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Pokemon GO: How to Get and Use TMs

Part of the reason the last update is so huge for Pokemon GO is because it finally introduces a core mechanic from other Pokemon games – Technical Machines, better known to veteran players as TMs. In the classic Pokemon games, TMs teach Pokemon a specific move, giving trainers more control over their creatures and making specific kinds of Pokemon battles much easier with a little planning. There are two types of TMs – Fast TMs, which teach moves that a player uses by tapping the screen in battle

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Amazon Echo price drop: $50 cheaper today only

There's a temporary Amazon Echo price drop going on right now, and today isn't even the online retailer's famous Amazon Prime Day. This is a 24-hour Amazon Echo sale, according to Amazon. Amazon Echo ahead of Amazon Prime? The fact that a full-on Amazon Prime Day isn't happening right now lines up with our thinking: Amazon Prime Day is closer to mid-July, like last year's July 12 date. For now, enjoy the Amazon Echo smart speaker price drop that doesn't happen too often.

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Overwatch’s PTR suggests that patch 1.13 may usher in Doomfist

Doomfist is coming to Overwatch eventually – that much is certain. But it looks like we may be closer to the answer than ever, because a crashlog for the current Public Test Region (which is running the game with the still-forthcoming 1.13 patch), references both Doomfist and "Summer Games". The latter is most likely a reference to the fact that, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, it's summer. It's probable that we'll see a repeat of last year's Summer Games seasonal event, which kicked off on

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Quake Champions will run through Steam, id Software confirms

In an audience Q&A blog published last week, an id Software spokesperson confirmed that Quake Champions will run through Steam. That might not seem revelatory, but since the current beta launches exclusively through Bethesda.net, many had suspected the final game would too. "Quake Champions will indeed be released on Steam," Bethesda Softwares senior producer Jason Bergman wrote. "You will still be required to have a linked Bethesda.net account, but users playing the game from Steam will not go

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Elex gameplay video is 12 minutes of jetpack-fuelled exploration

The most effective way of warming my cynical, wintery heart is with jetpacks. Games that let you fly are, in my view, much better than games that don't let you fly. So this lengthy gameplay video of Piranha Bytes' forthcoming fantasy sci-fi RPG Elex is interesting to me, because it has jetpacks in it. It's also got bow-and-arrow combat, shotgun combat, and bludgeoning-with-nondescript-melee-weapon combat: all also very appealing. I am fond of the at-times-ropey Piranha Bytes RPGs (Gothic and Ris

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SNES Classic coming this September, with a never-before-released game

The SNES Classic Edition is coming Sept. 29, Nintendo of America announced. The system ships with two wired SNES Classic controllers, as well as an HDMI cable, USB charging cable and AC adapter. Players will have to unlock it through playing the original Star Fox game, also included with the SNES Classic Edition system. The full list of games can be found in the image below:The SNES Classic Edition replaces the NES Classic Edition, the smash hit that launched last fall. Nintendo stopped manufact

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Mario + Rabbids, Wolfenstein 2, Shadow of War lead E3 critics’ nominations

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus were three of the best games of E3 2017, according to the world’s foremost gaming publications. In the list of nominees for the 2017 Game Critics Awards, the aforementioned titles each received nods in four categories, including the coveted Best of Show. The other two games in that field are Assassin's Creed Origins and Super Mario Odyssey, each of which landed three nominations alongside Destiny 2. T

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The European SNES Classic Edition is super cute

The Super Nintendo Classic Edition is heading to Europe on Sept. 29 too, and it’s virtually identical to the North American one. Well, except for one big difference: The system looks much different. The Super Nintendo that launched in Europe and Japan looks a lot different from the North American edition, so that explains why their miniature sets don’t look the same. Nintendo kept the much sleeker Super Famicom casing for all other regions. The North American SNES might be uglier, but at least i

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XCOM 2 dev is hyped for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

XCOM 2’s creative director Jake Solomon was just as surprised as everyone to learn about Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The turn-based Nintendo Switch game, which is being developed by Ubisoft, appears to borrow heavily from the mechanics laid down by the X-COM series reboot launched in 2012. “It was really cool to see,” Solomon said during an interview at E3 in Los Angeles. “I started getting all these tweets, and so I went and watched the gameplay video of it. “I just went to lunch with Juli

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ahq Mountain skips, jumps and hops to jaw-dropping Lee Sin Baron steal

Baron steals are always a big deal. While these steals can come in all shapes and sizes, few have ever been as smooth and flashy as that of ahq’s Xue “Mountain” Zhao-Hong in this weekend’s LMS match up against Flash Wolves. WHAT A STEAL: ahq e-Sports Club's Mountain pulls off one of the sickest baron steals in history! #LMS Posted by LOL Esports on Saturday, June 24, 2017With two people tasked, exclusively, with keeping him out of the pit, Zhao-Hong combines three different movement spells to ma

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