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This perfect run of a custom Beat Saber VR track will blow your mind

Star Wars meets Guitar Hero is the elevator pitch for Beat Saber, an Early Access VR rhythm game that's making waves on Steam. You can watch one such custom track played in the video above, and it's mind-bogglingly cool. In Beat Saber, you have to hit each block from a particular direction, so he almost looks like proper Jedi, twirling his laser swords to get the right angles. He's using ProTube VR, which can hold one VR controller on each end, essentially combining the two lightsabers into one.

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This BattleTech mod unlocks the entire map early so you can explore outside the campaign

A mod released this week changes that, opening up the entire map early in the campaign. You'll still need to play a few hours to unlock it, completing the tense Liberation of Weldry campaign mission. The game's campaign is fun, but I prefer the feeling of being a freelance mercenary, earning money through contracts to balance the books and pay wages while building up my fleet of mechs. This mod should play into that fantasy by giving you more freedom to play the way you want. For it to work, you

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Resident Evil 7 coming to Nintendo Switch — but just in Japan for now

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of the week — with some conditions attached. It’s in Japan only for now, and it’s apparently just a digital release. The trailer above, for the survival horror franchise’s official YouTube account in Japan, bills it as the “cloud version” of the game, and that it’s launching May 24. But the game only has a listing on the Nintendo eShop in Japan and only Japanese language is supported. Resident Evil 7 originally launched in Januar

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Nintendo DS sees new life as the ‘Neon Advance’

What happens when a Nintendo DS comes apart in two pieces? So Joe Bleeps prettied up one with a light-bar mod and made sure it could support classic titles playable on one of the Nintendo DS’ old screens. There were speakers on it, so Joe Bleeps compensated by putting a mono speaker into the stylus housing on the back. This mod is not applicable to the Nintendo DSi or later, which does not have the Game Boy Advance slot compatible for that device’s cartridges. The unit still runs the standard Ni

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You can buy Rainbow Six Siege for 50% off right now

Rainbow Six Siege is free-to-play this weekend, as you may have heard, and if you like what you see you can also buy most editions of the game for 50% off. The only edition that isn't half price is the Starter Edition—but you don't want that one, anyway. Evan wrote a guide to all the versions you can buy here, and the Standard Edition is your best bet. All the other editions, which unlock more gear for a higher price, are also 50% off, if you don't fancy grinding. I bought the Standard Edition r

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Meet your alien allies in new Star Control: Origins trailer

Star Control: Origins, the reboot of the classic space adventure series Star Control, is slowly starting to take shape. It's expected to launch later this year, and in its latest preview video we get to meet the factions you'll have to try and get on-side as you battle against the Scryve, a powerful alien species. To beat the Scryve, you'll need some allies. The last species has lots of tentacles that are "good for hugging"—as you can tell, Star Control: Origins isn't taking itself too seriously

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 Challenges Revealed

Last weekend, Fortnite’s Season 4 Week 3 Battle Pass Challenges leaked online, and it seems as if the same thing has occurred once again to offer fans of Epic Games’ hybrid construction survival shooter a glimpse at the title’s forthcoming prestigious feats to be accomplished. Today, a datamine of the game shows Season 4 Week 4’s Challenges on the horizon, and it might be a tough go for those trying to complete them all. As seen in the image below of the list of leaked challenges for Fortnite‘s

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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s first co-op Party Battle now live, runs until early next week

The latest update to Dragon Ball FighterZ added two new game modes: a co-op Party Battle and FighterZ Cup, a monthly contest in which players fight to earn points for their Z-Union. Party Battle will introduce a series of time-limited modes to fight through, the first of which—called The Emperor Strikes Back—is now live. You can set up your party to be private and invite your friends or match up with other online players. The Emperor Strikes back will focus on Frieza, the former emperor of the u

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Black Ops 4 May Add a Single Player Campaign After Release

Now, however, Treyarch Senior Producer Yale Miller has intimated that the forthcoming first-person shooter sequel could add a single-player campaign after its release. According to the studio’s Senior Producer, though, a more standard single-player experience could come post-launch, as he said, “[The single player mode] is only missing at this moment in time,” which potentially infers its inclusion after release. “I really think with every game we make, we finish that title and then we ask ‘what

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Stellaris: Distant Stars story DLC is coming next week

Stellaris: Distant Stars, the next story DLC for the grand strategy space game, will release next Tuesday, May 22, Paradox Interactive has announced. A new video, above, breaks down all the things you can expect from the DLC, which will cost $9.99. The biggest addition is a new cluster of stars called the L-Cluster, which is separated from the rest of the galaxy. Paradox will also release the game's free 2.1 Niven update alongside Distant Stars. Niven, which I wrote about here, overhauls anomali

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