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Dark Souls 2 Finally Beat Without Taking a Single Hit

The Dark Souls community is one of the most passionate fan bases going today, and it’s partly their responsibility for the prevalence of Dark Souls memes and achievement hunting. Despite the series’ dark nature, fans have become good at producing Dark Souls content that’s cheerful, perhaps in response to the series’ incredible difficulty level often causing broken controllers, television screens, or consoles after bouts of frustration. Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob has been approaching Dark Soul

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This week’s Deals with Gold for Xbox One, 360 revealed (6/20)

This week's Deals with Gold discounts have been revealed and it's a dream sale for anyone who likes in-game currencies but doesn't like paying a lot for them. Xbox One owners can look forward to Hitman: The Complete First Season, Farming Simulator 17, RBI Baseball 17, and a ton of DLC, as well as in-game currencies. Xbox 360 owners, on the other hand, can grab Dead Space 2 and 3, a number of Transformers games and Watch Dogs DLC. Discounts are valid now through 26 June 2017. Check out all the de

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Rumor: Plot details on Visceral’s Star Wars game leak

It looks like some details on the upcoming Star Wars game from Visceral Games has leaked! At the beginning of 2016, we were warned to temper our hype for Visceral Games' new Star Wars game, which was announced in 2015, as the game was still years away. It appears as though something on the game's plot has leaked - at least according to Making Star Wars (which has been down since the rumor began circling). "Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys, The Riches, the Originals, Supernatural, Gotham and writer of

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Battlefield 1 ‘Nivelle Nights Update’ brings first night map, feature and tons of tweaks

The Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights update has officially released, which means that the game has its first night map! The 'Nivelle Nights' map will feature both the French and Germany armies as they face off in mud-filled trenches. The map will be available to Premium Pass players and They Shall Not Pass owners starting. If you do not have either, you can play the map through Premium Friends. According to DICE's data, players playing as part of a platoon are generally playing better than others.

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Geoff Johns states that DC is learning from their previous films; Wonder Woman 2 in development

He co-wrote the recent Wonder Woman film and is serving as a producer on future DC films. Johns went on to talk about how Wonder Woman really succeeded due to the fact it stayed true to the character and didn't try to dissect her. “Wonder Woman celebrated exactly who the character is, but looking at it, it’s not like we should change everything to be about hope and optimism. The goal is to make another great Wonder Woman film. '”Wonder Woman is in theaters now and Justice League will open on Nov

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[WATCH] Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases 10 minutes of gameplay footage from E3 2017 demo

When Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was first revealed during the PlayStation Experience, there was a distinct tonal shift away from what we would normally expect an Uncharted game to be. That shift is something Creative Director Shaun Escayg has talked at length about as well. Whether that change makes up the bulk of the experience remains to be seen, but the E3 2017 demo that Naughty Dog brought to Los Angeles last week looks and feels a lot like your typical Uncharted fare. Have a look:The demo f

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Diablo 3’s Rise of the Necromancer pack launches next week

Blizzard Entertainment has finally slapped a release date on its upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC, and it's sooner than you might think. Exactly one week from today, Diablo 3 players will be able to strap in and get their hands on the highly anticipated Necromancer class alongside some additional in-game items. Earlier today, Blizzard released a new trailer breaking down everything you'll get in the Rise of the Necromancer DLC. It's also worth mentioning that Blizzard has revealed a few more

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Standalone Han Solo film directors exit Star Wars project due to creative differences

UPDATE: A writer from The Hollywood Reporter claims that there is only three weeks left on the Han Solo shoot. A source tells me there are three weeks left to go on the untitled Han Solo shoot. Must have been a real war for the directors to leave... https://t.co/nN389x4d9x — Pamela McClintock (@PamelaDayM) June 20, 2017Earlier this year, production began on the untitled standalone Han Solo film that will release in 2018. Today, it was revealed via The Hollywood Reporter that the two directors of

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Xbox Hardware boss on Traditional Console Generations: ‘I don’t think it’s healthy for the industry’

If it wasn't already apparent, the introduction of the Xbox One X is pushing forward the notion that the times of the traditional console generation may be coming to a close. Penello states that he doesn't believe that console generations are necessarily going away, but how we've traditionally seen them over the years is likely going to be a thing of the past. I'm not necessarily saying that [console] generations are going to go away, but thinking beyond this generation, thinking around software

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Steam Summer Sale start date outed by Paypal

Twice a year, Steam takes its entire catalog and slashes the price on every game, bringing savings that are so often unmatched compared to other platforms. The Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us as the Paypal UK Twitter account has revealed that it will start later this week on June 22nd. The #SteamSummerSale starts 22/06 at 6pm BST and PayPal customers get an extra £5 off *terms apply. Paypal themselves are calling the announcement "official," so it's a pretty safe bet that you should have you

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