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Skelly Selest looks like Enter the Gungeon by way of Devil Daggers

I'd never heard of developer Caiysware until today, when I happened to catch their latest game, Skelly Selest, in the Steam new releases page. It's an 8-bit bullet hell roguelike about dismembering ghouls in the pits of Hell, specifically in such scenic locales as the Bone Plains, Flesh Gardens, and Soul Necropolis. You can get it on Steam for $3 (or $2.24 if you buy before May 8), which looks like a bargain for the amount of game on offer. Apart from a standard dungeon-crawl mode where you unlo

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Pato Box is a boxing game with a noir comic art-style where you’re a duck for some reason

A clever piece of misdirection at the beginning of Pato Box sums up the experience perfectly. Pato Box isn't going to be just a Punch-Out!! In Pato Box, you play an anthropomorphic boxing duck who must use his fists to defeat Deathflock, an evil corporation who lost you an important match and left you for dead. Despite being a fairly ridiculous premise for a game, the team behind Pato Box wanted to play the story straight. Pato Box also has some fantastic animations, which mirror the exaggerated

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How to get the Far Cry 5 gun that shoots shovels

The latest Far Cry 5 live event, White Collar Job, starts today and is well worth participating in for a chance to grab the grand prize: a Shovel Launcher. All you have to do to get it is sign up and take out some wolves - including Jacob Seed's brainwashed Judges - with arrows. To get the outlandish gun, you'll need to collect ten collars. Turn in those white collars to Jess and claim this week’s exclusive rewards- including the brand new shovel launcher! Not to mention useful, if the next load

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7 most important things Facebook announced at F8 2018

Lucky for you, we've rounded up the seven most important announcements from the F8 2018 Day 1 keynote right here. Soon, you'l' be able to build a Facebook dating profile and connect with other singles in your area—in a part of the app that your regular Facebook friends can’t see. Facebook will also recommend potential matches “based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends”, but Zuckerberg emphasized that it won’t pair you up with any actual Facebook friends. Facebook will jus

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A Disgaea 5 Complete demo is now available from Alienware

Disgaea 5 Complete, which Austin said last month is the best Disgaea, is coming to PC on May 7. Publisher NIS America has hooked up with Alienware to give away a big bunch of Steam demo keys. Having jumped through requisite hoops, you will be presented with a Steam key, which will lead you to a roughly 6GB download. Finish that up and voila, a Disgaea 5 Complete demo is yours to do with as you please. The strategy-RPG Disgaea 5 Complete, which include the base game plus eight bonus scenarios, fo

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Pokemon Go gets Fighting-type Pokemon, plus Electric and Flying Research

"Until May 14, you’ll receive 2× bonus XP for Gym Battles and Raid Battles. Plus, Raid Battles will also award a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for participating - and at least one Rare Candy if you win." Today Niantic also announced new Field Research tasks and rewards that will focus on the Flying- and Electric-flavored Pokemon. On May 19 from 11am to 2pm Pacific Time, special Pokemon and bonuses will appear in your local area. "For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokemon i

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Scythe is a great board game, but the PC version needs sharpening

Scythe was one of the real standout board games of 2016, marrying a strong strategy game engine with Jakub Rozalski’s beautiful and fascinating world of 1920+ . It’s the kind of strategy game you can get wargamers and more abstract strategists to play, with an emphasis on not just map control and conflict, but also on strategic economics. The bones of tabletop Scythe are here in full. Right now, the best way to learn to play this version of Scythe is to read the tabletop rulebook. I can happily

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X-Wing Miniatures Game 2nd edition is coming this fall

One of tabletop’s biggest miniatures games has a big shakeup today as Fantasy Flight Games announced a new edition that will tweak the core rules and add new force powers to the game’s pool of strategic options. The most major change to the game’s rules seems to be the addition of Force powers, allowing force-sensitive pilots to alter the battlefield with new abilities. Fantasy Flight Games also cites numerous refinements to the game’s “flow” aimed at “refocusing on the physical act of flying st

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Ooblets developer update shows off adorable little houses and new characters

I'm starting to hope Ooblets, developer Glumberland's creature collecting farm sim (which Double Fine is publishing), comes with a glossary. In the new April developer update alone, we've got terms like followbabies, oobcoops, and some alien horror called 'taxes.' In the update, programmer and artist Rebecca Cordingley shares a critical oobcoop feature: you can peek inside and play with your followbabies. For less angry new characters, we've got Churles, the clothing designer and clothing shop o

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Destiny 2 ‘Developer Insights’ video promises no nerf for Vigilance Wing

(As we can see in the video, it's also getting a swanky new ornament in the next season.) "We're going to see a lot more weapons that are capable of pulling off shenanigans the way that Vigilance Wing currently is," Hamrick says. The Warmind expansion will bring a lot of changes to Destiny 2 on both the PvP and PvE fronts, and I'm really looking forward to diving into it. And based on Reddit threads like this one, this is the direction that a lot of players want to go. Destiny 2: Warmind goes li

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