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Sony confirms some E3 2017 PlayStation announcements; Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted and more

It looks like Sony will once again be having a game heavy E3 2017 press conference - at least according to one of the PlayStation executives. "The crowd will only have to suffer I think in aggregate 90 seconds of me," joked Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan to Time. "And in the middle will be all the games." As for what games will be making an appearance during the game heavy PlayStation conference, Ryan detailed that Sony was fostering quite a few partnerships:"We have a Call of Duty partnership

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PlayStation exec on PS1 and PS2 games: Why would anybody play this?

While Microsoft plugs away at making a growing number of Xbox 360 games backward compatible for the Xbox One, Sony has decided to bring a handful of classic games available on the PlayStation 4. It appears as though Sony will not be working to do more along the lines of backward compatibility in the future though. A recent interview with a Sony executive made it clear that Sony believes there's not much to offer as far as backward compatibility goes. In fact, there's even a question on why peopl

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Gold PS4 Slim is real, will be on sale for $250 during the week of E3 2017

E3 2017 is right around the corner (this weekend, actually) and to celebrate, Sony will be launching an all-new Gold PS4 Slim on Friday, June 9th. The Gold PS4 had previously been rumored to be releasing sometime soon, but it makes a ton of sense that Sony would release alongside the excitement from the biggest gaming convention on the planet. Also, in an article in USA Today, Andrew House revealed that Sony would drop the price on "select PS4 systems" whose sale will run during the same time fr

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Monument Valley 2 has just been announced AND released on iOS

The first Monument Valley easily stands as one of the best paid mobile games in existence. Now, three years after winning Apple’s iPad game of the year award in 2014, developer Ustwo Games has simultaneously announced and released Monument Valley 2 during WWDC 2017. Here's the game's trailer:Monument Valley 2 sees players control two characters this time around, a mother and daughter who must navigate the beautifully-rendered minimalistic puzzles. Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monum

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Ninja Theory teases Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice “announcement” incoming tomorrow

It's been two years since Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was first announced, and it has had a largely quiet development since that time. After not making its 2016 release window and getting a slight name change, Hellblade re-appeared as Game Informer's cover story for its May 2017 issues, revealing a much different game than previously thought. Now developer Ninja Theory is teasing some sort of announcement related to the game on its Twitter, using a GIF alongside the protagonist and three words

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Microsoft talks about how Xbox’s Project Scorpio differs from the retail version; Explains dolphins

Larry Hryb sat down with Kevin Gammill from the Xbox engineering team to talk about the Project Scorpio Xbox Development Kit and how it differs from the retail version of the console. We know that the dev kit looks different than the retail version of the Scorpio, but it turns out that the insides are different too. The video covers what is different between the dev kit version of Project Scorpio and the actual version. According to Gammill, the difference comes in power, there's 4 more CUs than

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