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[Watch] PGW 2017: God of War: the Dad/Son Adventure Shows Epic Gameplay

Sony revealed the Norse Mythology-based God of War for PlayStation 4 during E3 2016 and during E3 this year, Sony offered a release window for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Thanks to Paris Games Week, Sony has yet another update on the upcoming game featuring Kratos and his son. The trailer starts with the father/son duo meeting a Soul Eater. Kratos' son warns his father of the myth behind the Soul Eater, which ends up not even paying them any mind, to which he says, "Mom made them sound more dan

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Pokemon GO: New Legendary Raid Battle Available in US

Pokemon GO players have been busy hunting down Gen 3 ghosts and collecting double candy for the last week and Battle Raids have been taking a backseat. That all changes this month, with the latest rotation of Pokemon GO region-locked Legendary Battle Raids. This is the third, and presumably final, rotation of the Gen 2 Legendary beasts. — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) October 31, 2017Many Pokemon GO players have expressed Battle Raid fatigue in recent weeks, but the appea

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Dead by Daylight: 5 Killers We Want to Join Freddy

Since launch, Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has seen the debut of three iconic horror movie villains, with the likes of Halloween‘s Michael Myers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Leatherface, and most recently, A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger joining the fray. Alternatively, Ghostface could have a special ability that clones himself for a limited period of time to create the illusion that there are two Ghostface killers running around the ma

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Move over iPhone X Animoji, iOS 11.1 is here with over 70 new emoji

Whether or not you upgrade to the new iPhone X and its moving Animoji, Apple is committed to adding normal, completely motionless emoji to iOS 11, tooStarting today, you can download the iOS 11.1 update, which features over 70 new emoji and a bunch of fixes to iOS 11 problems for your iPhone and iPad. Food emoji are a big thing in iOS 11.1, too, with the inclusion of pie, dumplings, Chinese food cartons, and love-it-or-hate-it broccoli. Image 1 of 4 Image 2 of 4 Image 3 of 4 Image 4 of 4Just kee

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God of War Dev Says Fans Have Only Seen a ‘Sliver’ of the Game

The company presented a new trailer for God of War, highlighting the game’s combat and how Kratos and his son Atreus interact in battle. Fans were impressed by the gameplay clip, but developer Sony Santa Monica says that it is just a “sliver” of what’s to come. The encounter with the World Serpent from the game’s E3 2017 trailer was unexpected, but fans will be glad to know that God of War has lots more in store. But in addition to the game’s combat system, there are plenty of other things that

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Monster Hunter World Paris Games Week trailer is full of conquerable monstrosities

Which is arguably why Monster Hunter is a game all about smiting them, without even taking a moment to ask: are they actually nice? None of the answers to these questions actually matter, because Monster Hunter World is releasing next year and it will sure as hell be forcing us to kill monsters. This new trailer, released during Sony's conference at the Paris Games Week, demonstrates that aggressing monsters will definitely be the focus of this installment. As for a release date, it's definitely

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC Raises Level and Power Level Cap

Even so, Destiny 2 fans should rest assured that Bungie is offering a complete experience with Curse of Osiris, which means an increase to the level cap and the power level cap. On December 5th, the level cap will rise to 25 and the power level cap will jump to 330. While most Destiny 2 players expected Bungie to raise the power level cap, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the level cap is rising as well. Although Bungie is willing to reveal the new level and power level caps for Curse of

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Mercy nerfed, Ana buffed in the latest Overwatch PTR

Blizzard is testing some changes to two of Overwatch's healers: Mercy—currently regarded as overpowered and a must-pick in all situations—is getting nerfed, while the healing sniper Ana is getting a small buff. The ability now has a cast time of 1.75 seconds (up from 0 seconds), and can be interrupted by knockbacks, stuns, and Sombra's hack. "We feel that Mercy’s recent rework has been successful, but her Resurrect ability still feels too strong and frustrating to play against," read the develop

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Henry Cavill says Zack Snyder’s vision “hasn’t worked”

Now we don't want to rile anyone up but the DC film universe hasn't exactly resonated with the majority of people. It has a very vocal fanbase but the films have failed to make any substantial impact with critics aside from Wonder Woman. Superman himself Henry Cavill believes that the reason the movies have suffered is because director Zack Snyder's vision hasn't exactly worked out properly. Even if Marvel didn't exist, he believes it isn't exactly what a major moviegoing audience is seeking in

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Spider-Man PS4 creative director talks pillars of gameplay, all of Spidey’s powers unlocked from the start

Sony came out swinging for Paris Games Week 2017, and one of the biggest games they had to show was a new look at Marvel's Spider-Man. This version of Spider-Man is in his early twenties, employed in his first ever job, and dealing with real-world non-hero struggles as Peter Parker. As you can tell from the trailer, Peter Parker is a significant part of PS4's Spider-Man, but so too is Mary Jane. As far as Spider-Man himself, fighting as the wall-crawler is built around four main pillars; melee,

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