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New Injustice 2 Trailer Highlights Captain Cold

Though he was finally featured in a villain specific Injustice 2 trailer last week, NetherRealm Studios finally released Captain Cold’s standalone trailer, showing off a little more gameplay for the long time Flash arch-rival. Armed with a cold gun, Captain Cold has access to a number of moves that can freeze his enemy, including a three hit combo then ends with a big kick. The Injustice 2 trailer shows off a move where he shoots an ice patch on the ground, causing an enemy to instantly freeze u

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The Call of Duty cinematic universe Activision wants can’t and won’t exist

Now, the studio’s co-presidents helping to helm said Call of Duty films have outlined what that “cinematic universe” will look like. The question is could Activision Blizzard Studio’s Call of Duty franchise compare to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe or DC’s Extended Universe? For one thing, what Activision Blizzard has outlined isn’t a cinematic universe. There won’t be a number of main characters from different Call of Duty movies that wind up in one specific film that takes place in the Call of Du

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Tecmo Super Bowl’s world championship is reborn as a tournament worthy of the big time

Beginning as a weekend get-together among close friends, Tecmo Super Bowl's world championship remained true to that spirit over its first 12 years. Tecmo Madison 13 is Saturday in Madison. Officially the tournament is called "Tecmo Madison 13 in Association with Koei Tecmo." But an influx of new talent, some of it younger than Tecmo Super Bowl itself, changed Bailey's mind. Joeygats and The Kid had played Tecmo Madison before, but last year was definitely a coming-out party for both.

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Sega’s streaming restrictions continue with Puyo Puyo Tetris (update)

Another Sega game is hitting consoles with some very detailed streaming restrictions. Streaming or uploading footage from Puyo Puyo Tetris now comes with a long set of rules, and Sega isn’t afraid to reprimand players who violate them. Players who want to share clips from their Puyo Puyo Tetris may do so on their “personal and non-profit blog, homepage and Twitter,” the website says. (Yes, really: spoilers for a Puyo Puyo and Tetris crossover.) “We highly encourage our American and European fans

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The oldest Zelda screenshot shows a long-lost, beautiful side of the game

The recently released Hyrule Encyclopedia shows a version of The Legend of Zelda that never made it to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The screenshot comes from an early build of the first Zelda game, and it shows: It’s a dungeon selection screen from a first-person view, two things absent from the final release. @Unseen64 Hyrule Encyclopedia, just released in Japan, reveals the only known screenshot of a SUPER old build of the first Legend of Zelda! “The title is ‘Adventure Title,’ so we had

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Call of Duty mobile game in the works from Candy Crush maker King

The developer behind mobile game hits Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga, Stockholm-based King, is working on a new game based on Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, according to job listings on the company’s website. King’s Call of Duty game is being built for mobile devices. Details on the project are scant, as King implies it’s still in the prototyping phase of development. The company is hiring for at least four positions: art director, level designer, senior systems designer and senior

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How a YouTuber’s failed Wall Street Journal attack fed the right-wing hate machine

But it’s clear he was targeting the Wall Street Journal over the outlet’s reporting on YouTube. Klein created a 13-minute video blasting Jack Nicas, the author of a Wall Street Journal report on brands advertising against offensive videos on YouTube. Klein’s next video claimed that the Wall Street Journal doctored images to support its story, and that’s where things started to blow up. Serious allegations with comical evidenceThe evidence that the Wall Street Journal photoshopped images of Coke

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Xbox Scorpio’s specs won’t matter without games

Microsoft has coughed up detailed tech specs for the Xbox Scorpio, and the hardware is impressive. These exclusives aren’t always the biggest games, but they provide a constant drip of high-quality games you can’t play on the Xbox One, and it’s a huge competitive advantage. It’s not a competition as much as it’s a bloodbath; the Xbox platform doesn’t have the software to fight back. That means exclusives, that means new games in existing franchises and that means convincing players that they’re

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s improved eyes make a big difference

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s 1.05 patch is live now, and fans are already noting the improvements and changes to the game. The increase in inventory space and new graphical options are welcome, but the change in how human and Asari eyes are rendered is surprisingly large. It may seem like a subtle thing, but the eyes have gone from looking like they were painted onto the character to having actual depth and expression. That’s a nice improvement to the character visuals, but it’s yet another reminder

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Parappa the Rapper: Back at It Again • The Save Spot

Parappa the Rapper: Back at It AgainThere were a bunch of old school games for Sony that made their way into our hearts, but one game that definitely stood out for many – or at least for me – was Parappa the Rapper. The game features some stylistic beats, a unique design, and a simple but frustratingly hard game from time to time. Only some small features have been added to the game, but overall it’s pretty much a complete reproduction of the original game. Please take a second to give us a foll

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