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Serious Intel CPU design flaw may require a Windows patch, but probably won’t affect gaming performance

As reported on The Register, this bug could have big consequences, requiring OS kernel patches on Windows, Linux, and OS X. The bug is a hardware bug, so there's no easy fix except to wait for AMD and Intel to implement a fix in next generation CPUs. The flaw affects multiple generations of Intel CPUs. The expected short term solution will come from OSes: operating systems can apply what's called a kernel Page Table Isolation (PTI) that cloaks kernel memory addresses. According to this breakdown

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Best road trip songs: all the tunes you need to bring on your next adventure

When you’re traveling on a road trip, there’s not always a ton of stuff to do - well, besides keep your eye on the road. But when you’re on the road you can’t just listen to any old song - some songs lend themselves a whole lot better to road trips than others. Without further ado, here are the 10 best road trip songs of all time. Sure, you may not know the words to the verses, but once you hit that chorus you’ll have enough energy to keep driving ... wait for it ... all night long. Highway to H

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How to attend CES 2018 in style: the TechRadar cross-country road trip liveblog

TechRadar is going to CES 2018 , and that really isn't news. How we're doing it, however, is rather extraordinary: Nick Pino and I are taking an epic, week-long road trip to attend CES, and we're bringing a bunch of gadgets to test along the way. Our first big hurdles of attending CES 2018 via a cross-country road trip were over and done with. Just how frozen was Day 1 of our road trip to CES 2018? Image 2 of 3 Image 3 of 3Yes, we've began our road trip by literally walking on water.

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Will we make it to CES 2018 in time? TechRadar’s gusty road trip begins … now

Instead of taking the easy way out and flying there like the 180,000 other attendees, TechRadar is taking a slightly different route - we’re taking a road trip. Well, video logs, live shows and articles while we’re on the road, plus close to a dozen tips and trick guides to help you have an incredible road trip of your own. The trip officially kicks off on January 1, 2018 and should conclude (we hope) on Monday, January 8, right before LG’s CES keynote. The good news is that, once the road trip

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Modder Adds Pink Darth Vader

When asked why Star Wars Battlefront 2 opted to link progression to microtransactions instead of cosmetics, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen brought up the notion of a “Pink Darth Vader” skin, claiming it would violate canon and likely irritate fans. In the meantime, Blake Jorgensen attempted to quell some of the backlash by explaining EA’s reasoning for foregoing the oft-used practice of making the microtransactions purely cosmetic in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Not to mention you probably don’t want Dart

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LG TV Catalog 2018: Here’s every LG TV coming in 2018

LG 2018 TV technologyAll this information listed below comes directly from LG - the South Korean manufacturer offered a first look at future-facing technologies for some journalists attending CES 2018. While LG kept its CES pre-briefing … well, brief, we were able to get some decent insight on what the next-generation technology of LG TVs will look like. The other new addition to LG TVs in 2018 will be Google Assistant, which will now be integrated into webOS. Pictured: LG OLED C7LG OLED 2018 Mo

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Overwatch’s next Hero is in internal testing, Year of the Dog event is coming soon

"Not only is it a gorgeous map with tons of great Easter eggs in it," he said. The new hero is actually already in internal testing, "and so far we're having a ton of fun, and we're also making a lot of great progress." There are also new maps in the works, and Blizzard is also continuing to work on Overwatch Competitive. A Year of the Dog event for the Lunar New Year, similar to last year's Year of the Rooster, will kick off in the near future. "I'm only sort of touching the tip of the iceberg

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Spain cuts €2M in indie game funding

Independent developers in Spain are today counting the cost of a ministerial decision to block €2 million (about $2.4 million) in European Union funding, designed to invigorate the local gaming scene. Some of the money was specifically aimed at development teams of five persons or fewer which are working on their first game. Spain is Europe's fourth largest gaming market, according to research outfit NewZoo. But although the number of developers has increased in the past few years, many are star

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Monster Hunter: World coming to PC in fall 2018

Capcom said that it’s aiming to release the Windows PC version of Monster Hunter: World sometime during “autumn 2018.” Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said the developers is “working hard on” the PC port right now. A tweet from the Monster Hunter Twitter account says that the game is being “optimized” for PC, but didn’t provide details on Capcom’s plans for the port. Monster Hunter: World will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month on Jan. 26. Tsujimoto promised that free updates to Monste

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