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Stick some God of War in your Grand Theft Auto 5 with this very special Kratos mod

If you're more mouse and keyboard than DualShock 4, you're probably feeling a little sore at all those rapturous God of War reviews that hit today. The good news is that you can still experience some Kratos magic on PC, thanks to a very special GTA 5 mod. Spotted by PC Gamer , Lê Tuấn Khải's Kratos—God of War 3 Grand Theft Auto 5 mod features the Ghost of Sparta, complete with his Blades of Chaos. "Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showca

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ESPN+: Everything you need to know about the sports-focused streaming service

ESPN+ is a streaming service package from ESPN. How do I watch ESPN+? One last thing that’s worth pointing out here despite its very obvious nature, is that you’ll need access to the internet to watch ESPN+ - i.e. How ESPN+ is different than ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, etc…ESPN is trying to be very careful with ESPN+. Besides live content, the other component to consider with ESPN+ is its library of excellent ESPN documentaries and ESPN+ exclusive shows.

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The Eugen Systems strike is over, but the battle rages on

In February, 21 developers at Steel Division: Normandy '44 developer Eugen Systems went on strike, alleging "serious violations" of their rights including delayed payments, denied overtime pay, and wages that were below the country's minimum wage. The strike came after 15 months of failed negotiations, and earlier this month several current and former employees announced that they were taking the matter to court. Now the striking developers have released a statement announcing that the strike wa

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Hearthstone’s new expansion already has a game-breaking combo

The theme of Hearthstone’s latest expansion is a dank, haunted forest, lingering outside the walls of the cursed city of Gilneas. This spectacular combo is the talk of the pro player scene, and to be honest, they're right to be afraid. EITHER one Murmuring Elemental, which casts the next Battlecry you play twice, followed by Grumble, Worldshaker, which will return that Murmuring Elemental into your hand, reducing its cost to one. Once that’s all done, and you have 10 Mana plus your 1-Mana Murmur

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Best Oculus Rift games: the Oculus Rift games you need to play

Unlike the virtual reality of the ‘90s, virtual reality (VR) this time around is hitting its stride. Though VR requires a pricey headset and an even pricier computer, one of the most important factors is having the best VR games, and the Oculus Rift has its fair share. The best Oculus Rift games run the gamut from simple arcade style games (which still manage incredibly immersion) and seated puzzlers to fully fledged adventure games and mind-blowing action titles. Luckily for VR lovers, the best

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HTC Vive headsets of the future could be lighter and wireless thanks to 5G

5G networks are on the way to make smart device connectivity incredibly fast. With the increased bandwidth, minimal latency and remote processing power associated with 5G, an HTC executive said that VR devices will be much lighter, wire-free, and capable of much more lifelike experiences. Speaking to Gulf News at the UAE launch of the HTC Vive Pro , HTC Product and Strategy VP Raymond Pao said that 5G was a “perfect fit” for VR and AR. HTC has plans to release a Wireless Adapter for the Vive thi

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Destiny 2: How to Cheese the Nightfall and Get the DFA Hand Cannon

hand cannon is an exclusive Nightfall reward that is only available when the Tree of Probabilities strike is active as the Nightfall, as it is this week. It is in the same Impact and Rate of Fire class as the Better Devils, arguably the most widely used hand cannon in Destiny 2. It also outclasses the stats of the other top-tier hand cannon in the game, the Leviathan raid’s Midnight Coup. This could very well be a hand cannon aficionado’s dream, and with that comes the challenge of getting this

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Mother Simulator makes you deal with a hungry baby, explosive diarrhea, and a sudden ice age

They need to be fed, their diapers need changing, they need a pacifier, and one would assume that administering some sort of loving attention would be beneficial as well. I've been playing Mother Simulator, now in Early Access on Steam, which is actually more of a first-person action game than a sim. Mother Simulator is fun in a sort of hectic, repetitive way, though the challenges keep stacking up and they get pretty ridiculous. In another level, a sudden ice age has occurred—could happen!—and

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Tabletop-inspired RPG For The King launching from Early Access next week

In case you missed its long development cycle: For The King is a turn-based, tabletop-inspired fantasy RPG. The launch update will add three new wintry biomes to explore: the Frozen Expanse, Frigid Sea and Shivering Woods. Between them they contain 20 new enemies and encounters, IronOak says, not to mention plenty of loot. As it happens, I took a few intrepid steps into the Frozen Expanse at GDC, and I enjoyed my brief adventure. Ahead of the upcoming launch, IronOak have raised the price of For

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Hunt: Showdown’s first performance patch promises a smoother experience

Crytek has released the first "performance patch" for Hunt: Showdown, and says it should address "most of the severe performance issues" that players have reported so far. Some players may see a big jump in framerate but the studio said the goal with this update is to improve overall performance for everyone so all players have "a more stable and stutter-free experience." Servers should be more reliable, and upgrades to the backend technology "pave the way for further improvements to debugging u

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