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The Sims 4 ‘Insane’ trait has been renamed to ‘Erratic’

As Kotaku noticed and EA confirmed, the trait was recently renamed to "Erratic." Kotaku actually called out the trait as problematic in a March opinion piece noting that while "insane" Sims behave randomly, real-life mental illness doesn't work that way. "It’s toned down in [The Sims] 4, but in general Insane sims are more aggressive and less liked by other sims. The April 17 patch notes make no mention of the change, but EA confirmed in an email that the Insane trait was renamed to Erratic. The

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Samsung 970 Evo review: we’re close to maxing out PCIe x4

Here's a look at the full specs:Compared to the previous generation, the 970 Evo has a few noteworthy changes. Compared to the 960 Evo 500GB, the 970 Evo 500GB beats it by 17 percent in our overall performance metric. The 970 Evo (and 970 Pro, though I haven't tested that yet) are the latest additions to the family, offering clear improvements in most aspects. The Samsung 970 Evo 1TB costs 80 percent more for the same capacity, and that can be a bitter pill to swallow. The Samsung 970 Pro only b

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An upcoming Hearthstone patch will fix Shudderwock’s absurd Battlecry

Shudderwock, the most talked about legendary card in Hearthstone's newly released The Witchwood expansion, is getting a soft nerf and a much-needed fix in an upcoming update, Blizzard announced today. The number of Battlecries he can repeat is being capped at 20, and more importantly, the speed of his animations is being doubled. Likewise, the speed of Lifedrinker's Battlecry, the linchpin in the Shudderwock burn combo, will also be sped up. It's the kind of problem that shouldn't exist regardle

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To Leave is about a magic door and a boy’s battle with himself

To Leave isn't shy about its themes. Its protagonist, Harm, is a young boy with bipolar disorder (the more modern term for manic-depression) who hopes to use his magic door to solve the world's problems and his own. Harm's 'drive' meter also sounds like an interesting way to express emotion in a game. To Leave is out on PS4 today, but the PC version is due at a later, currently undisclosed date. If you're interested in discovering more games that deal with mental illness, have a look at the insi

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Defense Grid, the ‘beer game’ that changed a genre

"I wanted to make a AAA tower defense game, since the genre had only been in mods and flash games so far. I wanted to make Defense Grid because that's a game I wanted to play." Defense Grid: The Awakening was originally set to release on Xbox Live Arcade, through a publishing deal with Microsoft. "We wanted to Kickstart a Defense Grid expansion, and if it funded enough we could do Defense Grid 2. A decade later Defense Grid: The Awakening remains one of the most beloved tower defense games ever

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See the new Exotics, armor, and enemies from the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC

With the big Destiny 2: Warmind reveal out of the way, Bungie dropped a horde of images showing some of the new Exotics coming to the game, plus many that are returning from D1, as well as shots of the new Warmind-themed armor and Frozen Hive enemies. The Suros Regime auto rifle and Claws of Ahamkara gloves, for instance, are both being brought in from the original Destiny. Destiny 2: Warmind - ExoticsImage 1 of 14 Image 2 of 14 Image 3 of 14 Image 4 of 14 Image 5 of 14 Image 6 of 14 Image 7 of

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Pillars of Eternity 2 dev talks worldbuilding, and making all that text ‘easier to digest’

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has big boots to fill when it releases next month, and will be bringing old and new tricks to the party-based RPG format of the highly-acclaimed Pillars of Eternity . Afterwards, area designers and narrative designers like Carrie sit down together to get on the same page before a narrative designer gets to work on the actual dialogue and descriptions. I asked Patel how narrative and area designers collaborate to create a culture, both in the characters and the loo

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5 things you need to know from Destiny 2: Warmind’s reveal stream

Even as Bungie tries to stow away more secrets for intrepid Destiny 2 explorers, it couldn't help but share a bunch of details in the reveal stream for the Warmind expansion. I've embedded the stream archive below if you want to take it all in, but keep scrolling to see five of the biggest things you need to know about. The bad news is that now you'll finally have to make good on all those idle "I'd totally beat that asshole in a 1v1" threats you've been making since September. Hive Escalation P

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Do we really need 8K TVs yet?

Do we really need 8K TVs? Regardless, more 8K TVs are coming in 20188K content may be virtually non-existent, but we're about to see every major brand launch an 8K TV. “Will the other TV brands be able to resist the temptation to offer a premium 8K TV? CES 2018 saw a bevy of 8K TVs shown-off, including Samsung's 85-inch Q9S 8K QLED TV , Sony's 85-inch 8K TV, and LG Display's 88-inch 8K OLED TV display. “People will buy 8K TVs as monitors, as 4K multi-screens, as whiteboards, but as high resoluti

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New iOS 11 update fixes unresponsive iPhone 8 screen issue

Screens that were replaced with unofficial parts and became unresponsive in iOS 11.3 should work properly with this update. Earlier this month, iOS 11.3 seemed to introduce a bug that made some iPhone 8 screens unresponsive to touch if they weren't official Apple parts. But, the update fixes the issue, seeming to show Apple isn't trying to block third-party components. Beyond this fix, iOS 11.3.1 is a minor update, with no exciting new features coming with it for those unaffected by the screen i

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