 of 7Fortunately, you c

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What did you play last week?

James Davenport is still playing Fortnite, in fact he may never stop playing Fortnite. Perhaps our entire world is his personal Purgatory and we exist merely to facilitate a state of affairs where he can only play Fortnite, forever. On the down side, the combination of dogs and the skin that makes you look like John Wick raises some questions. The further adventures of Joe Donnelly in GTA Online are always something I look forward to, and last week he jumped into a modded server that recreated L

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Party Hard 2 story trailer smells like violence, final demo now available

Party Hard is a 2015 stealth-action game about noisy neighbors and what happens to them after they ignore your requests to tone it down at 3 am. The Party Hard 2 story trailer is a little grimmer than the previous one, too. It's all very odd, so it's good that a demo is free to download and play at The download link says players will get access to the first Party Hard 2 alpha, the "Christmas alpha," and the final demo, which publisher tinyBuild said is now available. The full ver

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The latest Farming Simulator 19 teaser shows how you can destroy your own crops in real time

Giants Software has dropped a new teaser trailer demonstrating the "new field interactions" coming to its upcoming farming sim, Farming Simulator 19. That's not all, though. In a dev blog published earlier this week, the studio confirmed what happens if you let newly formed weeds take hold of your crops. "If you don’t tackle your weed problem before your crops are ready for harvest, the field’s final yield will be reduced by 20% - laziness is expensive!" "We expect that weeds will provide an ext

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This game is a twee Papers, Please with a dash of Animal Crossing

Willowbrooke Post is an upcoming game where the player returns home to manage their parents’ post office for a year following their “sudden departure,” in the process meeting the local community, learning about them, and stamping lots of letters. Willowbrooke Post will be developed by Dante Knoxx and published by Excalibur, the company behind odd, endearing broken car simulator Jalopy . Willowbrooke Post is a setup that’s familiar to anyone interested in farm life games like Stardew Valley, all

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Fortnite’s flying Loot Lake island is moving around

The island floating above Loot Lake is moving, folks. After the mysterious cube kinda… melted into it last season, we’ve now got a floating island above Loot Lake. Reports place it at or near the various runes left by the cube as it traveled the map during Season 5. Conflicting reports place the fugitive island near retail row and salty springs, or maybe in the opposite direction, near pleasant park. The common theory, however, seems to be that it’s heading towards the various runes left by Seas

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Bungie files mysterious trademark for Matter

A trademark filing in the EU has revealed an unannounced Bungie project: “Matter.” Filed by a UK law firm representing the American company, Matter is filed under the classifications for “video game software” and “electronic games services provided by means of the internet or other communication network.”In other words: It’s a videogame. Will it be a PC game? It’s probably worth noting that the second classification can also indicate a service which allows the downloading or playing of games, as

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The Tropico 6 beta is live, but only if you’ve pre-ordered the game

Kalypso has let loose the beta of Tropico 6, but only for those who pre-order the game through its shop. A Steam beta was announced in August, but that doesn't have a date yet. Tropico 6 returns to a greater focus on the player’s character—the dictator El Presidente—with customizable outfits, palaces, election speeches, and the like. These features, of course, return alongside classic city-builder series gameplay like managing imports, building housing, and having dissenters shot in the street.

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