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Super Mario Odyssey hands-on: If Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s Skyrim, this is its Dishonored

I’ve played Super Mario Odyssey and honestly, I don’t much feel like writing a preview of it. Shit, maybe I’ve got a crush on Super Mario Odyssey. If The Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s Skyrim, Super Mario Odyssey is its Dishonored or Prey. The same, pure set-up the series has used since Super Mario 64, with a new friend blowing its potential wide open in previously unimaginable ways. Either way, Super Mario Odyssey is there, packed with more secrets, mysteries, and beautiful, rewarding wonders

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Xbox’s Mike Ybarra talks Xbox One X and the future of consoles

Do you think the Xbox One X could ever replace the gaming PC? On the topic of original Xbox games coming to the One, there are so many I can think of that I’d like to see. On Xbox One X a lot of those even original and Xbox 360 games will run better on that platform, and that goes into consideration as well. To deliver original Xbox backwards compatibility, was it a case of digging out old developer manuals and really having to blow the dust of them? In terms of price, what can we expect from th

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PES 2018 hands-on: Usain Bolt, sublime gameplay and the ‘end of history’

In 2017, the latest instalment of Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2018, is making a similar argument for football games. Football games are approaching their final form – for the foreseeable future, at least – but they’re no less fun. So, officially, PES 2018 is everything PES 2017 and PES 2016 was, only more. How does PES 2018 feel to play? PES 2018 does, bizarrely, star Usain Bolt as a playable character, available as a pre-order bonus, which feels about as fitting a signifier for the ‘end of histor

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I tried Intel’s wireless Vive VR headset, and I want one

While the rest of the team made their way through the endless sea of games, I went and visited Intel to demo its new partnership with HTC on a true wireless solution for its Vive VR headset. The prototype was a retail Vive headset that had its wires plugged into a WiGig unit Intel created that provided both image lines and power. The WiGig prototype unit was strapped onto the top of the Vive headset, which made for a much heavier feel. Although my game time with the wireless Vive headset was sho

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Destiny 2 Raids Feature New Death Penalty

As part of its ongoing promotion of the game, Bungie today revealed that the raid in Destiny 2 will have a new death penalty. While speaking to Giant Bomb, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith mentions that the new raid will have a different death penalty than in Destiny 1. We had a conversation – we have a brand new death penalty in the game for raiding. On the one hand, adding a new death penalty to Destiny 2’s raid will give the endgame content a new complexion for the sequel. If the death penalty i

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Don’t worry, Insomniac’s Spider-Man delivers all the web-filled choice you could want

Insomniac's Spider-Man appearing at Sony’s conference wasn’t exactly a surprise, but no one expected just how, well, cinematic it was. “Combat’s really, really important in a Spider-Man game,” explains Insomniac community director James Stevenson. We focussed a lot on traversal, wall running, leaping off of things, swinging.”And you can see Insomniac’s focus in action. He is kind of in his prime at being Spider-Man,” Stevenson explains. Early in the game, he’s taken down Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, an

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Sorry Hideo Kojima, but I quite enjoyed playing Metal Gear Survive

But having now played Metal Gear Survive I realise the game doesn’t need to compete with its predecessors. Billed as a spin-off, Survive takes place in an alternate MGS timeline, and will feature a full single-player campaign, though that wasn’t on show today. Do the wormholeOur quartet of press sneaks was dropped into some scrubland that looked familiar from The Phantom Pain. “Don’t start it up yet,” advised our the Konami rep. (I think I got to the end of Phantom Pain still regularly swapping

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Far Cry 5 Offers Familiar Thrills in a New Setting

It hasn’t been that long since players last jumped into the world of Far Cry, which makes Far Cry 5 feel like reconnecting with an old friend. Over the course of E3 2017, we have had the opportunity to play Far Cry 5 twice. Once players familiarize themselves with their Gun for Hire, the familiar feel of Far Cry starts to work its magic. Some will likely say that Far Cry 5 has a lot of the familiar trappings of the series’ 3rd and 4th iterations, and they aren’t wrong. Far Cry 5 releases Februar

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Days Gone’s apocalypse mixes The Last Of Us’ violence with the random potential of Fallout

But there’s a surprising Bethesda vein running through Days Gone's heart, creating a world filled with random events and encounters all varied by time of day, weather and even your own actions. So, while the Sony conference playthrough saw Deacon lure a swarm into attacking an enemy base to rescue a friend, my demo happened during a snow fall. Even the ambush that saw Deacon thrown from his bike by a tripwire was a random event. The availability of tools like that, as well as extras such as the

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The Inpatient is a Genuinely Unnerving Horror Game for PlayStation VR

Although it didn’t take up too much of the Sony Press Conference, the PlayStation VR still had a few things to show fans in attendance and watching live at home. For PlayStation VR, The Inpatient is a unique experience that is both intriguing and unnerving. But delivering a scare or two during an E3 demo is not the same as delivering a genuinely scary game, especially in VR. However, what we played was enough to have us interested to see more of The Inpatient, and hopeful that it can deliver a o

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