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Aloy, Clank, Sly Cooper and Sweet Tooth Plushies now available on Amazon

Aloy, Clank, Sly Cooper and Sweet Tooth Plushies now available on Amazon Cached Page below :Company: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2017-06-30  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, gameidealist, companies, cooper, plushies, aloy, tooth, sweet, sly, amazon, clank, availableCompany: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2017-06-30  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, gameidealist, companies, cooper, plushies, aloy, tooth, sweet, sly, [...]

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Where to Find Majora’s Mask

The first DLC pack launches today and players are able to explore a ton of new content and hunt down some very iconic Legend of Zelda items. One of the most exciting items in the new Breath of the Wild DLC is Majora’s Mask. Use the Magnesis ability to pull the treasure out of the ground and claim Majora’s Mask. Majora’s Mask is out there just waiting to be claimed, so pick up the DLC and get to it. Are you looking forward to hunting down Majora’s Mask?

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Destiny 2 Weapons Won’t Have Random Perk Rolls

One change that has many players concerned is the way loot will work in Destiny 2, specifically that weapons will have static rolls. In Destiny 2, however, Bungie is switching things up and making each slot the same for a specific weapon. No longer will one player’s drop of a specific weapon be better than another player’s drop of that same weapon. But a lot of the positives about removing random rolls on weapons in Destiny 2 have to do with PvP, and it seems like PvE players are losing out. Som

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Amazon Echo vs Show vs Dot vs Tap: which is best smart home speaker for you?

Sometimes, an Amazon Echo Dot or an Amazon Tap might make more sense, considering that they cost less and are nearly identical in terms of functionality. The big differentiator between the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap is the fact that the Echo Dot doesn’t have much of audio prowess on its own, and needs to stay plugged in at all time. That said, the Tap has one advantage over the Amazon Echo Dot, and one major disadvantage compared to the the Amazon Echo. For most people, we’d say the Amaz

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Rain World expansion will usher in difficulty options and multiplayer

For those who bounced straight off Rain World due to its difficulty, the game's forthcoming expansion will be a good reason to return. Among other things, the update will usher in two new playable characters, basically coloured variations of the game's slugcat protagonist. Meanwhile, the new pink slugcat (aka The Hunter) will up the difficulty further. "The hunter must make predators into prey, killing and eating larger creatures such as lizards to survive," so says the description. Read the ful

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Destiny: Xur Exotic Weapon, Armor, and Location for June 30

But for now it’s business as usual in Destiny, and it’s the weekend which means Xur has arrived to deliver some more exotic goodies to players. Location and Exotic ArmorThis week, Destiny players can find Xur in The Reef, the social space added with the House of Wolves expansion. Xur’s exotic armor this week includes the Glasshouse helmet for Titans, the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets for Hunters, and the Starfire Protocol chest piece for Warlocks. Xur’s Exotic Weapon and BundlesHawkmoon is Xu

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StarCraft: Remastered will release this August for $15

Announced in March, StarCraft: Remastered is a revamped version of the original RTS featuring 4k graphics, improved audio and Battle.net support (or whatever they're calling that nowadays). Not only that, but we know it'll cost US $15, and $21.95 in Australia. That gets you the game, as well as the Brood War expansion. "StarCraft: Remastered is the right game at the right time, arriving as a loving tribute to StarCraft: Brood War as it experiences a second renaissance in Korea," he wrote. If you

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StarCraft: Remastered is a love letter to fans that’s faithful right down to the bugs

StarCraft: Remastered, the modern update to Blizzard’s 1998 RTS classic, is set to be released on August 14th. A short exchange with senior producer Pete Stilwell gave me more insight into StarCraft: Remastered than several hours of actual play. SC:R’s graphics are a colossal improvement on StarCraft: Brood War (BW) in technical terms, with a vibrant, 4K world replacing the original's 640x480 limit. StarCraft: Remastered will try to accommodate both newcomers and returning veterans with modern m

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Shadow of the Colossus Director Teases Changes for Remake

Shadow of the Colossus‘ original director, the famed Fumito Ueda, is providing direct feedback to developer Bluepoint regarding its remake of the iconic PlayStation 2 game. And not just any game, as Shadow of the Colossus is often considered one of the best games ever made. Shadow of the Colossus isn’t just a remaster, however; it’s a full-fledged remake. And that’s true even if Sony’s Shueu Yoshida insists that Ueda isn’t involved in the project, since Shadow of the Colossus will always be Fumi

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Record scratch: Sony is making vinyl once again

In a move we admit we never saw coming, Sony is getting back in the record cutting game and making vinyl albums for the first time in nearly- 30 years. The Japanese music/gaming/technology mega-corp will resume domestic vinyl production starting in March 2018 using a factory based in the Shizuoka Prefecture, according to Nikkei Asian Review. It's not just older music fans that have kept vinyl from going extinct. "A lot of young people buy songs that they hear and love on streaming services," Son

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