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Destiny: How to Kill All the Gorgons in Vault of Glass

In addition to Challenge Modes, the refreshed Vault of Glass also has a few tasks to complete in the Age of Triumph record book. The Blind Labyrinth node in the Age of Triumph record book requires teams to kill every Gorgon within the Gorgon Maze after the Templar encounter. The Gorgons are beefy enemies with high health pools and their singular Gaze attacks can wipe an entire raid team quickly. Players familiar with Vault of Glass will understand this mechanic. For those raiding this week in Va

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s sequel should ditch nearly everything about Andromeda

I finished Mass Effect: Andromeda last night—the main story, that is, because I will never hundred-percent those wasted planets—and felt the opposite of what I've been feeling for nearly 10 years now. Start the whole thing over, because this canvas was primed with bad paint: a science fiction story that runs away from all its interesting science fiction ideas. If you watched all the dad fragments, you know the truth: the Reapers were the motivation for the Andromeda Initiative. If you believe Li

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Microsoft ends free Kinect adapter promotion for Xbox One S owners

Microsoft has ended its program of providing free USB adapters to Xbox One Kinect owners who purchase an Xbox One S.The Xbox One S debuted in August 2016, more than two years after Microsoft unbundled the Kinect from the original Xbox One. Microsoft had been offering the opportunity to get a free adapter with the purchase of an Xbox One S to customers who already owned an Xbox One and a Kinect. Kinect owners who purchase an Xbox One S must now buy the Kinect Adapter separately; it currently reta

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Dragon Age: Origins, FIFA 17 coming to EA Access this spring

FIFA 17 will be available in the Vault for both EA Access and Origin Access on April 21, publisher Electronic Arts announced today. FIFA 17 will be the 45th game to join the EA Access collection. EA also announced today that BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins will become available in the EA Access Vault sometime this spring. Origins was, appropriately, one of the launch titles for Origin Access in January 2016 — in fact, the program debuted with all three Dragon Age titles. Dragon Age: Inquisition, w

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Final Fantasy 14 and its expansion are on sale for super cheap

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is one of our favorite MMOs, and its first expansion pack, Heavensward, largely carried that quality forward. Humble Bundle is currently running a deal where both Final Fantasy 14 and Heavensward can be purchased for a mere $19.79 — or about $10 off the usual asking price. It’s worth noting that Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription-based game. The sale is, of course, only for the Windows version of Final Fantasy 14. The sale also comes just after Final Fantasy 14 h

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Persona 5 director gives disappointing reason for passing on female lead

Persona 5 only includes a male playable character, and the game’s director has a questionable excuse for that. Looking at Persona 3 Portable, the only game in the series that allows players to be a boy or girl, may explain his perspective. As a role-playing game, Persona 5 has a long, intricate narrative, so dropping a new hero into it could take some big adjustments, even if it’s just a gender swap. Persona 3’s storyline was apparently well-suited for a female hero, where Persona 4 and the new

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Arcade throwback NBA Playgrounds jams on Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in May

NBA Playgrounds, a game outed at the end of February's Nintendo Switch Direct showcase, was confirmed by its maker today and will launch in May for the Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. In this trailer, given to IGN today, NBA Playgrounds is shown to be a 2-on-2 arcade style basketball game in the tradition of NBA Jam. Big-headed current stars and all-time greats pull off twirling dunks from high above the rim. IGN says NBA Playgrounds will feature solo play plus local and online m

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Mass Effect: Andromeda becomes an early access game after launch

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game that suffered from animation issues and a number of rough edges that hurt the enjoyment of the story itself. BioWare isn’t calling this an early access game, nor are they taking much responsibility for the state of the game at launch, because doing so would limit sales. Our own review made it sound like Andromeda was a promising early access game. “Let’s be clear: I’m conflicted about Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s a shame BioWare didn’t tell us it was releasing an

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Blackwood Crossing review

Blackwood Crossing is a game about the loss of loved ones. This might lead you to worry that Blackwood Crossing is a grim and dark affair, to turn away and look for something cheerier. But these dank locations mostly serve as contrast to a blooming, life-affirming ode to love, family and the wonder of children. It's a three-hour first-person adventure in which teenage girl Scarlett tries to make sense of her younger brother Finn's intense emotional needs. There is much literal dragging of darkne

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Boardgames, anyone?

Boardgames, anyone? So, are you playing any boardgames? Have you backed anything new on Kickstarter? I backed the recent Rising Sun KS, and I'm considering whether to back the Gloomhaven reprint (mostly due to shipping costs: box weight is 21 fricking pounds). Also waiting for Pandemic Legacy Season 2 later this year, because Season 1 was downright amazing.

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