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Halo Fan Builds Awesome Master Chief Armor

Some have tried to stay as faithful to the original, while others have tried to make the real life armor replica more functional. The latest effort comes from Adam Coe, a Halo fan who has created an impressive armor set for only $300 so far. As the dedicated Halo fan puts it: ‘every galactic hero needs his theme music.’ For the passionate Halo fan, this means the entirety of the series’ soundtrack, but he’s particularly fond of the Halo 2 theme. It’s an incredible project, and it comes shortly a

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High-Seas Adventure Game, Oceanhorn, Gets Nintendo Switch Preview

But in creating the sequel to their critically acclaimed title of 2015, they laid the groundwork for porting the latter to Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, just like those releases, the Nintendo Switch version will run at 60FPS, handheld (720p) and docked (1080p). Oceanhorn’s debut on the Nintendo Switch is part of a developer trend to port many great games to the new console. Comment down below and let us know if you’re excited for Oceanhorn on Nintendo Switch. In the game you explore the islands

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Destiny Player Solos First Two Parts of King’s Fall Raid

Destiny‘s Age of Triumph is currently taking players through an up-to-date greatest hits of the game, and part of this is a somewhat formidable 390 Light difficulty run of the King’s Fall raid. According to Esoterickk, this solo run of the first two parts of the King’s Fall raid took about five hours to complete overall. The original King’s Fall raid proved to be the perfect place for Destiny players to test out self-imposed challenges the first time around. Indeed, it wasn’t long before gamers

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Terry Crews Teases ‘Major Surprise’ At E3 2017; Doomfist Coming to Overwatch?

Hollywood actor Terry Crews has long been dropping hints that he’ll be voicing the mysterious Doomfist in Overwatch, though Blizzard has yet to officially confirm anything. Thanks to a new video from the Hollywood star himself, what initially started out as a fandom wish may well become a reality come E3 2017. In a new 15-minute long Facebook Live video, Crews gave his fans an update on the progress of his latest PC build, some of his upcoming projects, as well as a quick tour of his awesome off

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Star Wars: Battlefront II Official Release • The Save Spot

Star Wars: Battlefront II Official ReleaseSurprise, Surprise, it seems like an official release date has been given for the upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront II after its recently leaked trailed. The trailer goes on to show a variety of characters from the Star Wars universe, from Luke Skywalker all the way to Kylo Ren. Thus they have crafted missions that will span across a selection of Star Wars eras, and hopefully touch fan’s hearts. I personally hope their are infiltrate and destroy the e

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North Korea missile launch ‘no surprise, no need to expend resources,’ says White House advisor

North Korea's latest missile launch came as no surprise and there was no need to expend resources against it, a White House foreign policy advisor said on Sunday. "We don't need to expend any resources against that.. We weren't surprised by it, we were anticipating it," the advisor travelling with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence told reporters, adding initial reports said it was a medium-range missile and failed four to five seconds into the launch. Pence arrived in South Korea on Sunday to kick

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MLB The Show’s ‘ShowTime’ mode makes an uncommon rule relevant

There's an option within MLB The Show's gameplay menus to allow balks. was mid-anecdote during the play and MLB The Show's janky, last-gen commentary engine is incapable of interrupting itself to call out the violation. It all folds back into the level of realism that sports video games are asked to approximate. Each year video games seem to unearth something new from the ancient, perplexing rulebooks of their namesake sports. Roster File is Polygon’s column on the intersection of sports and vid

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Instant Recall: Facebook’s Instant Articles promised to transform journalism — but now big publishers are fleeing

In practice, Instant Articles typically do reach more people, because people are more likely to read and share them. It found that not one publisher reported earning more money through Instant Articles than they did through their own properties. Viewed in this light, Instant Articles had simply replaced one kind of view with another, less profitable one. Two years later, it's increasingly clear that Instant Articles won't resolve publishers's anxieties about building sustainable businesses. Wher

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Cadillac has a secret weapon in its quest to beat Tesla at self-driving

Instead, Cadillac used vehicles equipped with high-powered LIDAR sensors to build a highly detailed map of the US highway system. But the inclusion of the LIDAR maps is what Cadillac thinks will set Super Cruise apart from its competitors. Cadillac has more control over how its customers use Super Cruise because of the mapping data. Super Cruise is restricted to only "divided, limited-access highways — highways with defined 'on-' and 'off-ramps,'" the company says. Caldwell said that Cadillac ha

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With China’s help, Fate of the Furious breaks Star Wars’ opening weekend record

Largely thanks to its overseas box office take, Fate of the Furious beat the global opening weekend record (by revenue) set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens 16 months ago, reports Box Office Mojo. The $432.3 million taken ovreseas easily beats the international opening weekend record that Jurassic World set in 2015, at just over $300 million. However, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opened Dec. 18, 2015 in North America, did not premiere in China until Jan. 9, 2016. We weren't impressed with

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