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Oculus Rift overtakes HTC Vive in Steam’s monthly hardware survey, again

It was just two months ago when Oculus Rift passed HTC Vive as the most popular VR headset in the Steam hardware survey for the very first time. In February, Oculus overtook HTC Vive by 1.9%, with 47.3% of Steam users connecting with Oculus Rift compared to 45.4% with Vive. Because Oculus users access the Oculus Store by default and must manually download the SteamVR browser, many Oculus gamers simply never open Steam. If only half of Oculus gamers try Steam, compared to all Vive gamers, then Oc

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Best HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro games: top games to get the most out of your headset

If you have a powerful PC, an interest in virtual reality and cash to burn, you’ve probably been looking at the brand new HTC Vive Pro with no small amount of interest. It may be more expensive than the standard (and still excellent) HTC Vive, but it also improves on it. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top games for the HTC Vive Pro, ready for the headset's release date of April 5. And with the improved resolution of the Vive Pro, you’ll notice all the interactive objects in the w

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Slap naked mole rats with your inventory sack in Slasher’s Keep

"The Sack Smack™ is an integral part of the combat as it allows you to kill enemies instantly," he says. Slasher's Keep is a minefield of traps and hazards but fortunately, thanks to the sack attack, this lack of workplace safety can be exploited. Living in a slasher’s paradiseMy first run at Slasher's Keep was a cruel reminder of the perils of impatience. I began by sprinting into rooms swinging like a pinwheel with no regard for blocking enemy attacks or, as Schloter reminded me, using my inve

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Firefox Reality wants to be the web browser for your standalone VR headset

Mozilla is working on a new web browser for standalone virtual and augmented reality headsets, a sign that the Firefox maker doesn't think the VR/AR movement is going away any time soon. Standalone headsets, by the way, are devices that don't require a PC or smartphone to run. In addition to putting a premium on privacy, Firefox Reality will be cross-platform, meaning it will work on a variety of standalone VR/AR headsets and software platforms. It's also open source, so it will be easier for ma

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New Ethereum ASICs could help reduce the mining demand for graphics cards

This may not be strictly gaming related, but in what is sure to please gamers hoping to upgrade to a new graphics card, Bitmain has announced pre-orders for its upcoming Antminer E3. The new ASIC will target the Ethash / DaggerHashimoto algorithm, currently used by Ethereum, Ethereumclassic, Ubiq, Piri, and several other cryptocurrencies. Prior to the arrival of the E3 ASIC, Ethereum has been one of the favorite mining targets for GPU miners, with droves of AMD and Nvidia GPUs working in the min

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MSI 6-core gaming notebooks are available for pre-order

Right on schedule, there are a slew of new gaming notebooks sporting these chips from all the usual suspects. For graphics, the GS65 supports either the GTX 1070 Max-Q or a GTX 1060 (non-Max-Q). It supports the new Core i5 and Core i7 6-core mobile processors and includes a large 82Wh battery, weighing 4.14 pounds. It's available for pre-order on Amazon and Newegg, with the i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, and 256GB SSD starting at $2,099; the GTX 1060 model starts at $1,799. Finally, the GE63 and GE73

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Totem Teller is like an interactive storybook with intentional glitches

Totem Teller makes glitches look good. To hear developer Grinning Pickle tell it, it's a simple 2D game about guiding a curious robed individual called the Teller through a "beautifully broken" storybook-like world peppered with glitches which the Teller must resolve. Most PC gamers are no stranger to resolving glitches, but Totem Teller does things a little differently. Glitches represent corrupted story fragments, and by healing them, you can learn more about Totem Teller's world. And while I

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Drive fast and shoot straight in GTA Online’s new Target Assault Races

A new race mode is coming to GTA Online that combines the two best things about life in Los Santos—dangerous driving and guns—into one super-sport. Target Assault Races puts one player on the wheel and another on the trigger in a race where accuracy is even more important than speed. Passing checkpoints and finishing in the top three will earn bonus points, but hitting the targets is what really counts: Smaller targets are worth more, and hitting the bullseye will earn more points too. That puts

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Infiltrate cities and spray graffiti in turn-based stealth game Vandals

Vandals has one of the coolest elevator pitches I've ever heard: turn-based stealth graffiti. Rather than a secret agent infiltrating underground bases in search of top-secret intel, you're an agent of expression infiltrating cities like Paris and Tokyo in search of sweet canvases to tag. Developer Cosmografik says Vandals has 60 levels set in five cities: Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo, Berlin and New York. Sneak through their curiously well-guarded streets and alleys, elude the Man (after memorizing

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Get a Dell 15-inch gaming laptop with a 256GB SSD and GTX 1050 Ti for $700

It also means there will be deals to be had as companies look to make room for the new stuff. One deal that we came across is Dell's Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop. It's on sale today for $750, down from its list price of $1,050. You can get it even cheaper by using coupon code 50OFF699 at checkout, which brings the price down to $700. It's powered by an Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor, 8GB of DDR4-2400 RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU.

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