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Pachter Thinks Console Gaming Will Be Gone By 2020

There aren’t many figures more polarizing in the video game industry than Michael Pachter. It’s a bold statement, and one that smacks of technological optimism, but Pachter isn’t asserting that console gaming will be completely gone – just that companies like Sony and Microsoft will adapt to the changing technological landscape. Many critics have praised the way Nintendo has seamlessly blended handheld and console gaming into one device, and it is possible that Sony and Microsoft follow suit whe

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Ninja Theory Explains Why There isn’t a DMC: Devil May Cry 2 Yet

Even though UK based developer Ninja Theory is deep into development on its next game, the studio continually receives requests for sequels to games like Enslaved, Heavenly Sword, or DmC: Devil May Cry. The biggest hurdle that that’s currently standing in the way of any potential sequel is the fact that Ninja Theory doesn’t actually own the IP for a game like DmC: Devil May Cry. Antoniades admitted that a Heavenly Sword sequel would likely have been darker and starred Nariko’s adopted sister Kai

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Best Buy Will Have More NES Classic Consoles Today

Best Buy will have stock of the NES Classic Edition on sale today. This shipment of NES Classic Edition consoles will be exclusive to brick-and-mortar locations, and will not be offered online. Its Japanese variant, the Famicom Mini, is also being given the chop, despite its enormous popularity. It’s rumored that Nintendo is killing off the NES Classic Edition because there are plans for a follow-up to release later this year. A SNES Classic Edition would definitely be another huge money-maker —

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Red Dead Redemption map mod for GTA 5 has been canceled

Red Dead Redemption V, the mod that was going to recreate the wild west game's map inside of Grand Theft Auto V , has been canceled. It was revealed last month, and modding team .White had planned to release a beta this summer. However, shortly after the team released a teaser trailer—which was quickly taken down—lead modder Mr. Leisurewear announced that the team had been "contacted" and would cancel the project. "I know this is hard pill to swallow, but as you may have noticed we did get conta

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Trump pressures Democrats on Obamacare to get border wall deal

President Donald Trump put pressure on Democrats on Sunday as U.S. lawmakers worked to avoid a government shutdown, saying Obamacare would die without a cash infusion the White House has offered in exchange for their agreement to fund his border wall. The escalated push to get Trump's priorities, which Democrats reject, into spending legislation could jeopardize prospects for an agreement to keep the government open. If talks fail, the government would shut down on Saturday, Trump's 100th day in

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China stocks head for worst day of 2017 as regulators tighten grip

"Over the past week, interbank rates trended higher, bond and capital markets suffered from sustained corrections and some institutions faced liquidity pressure. Daily declines of more than 1 percent in the indexes have been rare for notoriously volatile Chinese markets this year. "Even the better-than-expected Q1 data could not boost the market, as investors are concerned about regulatory risks," wrote Larry Hu, analyst at Macquarie Capital Ltd, referring to stronger-than-expected 6.9 percent e

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This design makes the middle seat an airplane’s most desirable

These wide aisles make for faster boarding, reducing the amount of time aircraft spend on the tarmac, known as turnaround time. The company first introduced a short-haul low-cost airline version of this known as the "Side-Slip" seat, which is thinner and does not recline. "The Side-Slip seat is for… shorter flights, and the airlines really want to optimize the amount of time they spend flying. First introduced in 2012, the Side-Slip seat will be crash tested by the Federal Aviation Administratio

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Global markets jump as Macron takes lead in French election; CAC up 4%, gold sinks 1%

Global risk assets kicked off the new trading week on a sure footing after centrist Emmanuel Macron pulled in the highest number of votes among candidates in the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday. Early in Monday's session, the euro had lost a little further momentum and was trading around 1.0835 by 07:45 a.m. London time. The Financial Times noted that the single currency's jump was its best daily leap in 10 months. Also trading lower was safe haven spot gold, around 1 p

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European markets rally after Macron’s victory; French banks soar; CAC up 4%

The pan-European Stoxx 600 was 1.6 percent higher in early deals with all sectors trading on positive ground. Stocks of French banks dominated the top of the European benchmark with Credit Agricole, Societe Generale and BNP Paribas all up by around 10 percent. Natixis, Axa and Vinci were also higher in early deals. This means that France's economy should benefit from Macron's reform agenda and the European Union is unlikely to see its second biggest economy leaving, given Macron's pro-European s

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This Chinese-Israeli start-up wants to change the way kids learn to code

Dror, a fellow at the Aspen Institute-linked Aspen Global Leadership Network, taught himself to code as a child. There are around fifty people working at LeapLearner, Dror told CNBC. Wu also ensures that what the start-up does is scalable in changing the way people learn, Dror added. During the first three weeks, children learn aspects of coding on their own at home. First, children are exposed to code used in games they play by being allowed to change variables in the code of those games.

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