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The Mount and Blade empire began with a forum post

Mouse controls like those pioneered by Mount and Blade have deepened and evolved, reappearing in games like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare , For Honor , and Kingdom Come: Deliverance . "There weren't many action games that played without magic," Yavuz said. Players picked Mount and Blade up immediately and spread it around, funding development and building a fanbase and a community at the same time. Looking back on 10 years of Mount and Blade, the first thing that Yavuz feels is anxiety. Mount and B

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ update adds a new character and over 800 rooms

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is a collection of add-ons for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Afterbirth, respectively the definitive edition of the breakout roguelike shooter and a separate DLC pack. Today, Afterbirth+ received its final update, The Forgotten Update, which adds "new items, new unlocks, new trinkets, new enemies, a new character and over 800 new rooms to explore." As creator Edmund McMillen said on Tumblr, it also comes with a new boss, plus it's free to players who own Aft

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Kill a goblin with another goblin in fantasy strategy game Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph has been described as "fantasy XCOM" by BioShock director Ken Levine, who apparently backed its successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2017, and who am I to argue with Ken Levine? Besides, I agree: Fort Triumph is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a world distorted by magic, so I'd say fantasy XCOM is right on the money. A lot of Fort Triumph looks familiar—grid-based, turn-based combat, the three staple fantasy classes with the addition of the wild card savage class—but it stands o

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Pay what you want for surreal adventure game You Left Me

You Left Me is a short, sad adventure game "about loneliness and loss," as creator Angela He puts it. It was one of 3,053 games created earlier this month at Ludum Dare 41, the group's latest 48-hour game jam, which focused on combining two "incompatible" genres. For He's part, she made a stunning, surreal adventure game complete with a "chat-speaking cyclopic cat and moon that tells dad jokes." As He explains on itch, You Left Me has five possible endings, with an average playthrough lasting fi

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You can build Pam a house in the new Stardew Valley update

Stardew Valley's big 1.3 update is out today, in beta form at least. For the low low price of 500,000 gold, you can build a home for Pam, the bus driver who lives in a trailer with her daughter Penny. Here's some other bigger stuff we've found so far:New friendship events with Linus, Willie, and Krobus. New "Night Market" event, where a handful of merchant ships come to the Stardew Valley docks. There's plenty of other small additions (check out this Reddit thread that's being updated as people

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Black Mesa comes closer to completion with a new ‘Xen Engine’ patch

The fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa took another step toward completion over the weekend with the release of a Xen engine patch that fixes a number of issues including freezing and crashes on Radeon 300, 400, and 500 series video cards. "We will probably do one more 'Engine' release just before we drop Xen, in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly on everyone's machines," developer Crowbar Collective wrote. "We want the Xen release to be as close to a simple content release

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Official Russia World Cup 2018 game confirmed as a free expansion to FIFA 18

This year’s official FIFA World Cup videogame has been confirmed for a release date of 29 May – and, breaking with convention, it’ll be a free expansion to FIFA 18 rather than a standalone game. Inevitably the full finals tournament is fully playable, though it’s the expansion’s approach to Ultimate Team which is likely to garner most discussion from the series’ notoriously hardcore fanbase. Like in 2014 – and as discussed in GR’s recent World Cup 2018 wishlist – World Cup Ultimate Team is its o

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How to install the Windows 10 April update right now

The Windows 10 April Update is here, bringing with it new features like Timeline, security and accessibility improvements, and some visual tweaks from Microsoft's new "Fluent Design." There are a few ways to install the latest Windows update right now. One: type "check for updates" into Search to pull up the Windows Update settings menu, where it may already be available. But Microsoft gradually rolls the automatic update out to the millions of computers running Windows, so there's a good chance

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Save up to 35 percent on PC gaming products at Amazon in the US today

Amazon is running a sale today on select PC gaming products, with deals of up to 35 percent off. It's a one-day only sale, so if there's something that catches your eye, you'll want to pounce sooner than later. One of the more attractive buys is an 15.6-inch Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop, our favorite budget gaming laptop. It's selling for $949 and features an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16GB of DDR4 memory, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU, and 256GB solid state drive. Here are a few other items

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Still need to unlock John Wick? Here’s when Fortnite Season 3 officially ends

You can carry plenty of keepsakes with you into Fortnite's future, but only if you earn them before Season 3 officially ends. 30, 2018According to the in-game countdown on the Battle Pass screen, Season 3 will end at 3:30 am EDT on Tuesday, May 1. At least that's the idea, Epic hasn't put any former Battle Pass skins up for individual sale in the cash store so far. While we busily work to unlock the rest of Season 3 goodies, let's all send positive thoughts to the

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