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Battlefield studio DICE is reportedly working on a battle royale mode project

In case it wasn't the most bleedingly obvious direction for the world's most popular large scale FPS studio, DICE is reportedly working on a battle royale project. Rumours followed that the game would take place during World War 2, which makes sense, since 2016's instalment ushered us back to World War 1. It makes sense that DICE would pursue the battle royale genre: Fortnite and PUBG are obviously massive, Radical Heights is getting there, and Activision has reportedly ditched this year's Call

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Watch three of Destiny 2’s revamped Exotic weapons in action

And when I say rebalancing, we're not talking about just sliding some damage values up a little. This week Weisnewski was back with three more tweaked guns to highlight, each of which got its own quick preview video. However, it's now going to be much easier to get a boost from using the Rat King with friends. "Rat Pack perk now triggers when fireteam members have Rat King slotted as their kinetic weapon, stowed or in hand," said Weisnewski. From the speed with which the team in the video above

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Russian streamers claim Twitch is now being blocked

And that dispute has resulted in some major headaches for Russian streamers on Twitch. But it appears widespread, and comes after an initial attempt to block Telegram directly failed. Solonin said that it is possible to block Telegram through Apple and Google, although he described the idea as "absurd." The block doesn't appear to be entirely across the board, as some Russian streamers said that they can still access Twitch. Even though Twitch appears to be collateral damage in this dispute, the

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Muffled Warfare is a multiplayer FPS where everyone is blind

I can only assume Muffled Warfare is just developer Gattai Games challenging Samurai Punk, the makers of Screencheat, a multiplayer FPS where everyone is invisible and you have to discern enemy locations by looking at their screen. Because Muffled Warfare has taken it one step further: it's a multiplayer FPS where everyone is blind. The Steam description for Muffled Warfare, which will launch in Early Access on Friday, April 27, took the words right out of my mouth: "You've heard of that blind s

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Even Facebook is designing its own processors, says a new report

Facebook is reportedly designing its very own processor hardware so as to reduce reliance on partners like Intel and Qualcomm in its device efforts. Bloomberg suspects that Facebook could use these chips in future device endeavors, artificial intelligence software and server hardware. At any rate, it’s now in the open that Facebook is working toward developing its own processors for the purpose of AI and machine learning through SoCs. What that means for the future of Facebook products is unknow

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Radical Heights’ first patch adds bike tricks and a much needed quick melee option

Radical Heights, Boss Key Productions' free-to-play battle royale game, is receiving its first patch. "They will spin out of control less when riding normally," the patch notes say, to which I have to ask: shouldn't they never spin out of control while riding normally? Why would anything, when ridden normally, spin out of control? Anyway, it's a major plus that bike handling is improved, and you'll also have control in the air to do totally tubular flips and spins. You can peruse the full patch

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Google Chrome gives Oculus Rift users native VR support

Oculus Rift users can slip on their headsets and have a much easier time navigating the web on Chrome now that native virtual reality (VR) support has been added. A new flag for "Oculus hardware support" in the stable build of Google Chrome was spotted by a Redditor and noted in a post today. Google isn't the first to give Oculus Rift owners a way to browse the web in VR. There are already plenty of other VR web browsers, and Oculus even has its own specific browser on the Oculus Store. This new

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Platinum Games reveals its latest brawler, but World of Demons is for small-screen samurai only

It looks very slick and pretty on the small screen, and DeNA's Andrew Szymanski says that serious effort has been put into making it feel good for your fingers too. "Obviously, Platinum is an expert at this type of game, so got a working action prototype going pretty easily - but tweaking the touch controls took a long time." "We're pretty confident we've got a great expression of this style of action game on a touch screen," says Szymanski. If the free-to-play side of things is a red flag for y

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Mech combat game Vox Machinae is just what VR needs

Vox Machinae, which I played a couple weeks ago at an Oculus event near PAX East, looks to help fill that gap, and it does so splendidly so far. Vox Machinae is a multiplayer game, but knowing that it can be hard to fill servers in VR games, developer Space Bullet Dynamics populates matches with bots to make up for missing players. Vox Machinae will "probably" enter Early Access this year, say the devs, and at that point it will be a "complete game." I've got a pretty easygoing stomach when it c

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Vampyr, Life is Strange developer reportedly working on multiple new games

Dontnod, the French indie studio behind Life is Strange and upcoming vampire RPG Vampyr, is working on multiple unannounced games, according to a report from French site Le Figaro. The report (translated by a ResetEra user) says Dontnod is working on one unannounced title and in talks with "a leading industry publisher" about two more. In other words, one game is in development, and the studio has two other game ideas seeking publisher backing. Take that with a grain of salt, though; game ideas

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