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Gears of War ‘Rise of the Horde’ update brings a ton of content for free; Details here

A free update to Gears of War 4 is bringing a ton of content to the game next week! The two new difficulty levels, Inconceivable and Ironman, bring a huge jump in difficulty to Gears of War 4. In Horde, Inconceivable will make you weaker and your enemies even more powerful. The campaign mode will limit all weapons and ammo. To unlock Inconceivable Difficulty for Campaign you must beat the Campaign on Insane.

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Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ done filming

Director Shane Black's upcoming Predator movie has officially come to a wrap, according to a number of actors participating in the film. Unfortunately, even though one of the stars in the film used a line from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator... he's actually not in it. The upcoming Predator film is set to release August 3rd, 2018 after a delay. The cast for the new Predator have been revealed in a series of photos, one partial cast shot here and another here. Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Treva

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N++ Ultimate Edition is bringing 4,340 “hand-crafted” levels of intense Ninja parkour to Xbox One later this summer

Xbox One gamers will be getting a chance to test drive the long-running platformer according to developer Metanet, as the game will launch as N++ Ultimate Edition, which doubles the size of the last N++ release. This isn't the first time Xbox gamers have gotten to test run the game, as the Xbox 360 got a previous iteration, N+ back in 2008. I'll leave you with the last line in the press release as some food for thought. "N++ Ultimate Edition truly could be the last platformer anyone may need to

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Roguelike space shooter, Everspace is officially out in full on both Xbox One and PC

After nine months in both Steam Early Access and the Xbox Preview program, indie developer ROCKFISH Games has officially released the full version of their Roguelike space shooter, Everspace, to the general public. Version 1.0 bring VR Support for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as the long-awaited voice acted story with missions, cinematic flashbacks, and cut scenes. Michael Schade, CEO, and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games said:"EVERSPACE is our PC and console debut title and we are supe

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GOG adds 15 Neo-Geo games to its DRM-free catalog courtesy of SNK

Back in the day, SNK's catalog of fast-paced game dominated arcades everywhere. GOG.com, long known for specializing in "back in the day," has brought a number of classic games from the SNK catalog to its DRM-free lineup and put them all on sale. Perhaps best of all, several of the games have received a few modern upgrades such as online multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements. The games are for sale both individually and as part of three distinct bundles. Here's a breakdown of the bundles.

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The Lock’s Quest remaster is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Back in 2008, a little game called Lock's Quest arrived on the Nintendo DS, meshing Strategy, Tower Defense, and RPG mechanics together into one unique little package that is much beloved by its small but dedicated fanbase even to this day. Earlier this year, THQ Nordic announced that they were publishing the game in tandem with developer, Digital Continue. Earlier this week, the game finally landed on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and brings with it, a host of improvements including upgrades to its vis

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Review: The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier Episode 5 effectively concludes an uneven season

Episode 5: From the GallowsSo here we are at the end of Telltale’s third official season of The Walking Dead, and the results as a whole have been largely uneven. WARNING: Major spoilers for Telltale’s The Walking Dead - A New Frontier follow. From the Gallows turns to the past to pull out what might be the season's best scene. The scene shows Javy, David, and their father gathered around the kitchen table playing dominoes. But so long as the series continues to sell, you can expect Telltale to

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A look at the Insten Nintendo Switch Car Headrest Mount Travel Carrying Case

A look at the Insten Nintendo Switch Car Headrest Mount Travel Carrying Case Cached Page below :Company: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2017-06-03  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, gameidealist, companies, travel, nintendo, insten, carrying, car, look, mount, case, headrest, switchCompany: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2017-06-03  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, gameidealist, companies, travel, nintendo, insten, carrying, [...]

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